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“I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddies, Someone’s Gotta Pay For Me & My Kids!”

  • Mag

    This is what Mitt Romney is taliking about. What a disgrace to bring so many children in the world and have them be deprived of a normal life. Take the children away and have her go to work.

    • TLady62

      And demanding hard-working taxpayers foot the bill. Thanks a million for bringing us the Great Society, LBJ.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Liberalism; Moochers, electing looters, stealing from producers!!!!!!

    • Apolloone

      Ok Mag it’s time for you to take responsibility and pay up.This woman is truely the product of Liberalism. I believe 1980 was when this began to happen publicly, that is the year when Jimmy the Marxist, introduced the Department of Carter/ Marxist Education and since then each graduating class in our schools are a little more ignorant than those who proceeded it. It’s only been thirty years since the Federal Government has taken over our schools with their Liberal Indoctrination, an indoctrination that has worked so well that it brought about (TOWAT)The Obama World Apology Tour.

      • Tat

        I cannot believe that any one is trying to blame a political party for what this tramp has done – don’t you get it? She’s 35 years old, has 15 kids and wants every one else to support her and those kids! This is unbelievable – 3 (alleged) baby daddy’s ? How does she know? She started popping out kids when SHE was a new teen ager herself and why should WE pay for some one that has the morals of an alley cat!

        • R. Brancatelli

          Elections have consequences too……I think alley cats have more morality.

        • believe

          Have you not caught on , THIS IS THE CLASS OF MENTIALITY THAT OBAMA CALL

          HIS PEOPLE, NOW do you see why America is getting RUN DOWN? He also has Stupid JAMIE FOXX

          And this is WHY the Intelligent Black are not being respected and that is not fare to them.

          GET RID OF BARACK and we can put these people out of the lime light.

          Jamie Foxx is an ignorant vulgar little loud mouth illiterate.

  • Benton Bain

    She should have been spaded after the first kid.

    • Fox Wood



    • Tony Paulinsky

      nowe that i will pay for

    • jayleigh

      spayed – not spaded – but then, maybe in your way of thinking, it is better to spay a female than to neuter the male, eh? It takes two to spawn children – the men are as culpable as she is. Use at least a particle of your brain. The children need to be put up for adoption NOW and no more “tries” with her. She is obviously incapable of managing her own life, let alone try to nurture 15 children! But spaying is for animals, not people and i don’t think that term is funny, even when referring to a woman of such loose morals and lack of parenting skills as this person is. It’s a racist thing to talk about spaying a black woman.

      • andy of Grants pass

        she has been spaded look at all the bastards she has

      • flyV10

        Another fine example of political correctness gone amok! I don’t care what color she is, she’s just another parasite on our country.

      • John Martinson

        Spoken like a true libtard. If she were white she should still be “spayed”. I’m sure they would’ve said “sterilized” if they had thought about the “correct” term for sterilizing a human. But if you reproduce like an animal, I think “spayed IS the correct term!

      • Ken Danagger

        Forced sterilization – at the point of a gun – is not the answer. The Nazi’s did that. How quickly we forget. How would you like it if the gov’t forced you to undergo an operation to be sterilized? Do you think a person owns their body, or does the gov’t own it?
        Put the shoe on your foot and THINK instead of HATE. You are opening a very dangerous Pandora’s box.

        Education and personal responsibility is the only moral answer. Parents are responsible for their children – NO ONE else. If people make the mistake of creating 15 children, they bear the responsibility for their support. If they can’t or won’t support them, they die. It might sound cold and harsh, but that’s the way nature works. It’s been that way for millions of years.

        You’d be surprised how fast people would wise up and assume personal responsibility if their socialist safety net were removed.

        • amagi

          Agreed. In the long run this would be the fairest. The Welfare State has
          created this kind of problems and should be put to an end for it creates
          an underclass of mindless entitlement leeches.

      • SilentNoMore

        It isn’t a nice term at all. At the same tiime you are turning this into a racist thing not them. I find it dispicable that a huge precentage of men in this country are good for nothing. They just keep getting women pregnant and then leaving them. Thus the breakdown in society. Don’t your preachers teach abstinence before marriage? Isn’t it still a sin? What is wrong with you men that you can’t be responsible, work , and take care of their families? What is wrong with women who let a man have what he wants without marriage in the picture. You keep giving him what he wants for free he will keep taking with out giving anything in return.I am so tired of having to take care of all of you who are lazy and won’t find jobs, when you are perfectly capable of doing so. When are you going to wake up and man up?

        • catman

          RACIST???? Take a GOOD look at her. What the hell color is she anyway???????
          Sure as the devil isn’t pink with polka dots. Nothing racist about the comments. She is just a baby factory looking for the guvmint to support her and her brood while she has her “fun”. Same thing if she were as white as the driven snow. I have known both. We used to call them “whores”. Lord only knows what they are called nowadays.
          Prostitutes sell their wares, whores give it away. Get the difference?????

        • The Truth

          While I agree some men have been irresponsible with their lives, I don’t know a single Conservative father who acts like this, only these of liberal mindset who expect everyone else to pay their way. I can also mention some women I have met that are equally to blame. The Democrat party’s entire platform is anti-traditional family and anti-Christian values, while propping up publically paid infanticide, gay marriage and public assistance to the lazy, while they sing the praises of single mothers. The Bible contains many stories that speak of people who do not work hard and the end result. We as a society should not be lowering ourselves to the least common denominator nor to a corrupt government who is simply in this to line their pockets. We need to turn back to God and His standard.

      • tlc8310

        Color hasn’t got a thing to do with it. Both are to blame and I agree, both should be stopped and I don’t care how you say it. Being kind or politicaly correct isn’t getting the job done. Stop all the bleeding hearts or, just let them take care of the illigitamate off spring and leave the rest of us alone. Wouldn’t take long to stop it then. It’s just too easy to legislate our money for unhealthy life styles.

      • Jean

        People don’t seem to mind killing late term babies that could survive a birth. Obama wants us tax payers to pay for this. No one cares what race she is….anyone abusing children and cheating the tax payers should have their tubes tied. Start thinking about these children’s lives instead of whether or not someone is being racist against color. I’m sick of hearing it, it getting damned old! It was the Democrats that made the blacks go to the back of the bus, and now they are using minorities to get votes.

  • Sandollar45

    How about you keep your legs together, get off your ass and get a job.
    This is a good example of someone that sure learn how to use birth control or be sterilized

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      #1 and #2, dat how she make her livin’

      • r

        She should be sterilized if she cannot control her reproduction. Why should we pay for her to spread her legs and make more babies? There should be a cut-off on how many children women like this can produce and expect us to pay their bills.

        • therideisoverchump

          No one should be forced to be sterilized by the government, but the government should not be picking up the tab for personal choices either.

          • refurb001

            If she knew she could NOT support the children she bore; then she should not have had them. If she couldn’t control her sex drive to produce without being able to support the children; she should be fixed or have her tubes tied! Why should we pay for her to make little ones to keep the money rolling in? Maybe she should be put in jail to keep her away from men! I stopped at 2. Could have had more but I couldn’t support them. Oh, I forget that maybe the government would pay my way, right….. NOT!

          • S

            Those babies are her income. Keep making more to keep that money coming in. After two, she should have all help capped. She is nothing but a prostitute of the state. She has babies to create income for her and the kids. They probably will get a poor education, very little direction and/or supervision, etc. that these children would have in a NORMAL family environment. There should be a cap at two!!!

          • Poodleguy

            And we wonder why the illegitimate birth rate amongst blacks has risen to over 65% nationwide & it is over 90% in NYC!!!! No sense of morality, what a shame!!!!!

          • Ginger

            you will notice that her own family won’t help….except the braindead sister who has no intention of helping except to hog the spotlight. one of the babydaddies said the children should be taken from her and placed elsewhere…gotta tell you something,

          • Dan Wiberg

            I got fixed after two because two is all I wanted. 30 minutes and I was walking out the door. They are grown up and have two of their own and they got fixed. That is responsibility.

          • MyUSA

            yes they should be responsible for their behavior, but they are not held accountable for their actions. Therefore, when the government will not put a cut off on the freebies for the irresponsible……sterilization is responsible behavior. If the government requires the allowances of free abortion and free birth control, they can allow sterilization! Obamacare is anything the dimwits want…just add sterilization to the free list.

          • Patroit

            It is in Obama Care. Sterilization. Won’t all these people be surprised..

