‘I Know The Rules Very Well’: CNN asks Trump If He Simply Got ‘Outplayed’ by Cruz

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defended his reaction to the Colorado convention, insisting again that the nominating system is unfair. “It was stacked against us,” Trump told Anderson Cooper at CNN’s Trump family town hall on Tuesday. The GOP front-runner said the Colorado Republican convention was unfair, reiterating his complaints from last week after rival Ted Cruz won the state’s delegates in a sweeping victory. Calling out the “shenanigans” he felt the Republican Party engaged in, Trump said the results were unfair. He disagreed with Cooper’s assessment that his lack of understanding the nominating process and the campaign’s unpreparedness were to blame for the loss. “The bottom line is, the rules are the rules. Didn’t you just get outplayed on the ground?” Cooper asked. “No, I don’t think so,” Trump responded. “The Colorado thing was very, very unfair, and I thought Louisiana was very unfair,” referring to his winning the popular vote but being tied for delegates with Cruz. “I know the rules very well,” Trump said, “but I know that it’s stacked against me by the establishment. I fully understand it.”

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