          • Combat Veteran seabee

            If you haven’t noticed, it’s not the government that picks up the tab, it’s us, the taxpayers! The government has no money per se, it operates on our taxes!!

          • Patroit

            Well they will be under Obama Care. Sure not many people considered what they were voting for. 4 more you will be very surprised. Welfare was not suppose to be a career opportunity but that is what it is certainly used for.

          • surfwaters7

            The 6 thumbs down are collecting welfare and have at least 5 or more kids ,,I BET’CHA..

          • Dan Wiberg

            You can’t have one without the other.

          • Rich E

            Fine…..not forced…….a choice…….you have another kid…….and your handouts stop in total. If you volunteer to be sterilized, then you keep what you get. Isnt it an insult, FIRST THEY WANT US TO PAY FOR BIRTH CONTROL FOR WOMEN LIKE FLUKE, WHO IS A 31 YEAR OLD STUDENT……..BUT WHEN THESE OTHER WOMEN WANT TO BREED A DOZEN KIDS, WE SHOULD PAY THAT TOO? COME ON, THEY CANNOT KEEP HAVING IT BOTH WAYS. WE NEED TO END THE HANDOUTS, WATCH HOW FAST THAT HOOCHIE MAMA STOPS SPREADING THOSE FAT LEGS.

      • SilentNoMore

        Well this is america, but it isn’t the land of get everything free while you screw around with everyone. It isn’t a living having kids. Get off your azz’ and start working.

        • MyUSA

          she does have a job and it pays well! Why would the whore be responsible and try to work? She makes more in the baby business. I have heard some men say they get a cut when his baby mamma get a check.

          The whores spread (literally) the wealth!

          Our government welfare is total corruption!

          • Combat Veteran Seabee

            The C.B.O. put out a statistic just prior to the fixed election whereas they said, that in 2011, all of ther money spent on social programs, I think ot was around 6 trillion dollars, was enough to give each and every welfare family a check for $60,000.00. Is this system broke or what?

          • Dan Wiberg

            Now that does not surprise me because the Government gave the banks 10 trillion. Nobody but the banks benefited from that and we allowed it.

          • Kyle Anthony Moore

            It was actually only a 700 Billion dollar bail out in 2008 but yes someone needs to take responsibility.Government needs to stop abusing the taxpayers to pay for the gimme gimme freebie takers. Obama likes poor people so much he wants to make millions more.

        • Dan Wiberg

          It is in Florida! Illegal Mexican woman in FT :Lauderdale Lives in a mansion with18 kids gets $1800 a month for each free and clear. She is doing it the American way. Free for illegals with anchor babies.

      • MyUSA

        And mak livin’ for her mammy too; mammy get a chek for being a baby sittr! More tax fraud and tax payer dollars for the uneducated dimwits who rely on the check every month.

        It is disgusting how our government has continued to support the free programs sucking our tax dollars. The democrats love it as this bunch of kids will be the Kool Aid drinkers for tomorrows communist USSA candidates.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      Get a job? How she gonna service her BabyDaddys if she is working? Her fault the Man put BabyDaddy #3 in jail? Get a job is Racist!

      Sadly most of those 12 will end up in the system one way or the other.

      • dghealy

        The “man” put her children’s father in prison because he deserved it. When i have to get a job, is it also racist. because I have to work to pay for her and her daycare center.

        • Dan Wiberg

          No it is racist because you were born white. Your fault you chose the wrong parents and responsibility. What were you thinking?

      • Dan Wiberg

        Aww but baby daddy cannot work to support his little ones . . . So sad. Probably enjoying the privacy and quiet. I wonder why he got put in jail.

    • kibcorm

      Or bring back the chastity belt and lock up their privates & throw away the key. lol

      • Dan Wiberg

        Every lock can be picked.

    • Poodleguy

      Who is the idiot that gave a thumbs down to Sandollar45’s post? Looks as though you are outnumbered by 133 to 1, LOSER!!

      • Dan Wiberg

        Perhaps one of the free handouters?

    • Combat Veteran seabee

      She should’ve used the aspirin method! When you got to bed, you place an aspirin between your knees, when you wake up and it is still there, you’re good! If it isn’t there, you’re f.’2&d!!!!

    • Patroit

      If you can’t feed them – Don’t breed them. And we the people need to stop rewarding bad behavior. This girl has never worked and she wants us to pay for her behavior. Wow! what a bunch of dumb Americans we have become. People used to want to come to America because it was the land of opportunity – Now they come for the freebies and the president gives them amnesty and the right to vote.

      • Dan Wiberg

        “we the people need to stop rewarding bad behavior” You mean like allowing election fraud for years or believing that cave dwelling nomads flew planes into two buildings in New York? What about that third 48 story building that fell in 6.8 seconds? Was not even in the NIST report. Hmmm . . . .
        The government is broken, that is where we should start.

    • Rich E

      HAHAHAHA……..You’re funny………this pigs will never work, dont want to work, and expect everybody else to feed them. They have the mesiah to enforce this plan. there are millions of these type of leeches in this country…….THAT IS WHY WE WANT ENTITLEMENTS CUT, and audit out all these bums. It used to be…..if you are on welfare etc, you could not keep breeding and get more and more handouts…….today, it’s just the opposite. You keep electing crud like we have now, having judges appointed like he put in…….and this blood sucking will never end. Time to pull the plug on these criminals.

  • ARMYOF69

    Where the heck are all those kids fathers? Typical black guys, get in, and get out.

    • Kelly Kafir

      there are 3… one of them fathered 10 children!! Child support is gonna be a b****!!

      • 57girl

        Probably why Daddy is in jail. He can sit around on his butt and let the tax payers house and feed him there. Meantime, his children are taxpayer responsibility, it appears. Pay your taxes people, those who are ‘less fortunate’ are depending on you.

        • Brenda

          this is the whole problem……Romney was right…..and it just keeps going in a vicious circle…….she should not be allowed any “help” til she gets a job and stops demanding we the taxpayers pay for her and her kids

    • Jo Mama

      The “sperm donors” are long gone. They got laid and bailed on the ‘hoe’.
      It reminds me of the ‘6 F’s’, Find ’em, french ’em, feel ’em, finger ’em, F ’em, and forget ’em. or the ‘4 W’s’, “Whip it in, whip it out, wipe it off, and worry.”

      • Ginger

        trouble is they don’t worry.

    • Charlie Class

      She has “3 baby daddies,” that is ebonics for fathers.

  • Just Saying


  • Fox Wood

    “Someone’s gotta pay”.

    The absolute and unmitigated gall of her blaming others and abrogating HER responsibilities onto others with such aplomb. is astounding as well as frightening.

    Is this what we can expect to see more of if obama wins another four years?

    • Patroit

      He Won and we will see much more because for some reason and I have been told this by people on the system they think it is Obama’s money not ours. There excuse for not taking birth control is because they say it will cause cancer. Yea , is that education taught in the public school system owned by the government because of Jimmy Carter. How is that working for everyone?

      • Ginger

        As if obama would give them any of his.

  • ARMYOF69

    It’s truly time to shut down our stupid ,expensive, non workable ,social system. Let the fathers pay, take away their cars, their bank accounts, and make them pay for THEIR kids. I am NOT responsible for her screwing around and neither are my neighbors.

    • o

      How about fixing both the woman and guy(s) that created all these tax dependents? Or after the second child w/o a father the female receives NO additional $$$. Might be another form of birth control.

      • Julian DH

        Perhaps another solution, must work for welfare, get pregnant no more money (and take away or reduced benefits), and remove new child, and force father to pay for all benefits. If the father is not disclosed all children will be taken away as the mother is unfit. The price for not being responsible is high, the price to perpetuate the cycle is even higher.

    • Charles Class

      She makes Sandra Fluck sound like a responsible citizen.

      • Zacker3

        Never gonna’ happen!

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Thanks for the laugh!!

      • Julian DH

        They must be in “bed” together too.

    • Caroline Adams

      She should have been sterilized after the first child. Why should the taxpayers have to support this mindless nymphomaniac? Take all the children away, she doesn’t want them but they are her ticket for welfare money. What an ultramaroon! Look at the money the state has paid already and consider the court costs. Lock her up – she’s crazy – and neuter her. Good to see some backbone in the court system and child welfare.

      • Keenan Fletcher


      • refurb001

        AND fix the daddy’s too. They are also part of the problem! Snip, snip and they can have all the fun they want without us having to pay for the net result!

        • cspanjunkie1

          Instead of free birth control for all women, I keep espousing semen suppression because it is efficient, less costly, less harmful to the host and typically reversible when children can be afforded but yes, it is time males took and assume responsibility for their contribution to propagation.

          • MyUSA

            good idea … it to all the gimme gimme group!

          • Rich E

            these are not normal people……..and the males in this case are just like dogs, why should they pay anything, nobody is forcing them to………and with a regime like this Obama gang, they like this idea, just to bleed the nation of its wealth and health and simply overbreed the minorities, while making whitey pay the bill.

    • eddyjames

      Rent the fathers out as forced labor.

    • MyUSA

      government could mandate sterilization after the whore morons have the 1st kid with no more free anything if they have more….period.

      I agree with Caroline on all this. Sick of paying the tab for the “My fair share dimwits.”

      • Patroit

        It is in Obama Care. Wait until all of these wonderful hand out people with NO skin in the game realize what is in Obama Care. Wait until the older people that voted for this man find out at 70 they will have to take classes on how to die. My, My. Give the Liberal American what they want – they voted for it..

        • Dan Wiberg

          Wait till 70? Hell I am 55 and the VA has already given me end of life courses.

        • Rich E

          I grasp the stupidity of the youth voters electing this marxist hack, but the older whites who voted for this mess…….are now the enemywithin. Any old liberal deserves to have his money cut, taken and join a death panel. However the rest of us who long time ago realized what a commie can do, did not elect this wretch, should not have to suffer with these morons, but will. therefore, cut all charitable donations, no anything to any group that has the slightest affiliation with demolib party activity.

        • chief1937

          Patriot you are assumeing older people voted for our president which is doubtful but at any rate we will all pay and dearly I am afraid with people like this article something must give somewhere

  • Fox Wood

    The court system took the children away from her?

    I’m starting a pool:

    How long will it take her before she has ANOTHER 15?

    • Tony Paulinsky

      i am sure there is 1 in the oven now

  • Norma Killam

    Someone needs to be accountable alright Angel and the father of these children.She hasn’t figured out yet what causes all these children.I do not feel sorry for her.These kids need to be taken and put into foster care.She needs to learn to accept responsiblity!!She’s disgusting.

    • r

      She needs to be FIXed. Tubes tied or whatever. It is NOT right for the TAXPAYERS to pay for her fun and games; as well as all the offspring. Who pays the doctor bills? US via welfare. CRAZY!!!!! Sterilization is the best alternative to promiscuity.

  • bull57

    This is Ovomitts base! Does anyone really thinks she is a registered voter or would or has ever voted?

  • Rhonda Renee Sessions

    And unfortunately, she is eligible to continue to vote for Obama, who will just perpetuate and be an abettor to the tradegy of this woman’s children. They are the true victims in this case. It’s obvious Mama doesn’t have a lick of a brain to think otherwise, and probably comes from a mother who taught her this lifestyle.

    • Tony Paulinsky

      if only the 1 skill she does very well…spreading those legs..could pay

      • r

        Put her in one of those Vegas places (betrothal) so she could earn some $$$ and probably get a medical check up. Plus with all the $$$; she wouldn’t need welfare checks.

        • Caroline Adams

          I’m sure you meant to say “brothel” but jail or insane asylum would be better.

      • Charles Class

        My Grandad said people like her were valuable before the war. Before we had John Deer and Massey Ferguson. You know farm tractors. You know the War for Southern Independence.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          In Texas, we call it, “The War of Northern Aggression”!!!!!

  • Joanna Johnson-Smith

    Are you KIDDING me?!? Someone has to be “accountable”? How about HER and the baby-daddies that made all those brats? Get a JOB!!!!! Give the kids UP. Stop being a SL_T! I am NOT responsible for YOUR sex addiction.

    • Kelly Kafir

      Maybe Sandra Fluke should give her some of her free condoms and birth control!!

    • Tony Paulinsky

      this is a typical obama voter…

      • Poodleguy

        Yeah, she wants some of Obama’s stash!! Oh, & she “works hard for her welfare check”!!!! fyi: the last comment is a quote uttered by a black woman right after Slick Willie’s winning of the presidency.

        • Dan Wiberg

          And she needs a free phone too!

  • gwedem5995

    I couldn’t even watch all of it. Did she ever stop think that she should never have had 15kids. She should have the kids taken away where they could be taken care of in a stable environment. Back to personal responsibility. When I first was married I wanted a really large family but after having two, I realized that was about all we could afford so we took personal responsibility. If she gets any more aid, she first needs to get fixed. This sounds like the guy who had 30 children with ll different women. Quite frankliy I am tired on my tax money paying for these losers.

    • r

      Maybe a little snip for the father(s) would be a deterant on their behalf. It takes two to tangle…

  • Gmarshall

    What are you going to do when the public trough runs dry and the welfare checks stop coming? God forbid that you might have to get a job.

  • The_American_Way

    Ahhhhh! Angel says, “Someone needs to take responsibility???????

    • Walter Portier

      TEN REASON TO FIRE OBAma…… Obama want to keep these voter down. He can fool them easy. She think Obama will send her some more money.

      • Charles Class

        He will

  • Sam

    I bet her tubes aren’t tied yet! What a sorry excuse for a mom. Where are the daddies? They should be paying, not the taxpayers. Put them in a home where they will get the proper care.

  • sanman

    This story is about a year old. The woman is despicable but why is this being dredged up again now? Someone needs to be held responsible??? Look in a mirror you piece of crap. The laws need to be changed and she needs to be forcibly sterilized.

  • CQ

    No way should that woman be allowed to raise children. If they are given back to her they will just turn out to be just like her – irresponsible and a drain on taxpayers. Normally I would say government should stay out of child-raising situations, but in this case intervention is appropriate. Foster homes and sterilization sounds like the best solution.

  • Mys77

    Beautiful kids…. idiotic parents. The person accountable is the parents. She is not setting an example saying someone is responsible. She has got to know with freedom comes responsiblity. I gather she has never paid one thing her entire life including hospital costs for all those kids. What is going on with this woman.


      The way she is raising them without a father in sight, they are our future gangsters, mark my word. They would be better off sent out to 15 families, one each to look after. And, I do not mean using child services either.

  • Guest

    How about the guys that helped create the babies paying for them.

  • Mys77

    And now she gets free clothes, free attorney counseling. free child care, housing, got free meals, and now probably an invite on Oprah.

    • rosemarienoa

      She should get free sterilization & end this cycle of govt handouts!!!! This is typical of black people…..we owe them!!! I am sure she makes plenty of money off these kids!!!!

      • jayleigh

        It is NOT typical of Black folk, and i have many, many friends of that race and not one of them behaves the way this woman does, and none of them voted for Obama either. You know it’s a sad thing about “our” anglo race, we denegrate every other race, calling them stupid, promiscuous, drunks, and all sorts of things, but what do you say about a white woman who has 15 children and abandons them? Do you want her sterilized? Or is it only ethnic minorities that get your blood boiling? i work for a community action agency, and i’ll tell you this – there are more whites on the dole than there are Blacks or Hispanics, and more of the White population lie to us about what is going on in their lives. i know, because i see those same white folk who have come to us for help with their utilities because they are about to have their lights and water turned off – but i’ve just seen them buying $100 worth of lottery tickets! No wonder that other races think of whites as prejudiced and Klan members – because most of you talk like it! This is NOT a race issue – it’s a morality issue. The woman is clearly incapable of making good decisions for herself and her children and the children should not have to pay one more minute of their lives for their mother’s reckless behavior. But being Black is not her problem – being an immoral, wastrel IS! And no, I’m NOT black – but i am sometimes ashamed of the White race for the way they talk. Race isn’t the issue here – it’s the behavior!

        • jeny

          Ummm, there are more whites because whites are the majority of the population (for now) That is now an accurate way determine welfare people. You have to figure out what percentage of their race. Let me know the answer to that one.

        • Patroit

          Remember when you talk about the KKK – it is owned lock stock and barrel by democrats. Never a Republican in it. Just Democrats so who is the fool now? Check on Al Gores father-check on Bryd that was a senator in Washington. They were in the KKK and they were democrats. I am sure people believe these people changed, well sorry a Zebra does not change its stripes – it just fakes it and that is what they all have done.

      • Keenan Fletcher

        There are white trash that do the same thing.

    • amagi

      As she said “somebody has to pay…” and we do, we do, for nothing is free in this world.
      The Welfare State creates people with arrested development. That’s what it takes to vote
      for Obama.

  • Dan Cooper

    definitely, somebody do, and obviously it’s not going to be you or your worthless bangers . . . and, of course, the 53% percent of us who actually pay federal income taxes will be raising your welfare tickets because we have no choice. i suspect all the little bastards will grow up like mama on the government teat and solid donkey party dolts. obama is a problem but the real problem in this country are the nimrods, like this lame brain walking entitlement, that vote for him and the donkey party dolts. can it be overcome . . . i doubt it . . . we’re doomed.

  • BohdanUke1

    Future OsamaObama voters… I’m sick!

    • islamispeace

      Obama is the saint they pray to so keep your job and do your part to support the typical obama supporter.

  • BohdanUke1

    “An excellent example and candidate for natural deselection.”

    • Charles Class

      Out of Africa

  • Walter Portier

    This must be the tipical Obama voter. He think the government need to take care of all her need. She need to show some kind of values and take responsibility for her action . People like her doesn’t have a clue on how to fix she own problems. God help those kids with her as a model……If obama has his way .He want to keep her dependent of the government instead of teaching her and creating a job for her so she can do for herself and her family. Rather then giveing her a fish. Teach her how to fish and she will be able to feed her self and her family………….Vote Mitt and get the traitor out the white house….TEN REASON TO FIRE OBAma……

  • Doc Smith

    Clip this breaders tubes

  • yancie

    Blacks are notorious for this kind of conduct and we continue to feed them. Cut the string and let the lice fall where they may

  • Kelly Kafir

    Yes… somebody’s gotta pay, someone needs to be held accountable… AND THAT PERSON IS HER!!!

  • Melissa Cloud

    15 kids! I thank she should keep her nasty leggs closed after the 1st or 2nd. Why so many daddies she that bad a person you can’t stay with her. I bet the ranch she was never married to any of the babies daddies. She is just a whore spounging off the government just because she is a baby factory. Needs to be stopped now and for ever.

  • 1gentready

    The SOB Barrack Obama wants you to come and live with him so they can make sure the children are Fed the way that Michelle wants them to be Fed. That way Michelle will maybe eat less herself and get rid of the extremely wide load she is carrying around on her backside.

  • Kelly Kafir

    It’s not the kid’s fault that their mother is an idiot and a whore… They are in a bad situation…

  • junkmailbin

    what we have here is a self centered entitled feeling welfare mom who wants the system to pay for her sexual behavior.

  • Tony Paulinsky

    hey sweetheart…i don’t get up at 5 am to go to my job and work a hard 11 hr day, so that you can fornicate all day and try to populate the world your self…what do you mean somebody has got to pay? Time for you to get that @#$%! stiched up and closed to the public. Sorry I don’t feel sorry for you, you shouls feel sorry for us sorry a hole who have to pay for your mess

  • Mary

    She says…The system let her down….I say, she let the human race down….

  • Mary

    send this woman to work….

  • delta gal

    if she got help ,from the government,with only one kid….she would have kept her legs has got to stop.

  • Brenda

    The person that needs to pay for her children is she and the fathers of her children.

  • mogul264

    Missy Rhonda Roundheels wants someone ELSE to take care of her kids! This doofus has had TEN children with ONE man, FIVE with TWO other men, but she wants US to support them! She even blames Welfare workers for having her current man arrested! What unmitigated gall! She had the fun, wants us to pay for the ride! Only if she became a totally cloistered, celibate NUN, would I even CONSIDER this action! Taking the kids from her now, just unencumbers her to have more! This rutting sow needs to be altered, physically or chemically, to prevent future ‘slips’!

  • Steve Heath

    How dare this woman state “Someone needs to be held accountable for me & my kids”. How about herr & all of the childrens Fathers being held accountable for her kids. What is she doin g having 12 – 15 children with no viable means of support. We will take care of her kids for her since she has no way of taking care of them & she should just stay away from them since we are caring for her children for her & her many men who are incaple of caring for the children.

  • Jerry D. Laughrin


  • Maxi

    Let them all rot. I’m fed up with these people. The children will grow up repeating this behavior

  • caskinner

    This wh**e needs to take resposibility for herself. Keep your legs together idiot.

  • mcj5060

    Somebody gotta be accountable and PAY for me and my children….and this is the mentality of the entitlement population who doesn’t see ANYTHING they’ve DONE….not one lousy decision on their part…as THEIR PROBLEM.

  • Barbara Anne Hess

    Why should we pay for your SCREW-UPS? Like Sandollar45 said , keep your legs together, get up off you stupid ass and get a job, and get PLENTY of Birth Control pills. Try being for more vertical and a lot less horizonital.

  • Bob Marshall

    Wonder who paid for the deliveries of all 15 of her chilen.

  • fedupwidit

    You Ho!

  • Dale Tibbett

    Drop her off in the middle of the desert so she can fornicate with lizards.

  • divorceddad2010

    How about your babydaddies support their own children, Just like I support mine.

  • Paul Brown

    Can you believe this lousy “Hoe” she had all these kids and then you have to pay me for all my kids becuse I am a lousy slut who can’t keep my legs and mouth shut. This is the type of people Odumbo/Osama wants us to support with food stamps and welfare. I can remember when I was a kid {this was a long time ago} and my mother went to try and get welfare and she was told{ Basically you are the wrong color lady}. That was the first and only time my mother went for help, and I had to quit school and get a job at 16 to try and support the family when my Father was hurt.

  • abbe

    Why doesn’t yo mek them customeers o yors pay you lak otter prostytutes do they johns. or is you just a plain ole hor

    • BohdanUke1

      abbe, I think you’re being just simply mean… Doh! “Seririously” now, I believe that when her I.Q. hits 50, she should sell!

  • moparfan54

    Nobody has the guts to say what should have been said, that being that yes someone should pay for those 15 kids being brought into this world by an idiot, and that person should be her. Where is CPS when they are needed.

  • ves

    We need to change the law so that we can force spade these people!!
    They don’t take care of these kids they let them run wild and suck up OUR TAX DOLLARS and tell us we OWE THEM!!!
    Sick of irresponsible trash and unfortunately these kids will follow in her steps!! Foul mouthed *hore!!
    Just like the jerk with 35 and counting!!
    It has to be stopped!!

  • jimbo999

    1. She is a prostitute. She takes money in exchange for sexual favors with multiple men.
    2. Her 3 babydaddies are responsible for the support of their children.
    3. We are not responsible for the support of her and her children. We only help because we are forced to by the government.
    4. She is the result of years of government assistance which has turned into an “entitlement”. In her eyes, she is “entitled” to money from us.
    5. She has been receiving support from us for 37 years and will not be willing to change, ever.
    6. Government has put this woman and her 15 illegitimate children in economic slavery, and has become the “head of household” in that family.
    7. She and her babydaddies and all of the 15 children will all be voting for Obama in November. That’s the way the system works now.
    8. She most likely has never paid a red cent into the system she now counts on for her subsistence.
    9. We will pay the bills for her lawyers, court costs, jail time expenses, baby deliveries, medical care, housing, food, clothing, and liquor for the rest of her life, and the lives of her children and grandchildren.

    • BohdanUke1

      Jimbo999, I think you missed something. Wait, wait; I’m thinking…thinking…(chuckle). You know what’s really sick? We allowed this to happen to our beautiful, fragile America because we didn’t pay attention. The inmates are running the asylum…

    • Micheal Stone Sr.

      Help America, abort obammi and his thieving ass cronies!

  • sikathelibsheet

    This video is really old. It’s from early 2010. Google her name. I think this woman is an ignorant piece of trash. So is there no recent news stories? Why go back 2 1/2 years? Or at least give an up date to the story, like how many more kids has she had since this first became news.

  • jimbo999

    She needs the aspirin method of birth control. put an aspirin between your knees and hold it there by keeping your knees together.

  • BOB


  • terrijoe

    how about a job and birth control.

  • triplelll

    I’m sure that she was raised with the welfare mentality- zero accountability, no common sense, no shame in what she does or says. We owe her, plain & simple.

    I will pray for her beautiful babies, for their safety and well being; mentally and physically.

    • gma14

      I wonder how many siblings she has and who paid for their upkeep–welfare? In this small town, that is the normal way things are done. Grandma was always on welfare, mama was always on welfare, now the kids are all on welfare and having more welfare kids coming up. One family has a “Disabled” dad–he needs disabled between the legs so they won’t be having a new baby every 16 to 18 months–7 is enough!!!

  • Micheal Stone Sr.

    These kids should be taken away, she should be sterilized , then, she and the fathers of these kids should be incarcerated for neglect! The class warfare being carried on by obama and militant progressives is directly encouraging these bums and these children should not be allowed to grow up under the influence of their “so-called” mother! What do people really believe is more unfair, forced, sensible sterilization or taxpayers being forced to support the offspring of idiots like this woman?

  • Iam Hernandez

    We now have her locked on the federal plantation. See how easy it is to entrap someone. Obama forever !!

  • Anna Salerno

    …”Someones gotta pay someones gotta be held accountable for us!” Give me a break this black woman has the mentality of the welfare persons it is an entitlement mentality!! Take those children and sterilize her!!

  • Nadia

    Obama’s America. Free stuff and handouts its time to get rid of entitlements to people who shouldn’t get it.
    How irresponsible having kids you can’t afford with no accountability.

  • Maggietish

    What about personal responsibility? I work 2 jobs to survive and she thinks my tax dollars should pay for her and her 15 children? Has she ever worked a day in her life. This is a perfect example of the entitlement sociiety President Obama and most liberals have created and push. Why is it OK for them to never work and live off of our tax dollars and us to work all the time to survive? Liberals only push these entitlement programs, not for the good of the people, but so they can get reelected – their main purpose for being. That’s why term limits are a must. President Obama’s recent executive order taking away the work requirement from President Clinton’s Welfare Reform Act is a slap in the face to all working tax paying people in this great nation. Talk about a war on women – President Obama and the liberals are holding women back from becoming all they can be just so they get their votes. Robert Kennedy said years ago, when he was trying to get rid of generation welfare, if a woman has more than 3 children, she is required to be sterilized. He was criticized for that but he was clearly right. Look at how the welfare roles and use of food stamps have grown since President Obama was elected – again, all on the backs of working tax payers. One of the reasons that Medicare is in trouble is that the liberals and President Obama have loaded the Medicaid roles with those who used to be on welfare and were kicked off when President Clinton’s Welfare Reform Act was passed that required no more than 5 years of welfare and a work requirement – again on the back of working taxpayers. This guy can’t get reelected – if he does, I guess I’ll have to get 3 jobs.

  • Arneson Tara

    Someone’s gotta pay???? are you kidding me, how about you stop being a slutt get a job. take half the kids from her, get her fixed. we should not allow anyone to have that many kids, and if they are on the system, they need to get fixed so they cant have kids. no wonder no one wants to pay taxes, look at what it goes to. This is outragous.

  • andy of Crants Pass

    keep your dam legs closed . Why should we pay for you screwing around and haveing fun

  • TJ

    She needs to take responsibility for herself and her kinds!!! Why somebody else gotta do it? Lazy!!!! I need a new roof, who she think is gonna pay for that?

  • Jimbo

    I’m sorry, I know this has been said before but “you can’t fix stupid”

    • Indignant

      Yeah, you can actually ‘fix’ this kind of stupid. It’s a fairly simple operation, and she could be out of the hospital the same day.

  • David Peacock

    you stupid ni666er.

  • HongryHawg

    That’s either a room full of future democrat voters OR an argument for abortion.


    As long as democrats are in power this is their base………………freebies will be a way of life unless all dems are voted out……………..America used to to be for people who grabbed theur bppt straps amd wprled tjeir way tp greatness……………NOW THE DEMOCRAT WAS IS WAIT ON UNCLE SUGAR TO GIVE YOU SOME MO TEAT…………….SUCK BABY SUCK

  • Einstein, Al

    That is prostitution, someone paying for her to have sex.

  • ves

    Wonder how many illegitmate children the three older ones have already produced….why can’t she live with them???
    Love the fact she and her bigmouthed sister were allowed to threaten the Social Workers!!
    When do these adults get sterlized and when do these men have to pay??

  • flyV10

    Close your legs and go get a job, or two, and don’t expect people who are responsible for their own families to pay for your stupidity!!!

  • kickobamatothecurb

    Her suffrage is of her own doing, I owe her nothing for being stupid

  • David Peacock

    see what we are up against America;; thank you LBJ

  • Dennis

    Call up Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Maybe they will give her some of their own personal money. Obama could afford it to. Maybe the Clintons could chip in. This country is in very big trouble, VERY big trouble.

  • 57girl

    If you can’t feed ‘um, don’t breed ‘um…

    I wonder who it is this woman thinks is supposed to be ‘held accountable, for HER children? If people weren’t baited by welfare, they would never have this many children. I suspect these kids will become the ward of the State, long-term, before all is said and done. Sad for the kids, but as long as people think it is someone elses responsibility to raise their children, why limit the number of mouths to feed?

  • chetohimler

    Somebody needs to pay=responsible tax payer’s under government social programs.

  • london1

    what a piece of shit..what do you want for nothing…gross take those kids away from her..and sew her up good….lol

  • Luong the Viet

    LBJ must be proud of his “Great Society” Program!!!

  • Tank

    How about instead of a few million in welfare for kids she can’t take care of or keep her legs closed long enough to not get, we put up $200 for her to get her dam tubes tied!!!

  • Jane18

    You know what is so sad about this for all those children? I believe most of the children were conceived out of moments of lust. I wonder if one day these children will think about how they came to be in this world…………………..This woman and those “babydaddies” are no better than mongrel dogs on the loose, imo!! Poor little children………

  • Talluluh

    So,”somebody needs to pay for HER kid,s” Well why did she NOT spread her legs or use preventive method,s and get ALL those kid,s? I don’t see how this is anybody’s fault but HER ,S!

    • gma14

      They are the way she hopes to make a living! Take them all away, give them too people who will love and support them and put a plug in her!!!

  • Janette Shaw

    The judge in this case should demand this worthless bit of humanity have her tubes tied and remove all of the children from her care PERMANENTLY. The only reason she wants them is that they represent a monthly paycheck from the State of Florida. And if anyone would bother to ask, they’d find this is another Obama supporter!

  • SilentNoMore

    I feel sorry for the kids . I do not feel sorry for the mom. She wants someone else to be responsible? Stop getting pregnant with different men and having all those kids if she can’t take care of them Her first problem was not being married to the first dad of her children. That is what is wrong in this country. Don’t fool around if you aren’t married.. Don’t get pregnant. Don’t expect someone else to support you. Put those children in foster care.

  • Keenan Fletcher

    Get off your fat ass and work!! yet she stands there bitching, suffered!! accountable!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  • bull57

    Where do you start with this story! odds are there will be another 15 families in the near future dependent on our tax dollar. Now the big question, how do you stop this ignorance? Shame on tis woman and shame on her for what she is teaching her children!

  • 1American1st

    Somebody needs to take action & help her alright – that would be HER. She needs to get off her back & on her feet, then get a job! Puke brain.

  • g.prunty

    she did fine until her old man of ten of the kids got arrested for selling drugs

  • Fiesty

    These excuses for people are never satisfied with anything they are given, but are always out for more, and more, and more, ad nausium. No ethics, no morals, and always expecting handouts. I’m sorry, but NOT FROM ME! They should all find a portion of a State where they can all live together in their ghetto lifestyles of choice, and leave the sane population alone!

  • Straddler77

    Because she can’t control herself, the taxpayers have to pay. Outrageous! These kids need to be in foster care!

  • squeak

    I have a suggestion, get out of bed, pound the pavement for a job { even if it means frying hamburgs }, that is one thing you can do… another, take birth control so you can quit producing kids or quit being promiscuous… Your statement ” someone’s gotta pay for me & my kids “, it is NOT someone , it is you & the father of all those kids who are responsible for paying for those kids, no one else, not somebody, it is you & the father …. we are fed up paying for you dead beats, losers, lazies while we are working hard for ourselves & you EXPECT US to pay for your life style… I do not think so ! It does not work that way… it is about time you get off your duff & work as we all have to… I feel sorry for the kids that was born to parents like you both , they will end up being dependent on the government as that is the way they will be raised… Get a life !

  • fedupwithlazy

    This iis a PRIME example of people not taking responsibility for their own actions. Go get free birth control at the local health clinic or as others say…get sterilized. No one made the dad commit things to get arrested… he chose to do that. Yet she thinks everyone else should pay. YOU choose to have sex, you choose to get up for the day, you choose to get dressed, you choose to commit crimes, you to choose to speed in a vehicle…you choose when to go to bed at night…etc… LIFE is a choice. Take responsibility for what YOU chose to do. I am fed up with lazy people who feel like everyone else should support them. I bust my ass for what I have & barely make ends meet. I can’t afford higher taxes, etc… to support people like that !!!

  • eddyjames

    It’s too late now but at one time I would have given her money to be “Fixed”

  • therideisoverchump

    As long as Government pays, people like this will continue to reproduce, take no personal responsibility and expect someone else to pick up the tab. Never should the government set a limit on how many children one can have, but they should be paying these women to support them either. society screams out about taxes, but spend like drunkin’ sailors..Stop paying your taxes and see what happens, We are the govern, it is up to us to tell them how to spend our money..would you give your credit card to your teenager and not set a limit?

  • Asillem4

    Question: How much $$ in welfare has she collected on her children over the years? She can’t be working outside the home if she’s always pregnant, nursing, and raising all those children. Were they being supported by a drug dealer of a father? Money had to be coming from somewhere before the Man of her Dreams got dragged off in handcuffs.

  • Sandra Kroeplin-Lilleoien

    How many more of them are there?

  • Shinobi

    this is why i’m broke and I also got cancer from watching this. Put her ass in a job and give her two children send the rest to the gov’t as dependents and give two children to each father. oh and spade that bizz

  • Delicia Dawn

    If yo can’t take care of your children , give them up for adoption.

  • Connie Pine

    Wow people have become so heartless.
    I am a conservative christian republican.
    I feel this woman has absolutely been irresponsible.
    but, these poor children have done nothing and they deserve the
    best life they can have. It is so easy for people to point fingers.
    I just have one question.Where is the church?????
    Yes there are people who take advantage of the government programs.
    But if the church would be doing what Jesus asked us to do there would
    not be such a huge problem
    We are told to help the poor and widows and orphans.I would challenge
    my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to actually do something besides complain
    to help people,I can not imagine the Jesus would tell this woman “hey keep your legs together
    or be sterilized” I am so sorry to say this but we have dropped the ball on this one.
    I have been included in the “we” in the past,I I have asked the Lord to forgive me.
    Where is the compassion?
    Thank you

  • Joseph

    15 kids? It’s hard to imagine someone slept with her ONCE! I guess that’s what alcohol is for. “Somebody needs to pay” and “Somebody is responsible for all these kids.” Yes–HER. She brings all these kids into the world, and then she expects someone else to care for them. She needs a major attitude adjustment.


    Where are all the men she PHUCKKED? Let THEM pay. ,

  • Ort

    Sterilize this ignorant, uneducated breeder, AND all her welfare progeny. This is beyond the pale.

  • tiredoffootingbill

    This is a perfect example of people workng the system, her statement that “Someone needs to be responsible for her and her babies is absolute testament to her mindset that she’s entitled to what others have without doing the work!” Sorry but I bust my ass for what I have and I have no problems watching her lose her kids. Get off your ass and get a job Angela!!!

  • E. K

    Total hystterectintg 0 15 children????? The children are not to blame. She should keep her legs together, no spreading for any man. What was the man thinking other than ‘feeling good’. Shame on all 4 of them. They have acted like dogs.

  • Don

    The thing that hurts me is the fact that there are more white welfare mothers than there are black but every time I watch FOX news it is the blacks that show up on TV when a story about welfare is on. (I am a conservative) I think that is stereo typing and it is wrong

  • Teriqua Jones

    She is a horrible mother! All those beautiful babies deserve better.
    “Angel” is the one who needs to be held accountable. I hope the children are kept somewhere safe.
    If this woman gets assistance, there needs to be accountability for every penny is spent.

  • jim

    OK, now someone explain to me why this Hose Cow shouldnt be forced sterilized. She had her first ghetto child. It does happen, even to the best of families. Then she has the second one, Tax payers foots the medical bill, and government hand outs. ie rent, foodstamps, utilities, everything. Then she keeps breeding like a ghetto rat on steroids. This is the exact kind of person that Obama has created. With as many kids as she keep popping out with no job, and as she stated, she gost nuffin. Im surprised she got off her back long enough to complain. She should be arrested and charged with child abuse, kids taken and her nasty ass throw in jail for life. Thanks demowits for making trash ghetto rat breaders like her. Explain why she shouldnt be sterilized and sanitized.

  • Reid

    Put the kids in an Orphanage severe ties with the useless mother

  • Bambucha

    3 “baby daddies”? “Someone’s gotta pay for ME and my kids!”
    Could be considered child neglect(abuse). Parenting is a full time job. There is a very slim, tenuous wisp of free play in raising children; almost non existent. With the lack of judgement this woman/child shows by the volume of children she has bred, her choices seem to border on the criminal. The decisions this woman has made; if it were to be against another persons property or personal space, would have placed her in the criminal justice system by the 4th child it seems. Because she is a woman, and it is weakly labeled as family, she was allowed to continue this damage to society. This train wreck was allowed to happen, through negative racism.
    “She can’t help it, she’s a woman” or “She can’t help it, she’s black”. It’s actually neither. Can’t fix stupid…

  • kenpo5

    Take the kids away and cart her sorry ass off to prison for child endangerment. F-ing dirty b***h.

  • The Atheist Libertarian

    This Ho bangs anything that holds still long enough. THATS the problem. SHE must be held accountable.

  • annie66

    This is absolutely pathetic but it is not an unexpected outcome of the welfare state. This woman should have been sterilized a long time ago- or she should have never been subsidized to begin with. Spitting out illegitimate babies is a money-making scheme for women like this and the American taxpayer gets stuck with the bill for this irresponsible behavior. The kids need to be removed permanently and this woman needs to be banned from further welfare money- likewise the deadbeats that are the fathers of these children.

  • troy stanton

    This is a pitfall of freedom.If in fact you think that the government is some how obligated to save this woman from herself,Then you are not as for freedom as I am.If you think you should have to wait for the government to say it’s ok to save these children from her.You are not as christian as I am..If you really gave a damn,you would find this woman and the three little pigs that she called daddies and tell them they wont be seeing their children ever again.

  • skipfoss

    What the hell is wrong with the “baby’s daddy’s”paying for all these kids and what is wrong with her keeping her legs closed or instead of giving it away git fix3ed and sell it then you can feed the herd you got,I don’t like paying for something I did’t cause

  • irate taxpayer

    That’s the problem with so many people anymore,,They have kids one after the other and expect the taxpayers to take care of them..How about taking responsibility for herself and stop lying on her back as a profession..Make the kids daddy’s pay for the children they made.

  • dghealy

    one asprin…betweeen the knees.

  • Mike Young

    Has this woman ever considered keeping her leggs together for a change so she won’t produce these children like she in on an assembly line, or even just saying No to sex?

  • jd1958

    Where are all the daddies? She should have thought 11 times after the first one before screwing. She’s accountable. She says they are a gift from GOD? Wonderful and true. She needs to get a job.

  • JoyceA

    You need to help yourself. Your children’s fathers should pay for these children. This is whats wrong with these women who whore around. Take the children away from her and sterlize her.

  • glass

    You and your babby daddies should have thought about paying for those kids before you had them. It’s your problem sweetheart. It’s not my fault you got pregnant. Oh how I wish for the day when you have to actually work to feed those kids, perhaps then you will then have something to occupy yourself with besides making more kids.


      idiots are not capable of thinking!!

  • Say it again

    A man can bust a million nuts but only women and women only are responsible for whom gets aborted and who gets to live. #fact. If a man wants the child and she doesn’t then the mission gets aborted. If he doesn’t want the child and she does then a child is born. So, who has more control over the situation? Men can’t push out babies. Always remember that. If I make a virus but have no ability or desire to get it to the masses it’s a useless virus. Now, if someone comes along with the ability to push it out and does so against my will why should I be held accountable for the suffering of the people affected by the virus?

  • Pauline

    Close your LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE DADDIES PAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN NOT US. YOU HAD THEM AND YOU WANT US TO PAY FOR THEM, WELL YOU CAN GO TO HELL,GET A JOB,MAYBE 2 JOBS Not paying for your kids, but i paid for mine.

  • Kingscairn

    Multiplied – one hundred thousand times !

  • CountryBoy84

    Yes someone needs to pay- she and her boyfriends…you do not bring a child with an eternal soul into this world with no way to care for that child. You want the govt to pay and yet you do not want govt to intervene and oversee the situation. You create this situation and the problems just compound. Is this what these children have to look forward to in their adult lives having a cascading effect in the community????

  • Kathy Cerwin

    She needs to get a job anD have her tubes tied

  • Jane Cartwright.

    Stop spreading your legs!!!!!!! I’m sick of unaccountability. Get your Daddy’s to pay, let the government track him down instead of using my tax money. Get a job or two. That’s what my Mom did.

  • Sharri Upton

    Tie her legs together.

  • Sharri Upton

    After two kids your on your own !!!

  • Dracula131

    Hell, avoid the rush. Seize the kids split them up into small groups, get dns samples from the kidz, finx the fathers. Send hrr to the Sudan. The fathers get life in a dark dungeon chained to a wall. No tv, jive music, social contact and very little food twice a day.


    She needs a full labia majore closure, stitched .

  • mickey

    The black females should be fixed after 2 kids PERIOD. They are the downfall of the U.S. most on welfare, and listening to this illiterate woman say, I’ve got 15 kids, by 3 different men, we have got to stop funding these over sexed woman. This type of woman is a disgrace to humanity.

  • AppraisHer

    Nobody mentioned how much she received in welfare, ADC, WIC and food stamps per month for 15 kids or how much she’s getting now for 12. With all of the afore mentioned “help” along with the $900/mo rent being paid, why are the kids hungry, shoeless and homeless? Where was the money going? Why was she evicted if Social Services paid the rent? Story would have been more complete if we knew how much of our money she was bringing in and not spending on her kids, while demanding even more.

  • Don

    If she can’t control herself she should be fixed so she can’t have anymore kids.

  • Poodleguy

    Just another member of the endless parade of human debris that is the result of Lyndon B Johnson’s failed liberal experiments, to wit: the Great Society & the War on Poverty. Now we, the people are forced to support these irresponsible wretches w/our tax payments to the US Treasury! The 16 trillion $$ national debt is directly proportionate to the trillions spent & wasted on assistance to those who won’t live responsible lives & become productive members of society!

  • Tricia65

    How about she hold herself “accountable” for the suffering and misery of herself and children…

  • Sharpshooter003

    Somebody needs to be held accountable? …. Another obama vote …… wake up people.

  • Bryan Cook

    Somebody needs to be held accountable for her situation? I totally agree.

  • Grumpy

    Who is going to take care of my children? How about those that brought them into the world! What a concept.

  • dcola

    what a disgrace? that this country allows these people to collect on our money. that is what I have been saying all along. if these woman want to open their legs to every tom, dick and harry that comes along, it is only because they are getting money for all of them. she needs to have a hysterectomy to end this cycle. then have her get a job , I do not care at what. this country gives out too many freebies and obama is all for it. but us americans if we tried this they would put a stop to it. I do not understand why these people think that we give away money. Honey, you need to close your legs now, and take care of the ones that you do have, show this country that you are what a mother really is.

  • Luzmark1

    Take your case to court and get some child support.There are even black lawyers/ judges that do these cases. If you don’t let the jugde throw some of these guys in jail you are crying at your own movies with you the director /producer. You may even need to do adoption as well. Another tip, get a marriage license before you spread your feet, for your kids sake and yours.

  • Sir Isaac Neution

    If the children are a giftf from God, then she must have a husband, because God created marriage. Someone needs to pay for her to have sex? that is prostitution. Who ever had sex with her needs to pay for them.

  • alio

    15? Get off your back and close your legs. I’d think you’d know where those little buggers come from after the first one. You made your bed, now lie in it and don’t expect the Nation to support you and your fun and games. Have some humility and feel some shame for your activities. We know who and what you are. It’s time to ask God;s forgiveness for your sick life. What kind of person are you anyway?


    She cant even care for herself let alone that many children. Too bad she does not get paid for having kids. Its like a full time job to to this lady. She has spent most of her adult life popping out kids rather than working or being a productive part of society. Quit spreading your legs being irresponsible. Just another uneducated, unappreciative tax burden for the state of Florida.


    People want examples of what Mitt Romney meant about the 47% of Americans that he doesnt care about voting for him. This is a prime example of what he meant.

  • MontieR

    Get a job that does not require you to be on your back.

  • Gary

    I am a staunch pro-lifer,most of the time,,,

  • David

    She is right! somebody should be held accountable for her twelve children…. HER for spreading her legs so many times without using some type of protection AND her three babydaddies that helped get her pregnant so many times. I’m tired of people having so many children and are not willing to do their share to properly support and raise those children. The government “TOOK” tax money from me because I worked hard to support MY family and gave it to people like her that don’t even try to do what’s right for her children! And they are still taking tax money from me and I’m retired!!!

  • Jules1021

    No Planned Parenthood failed her?? Where was her FREE BIRTH CONTROL?? CLOSE YOUR LEGS LADY!!!!!

  • harleyrod45

    They should take the children away from her, put them up for adoption or in foster homes, and sterilize her. She is truly a menace to society.

  • PAUL

    And that someone is this female baby machine. Quit screwing around and get a job, cleaning toilets if she has too, and make those Baby Daddies pay.

  • whitestone57

    Blacks In America Live Off The White Man. (We Pay Most Of The Taxes For Them And Hispanics) That’s Why….Minorities All Voted For A Douche Bag Like Obama. And Homo’s,Mothers Who Want Me To Pay For BIG BIRD And Their Abortions.

  • UStaxpayer

    Our system MUST be changed. We will help the first time, but after that there is NO money given out for pregancy or support. THINK TWICE when having sex because you would then be responsible for all children thereafter. GET FIXED if you can’t afford to raise your children. We tax payers are tired of paying for you to have children. We pay for ours and think you need to do the same thing.

  • FedUpWithMorons

    If the kids are a gift from God, maybe he should pay for them.

  • Skeptical

    MY GOD! This is unbelievable. 15 children and three fathers. No wonder the father of 10 of them is in jail. He probably called and begged the police to come get him. I can hear it now,”Name the charge, and I’ll cop the plea. Just get me ‘outta here!”.
    I have to say it however un-PC, if you google the term,”BREEDER”, her face and name ought to show up.

  • Geraldine Rafferty

    Her 3 baby daddies should be forced under the law to support their children. Why is this obligation being ignored? And what’s wrong with the mother? Couldn’t keep her legs crossed? Shame on her. We, the public, have no obligation to support her children. She’s lacking in common sense. to behave this stupidly. The 3 daddies are also to blame and just as stupid. They couldn’t keep their zippers up either.

  • Geraldine Rafferty

    I left a message. Where did it go?

  • Brother Jazeel Portabella

    This woman is mentally ill and a menace to society. It would be more economical to institutionalize her in a state mental hospital and place the kids in foster homes.

  • Doc Smith

    public slut #3

  • bossmom

    This a example of why we are going broke. This woman is like many other women. They would not take
    birth control even if it is free. She has these children so she can get paid by the goverment.

  • David DeSau

    And your kids will be lifetime welfare maggots and blacks will be known for what ? Cornering the market of welfare and food stamps. My you must be so proud – Giving your kids something to be proud of !

  • Ykpk

    Ms. Irresponsible: YOU AND THE THREE MEN who had access to your private parts ARE RESPONSIBLE! Deal with it. Since I did not take part in the pleasure, do not expect ME TO TAKE PART IN THE CARE! STOP BEING A LEECH!

  • sjo

    She should have said no to the baby daddies. And yes to self respect. Why do we have to pay for her bad choices? I feel very sorry for the kids, with her for a parental example.

  • Sheepdog1

    Tell the slut to keep her legs together and go find a frickin job! I got it, have Hussein share his wealth with her! Tired of watching the sheep, maybe we should let the wolves have a few to thin out the flock!

  • NJNurse

    Bad attitude this women has. She thinks her problem is not hers but everyone elses. Someone needs to pay for HER children? What kind of idiot is this? I guess she is one of Obama’s voters. So how does she feel about all that help Obama has given her? LOL


    Young lady, I know that time are very hard, nevertheless, why should I have to PAY for your CONDOM or YOUR CHILDREN for that matter, would you PLEASE KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSE, I think this will HELP YOU A LOT, Amen!

    Mr. Evans

  • blobclark

    maybe she keeps her legs closed ?

  • blobclark

    get a job…. too bad about your 17 cents on your food stamp card !! work 2 part timers. Join the military. ….. do something. heck, I worked 2 part timers to pay my way thru school.

  • Bernie

    This is exactly what obummer wants, dependency on govt. so he could control everyone doen the line. Besides that, what the hell is wrong with the govt in the first place to let something this hiddious happen in the first place. Get her A– off the state role and force the fathers to pay or go to jail, this has to be enforced to stop all this type of bullsh-t. That’s why are TAXES are so high because of idiots like this.

  • Ginger

    She is not a mother…she is a brood mare…only mares take better care of their offspring.And do not demand others do it for her while she gets another man to make more children she has no interest in taking care of.How about the three babydaddies doing it?

  • Francis D Orbin Jr.


  • Jean

    The state should have her tubes tied after the second child. Too many young people have 3 or 4 kids by the time they are in their early 20’s. They collect a couple thousand a month from welfare and sit back and complain about their lives. They need to work and have some self respect.

  • Jean

    Instead of payed abortions by Planned Parenthood, they should pay the state to sterilize these men and women whom use these poor children to live off of. The federal government doesn’t mind killing unborn babies. Oh, sorry. I forgot, these are Obama’s voters! This is the sick society we have become.

  • Julian DH

    Hey, what about personal responsibility? Ten children with one man, another five too. What about pulling all the kids and adopting them out. After that tying her tubes, or better yet taking her ovaries out. This at least would prevent further abuse of the system. She does not deserve any benefits whatsoever. It is amazing that the system is being milked for more money by some one who deserves nothing.

  • Robert Myles

    Well i suggest you get your tubes tied ,get a ged and get a dang job cause you aint taken my money for your snotty nosed kids

  • Brad

    When men, or should I say males since many of the ones I’m talking about don’t deserve to be called men, fail to support their children then they should be castrated so they can’t sire anymore. If they fail their children once, they will continur to fail them and they don’t deserve to have any more or to enjoy the act that produces them. The women that continue to be baby factories knowing they can’t support them need to be sterilized. If these people won’t accept responsibilityand self control then society needs to step in and and control them.

  • Bill Penick

    Only a fool would give those kids back to this mindless ghetto rat!

  • Tag

    The solution? She obviously knows what causes it by now after 15 kids – she’s nothing but a brood mare and a ‘ho’ – she needs to be forceably taken to a hospital and steralized immediately. That is the only solution to this tramp popping out kids about every 9 months and then expect everyone else to pay because she can’t keep her knees together! She needs to be incarcerated and all of those welfare kids taken otherwise they will grow up to be just like she is!

  • SallyE

    Absolutely disgusting. The “takers” are starting to outnumber the “makers”. We are destined to have more presidents like Obama who promise people like this woman that the rest of us will pay for her and her kids.

  • madogdriver


  • Dale_G1

    Can anyone say “typical Obama supporter”? Come on, I know you can.

  • Dale_G1

    Forget what that former icon of the Democrat Party John F. Kennedy once said…”Ask not what your country can do for you. Instead ask what YOU can do FOR your country!” They may as well ask JFK, Jesus Christ and the Reverend Martin Luthor Kin Jr. to sit at the back of the bus. Modern liberal democrats have gone SOOOOO far to the left they may as well be in another country.

  • Dorothy Margraf

    There is a system that would work. Put every woman who has more than one child paid for by the government into a group home where group home members have to work cooking, cleaning, teaching, doing whatever is necessary to stay there to have their children taken care of. No private income. Just group income. Those who really care about themselves and their children would work hard to get out of a system where they and their children would have to answer to a group of bitchy women to have their needs met. No one would chose to enter a lifestyle and find themselves forced into such a system where what they are doing is watched over by others like themselves. The children would benefit because they would be guarded over by an establishment. Granted, it wouldn’t be perfect, but is what is going on now benefiting the children?

  • R. Brancatelli


  • R. Brancatelli

    Here’s a thought; How about the mother and the baby daddies taking care of their own kids? Even if it means getting 4 jobs each to do it. Maybe they can take some responsibility for what they do. How about that?

  • RRR#3

    In 1950 2% of births were out of wedlock today it’s 39% almost half of children born today are out of wedlock. Another interesting fact is that birth control and abortions were rare back in the 50s. So what’s up?

  • swan

    Cut her Tubes after # 2 !!
    After that Screw You !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • har82

    Wow, I still can’t believe the sheer – audacity – ,, of that ignorant female. – The – only – one – responsible- for her – situation- IS HER -…. And listening to her tripe , took AWAY any ,,, sympathy I may ,, have had and threw it right out the window ….
    My only concern now is, that her welfare kids ,, will be raised ,,, by even more ,, totally incompetent democraps in some liberal foster home. ENSURING FURTHER DEPENDENCE ON THE REST OF US.

  • Debra

    This woman is discourteous and disrespectful to the children she is dropping on the people to take care of; who work hard,pay their bills and pay their taxes,This is the mentality of Obama’s Socialist America.God save America.

  • Jim R

    Take her down to the pound, I think they have shot for that.

  • pcsrocky

    She has 1 child, she gets only so many $. She has another child, she gets a FEW more $. At each stage she will still need to make some amount of money or get nothing. At 3 or more children, she gets a certain amount total an no more, regardless of the number of children. Each of the father(s) must also contribute some $. If she or the father(s) fail to do so, off to jail and the children are taken away. If she or the father(s) get a job lined up while in jail a certain portion goes to supporting the children. If she of the father(s) have any more children, they pay for all expenses period. If they can’t pay, the children are taken away and there is not third chance. The parent reliquish ALL rights to the existing children. If they manage to get and hold a job, they are still responsible for some $ to go to the children’s care. If they try to have more children, intentially or not, off to jail and sterilization. They will still have to pay for their existing children but get nothing from anyone.
    There has to be some penalty for these people or they just keep on having sex and children seemingly at no cost to themselves!

  • Rumplestilskin

    Hmmmm that interesting, you produce video pieces that can do nothing but disgust us and can even enrage some, and then you expect us to post nice sweet comments. Sorry boys, but your posting policy sucks.
    The lady in that video deserves to suffer the consequences of her stupidity. I’m also sorry about this; Children die all over the world by the thousands every day, and what, you expect us to bite our nails over it. This woman is the reason our welfare system is in tatters, because no one has the temerity to say enough is enough woman, if your kids die so be it, you cannot expect the people of the USA to lift you up out of stupid.
    If you do-gooders feel sympathy for her, then you opt to pay her rent or adopt some of her children. As a tax payer, I am sick of funding stupidity such as this because she doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed.

  • Jason

    Obama’s base!!

  • Jerry R Wood

    Sterilize the whore

  • Jerry R Wood

    Deport her to Iran.

  • Julian DH

    Remember Octomom in Kalifornia? She breeds like a rabbit and milks Kalifornia taxpayers monthly. She “earns” a huge amount in welfare yet wants more. Octomom must be this woman’s hero. Wonder how often they correspond.

  • USAmerican


  • nobozoz

    She should chain her thighs together, what a total wh%^$, 15 keeee-idz and 3 fathers (at least 3) ? who by the way she doesn’t know their name more than likely. What a SLXT !

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    No accountability whatsoever, she claims everyone with dcf needs to be held accountable…DEMANDING that she and her kids be taken care of. Why wasnt this woman’s tubes tied after her 2nd, at the most 3rd child? in a few yrs shes gonna be a grandmother , already passing the exact thinking that she has into her 15 KID’S heads.

  • Rich E

    This is what pisses off working, taxpaying American citizens. She is a pig and should be sterilized and the kids sent to foster parents. We do not owe her anything for breeding like a rat. This is why the nation is going broke and welfare is abused. If you want to breed like an animal in the wild, then that is where you should live.

  • chief1937

    This woman has 15 children just who did she think was going to take care of them while she was having her good time some amount of responsibility goes with having children and that is not having the government take care of her and her children. Just out of curiosity where is the dads of these children?Condoms or birth control would have prevented this situation. There is a limit to what government assistance can sustain.I believe the video said she as in her 30s if so she must have started very early in life to gain this situation.

  • Gouchybear

    I can see where manditory sterilization is appropriate in this case. And she wants someone to pay for alll her kids? Well listen up you HO, get off your fat ass and get a job and pay for your own damned trashy kids! Can’t afford them yourself? Put them up for adoption! I’m sure there are some really rich black entertainers like Oprah, Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee and the like that would be more than happy to part with some of their millions in order to provide for your “keeds”. So get off your back, put a drop of super glue on the inside of each knee and glue your legs together so they won’t fly open the next time a man walks by and BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!

  • mom2marine

    Gee….I wonder if they will be doctors, lawyers and such.

  • Wilber Fudd

    This woman also most likely voted for Democrats! After all they are there for the ‘little’ people. She is one who should have been sterilized after 6. She and her boyfriend are the epitome of welfare scammers. They do not have any intention of being productive members of society, only leeches on society!

  • Kimber

    Thank the Lord that Obama-Clause can take tax money from those evil working racist white folks and help this poor woman that has been held down by whitey all her life.

  • John

    A perfect case for STERILIZATION.Even Hitler had one good idea, I’m still waiting for odumbos’

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