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Hypocrisy Over Gaza

  • Paladin67

    liberals generally don’t like anyone that stands up for themselves. And the ABSOLUTELY hate the truth. They would rather bow down (osama?) and take a beating than defend themselves. I don’t get it…

    • TheBitterClinger1

      If Leftist wish to take a beating,………
      Have. 2X4 Will Travel

  • jd1958

    That is giving it to the liberals: Point Blank, both barrels in your face double-oo-buck.

  • craig

    We just have to stand behind the Israelis …we know the truth ..and I think the truth is becoming more understood …muslims have learned the art of perpetuating propaganda …but I really don’t think it will keep working for them …and thank god for it..The Israelis should not stop the killings until the Hamas threat is totally eradicated…once and for all…

  • jdbixii

    Right On! Progressives are situation ethicists who literally progress after they have held up their wet fingers to see which way the wind is blowing. They are terrorists because their value system is amoral, immoral and unethical. Their dependencies are what determine their actions and beliefs at any given moment. They would have us believe that the whole thing is simply predestination pitted against free will, and that free will is unjust or prejudicial to those who are predestined. They will not allow the education of those who are predestined by those who are free to make logical choices. If God does not compensate for the bias factors, terrorism is the result. Without the input of the power of God, it is merely human agency versus human agency. Without absolute proof of the special revelation of God, there is no conviction or persuasion of the correctness of one’s belief. But, even without proof, we know that the belief systems (Judeo-Christianity and Islam) are incompatible and opposed. So, what is the point of a military effort to give a system based on the Judeo-Christian heritage to people whose religious and cultural heritage is Islamic? No sane Christian would do so.
    No sane Muslim would accept it. Are we making progress or sense, yet?

  • spencergroup

    Just awesome. Lays it right out the way it actually is. I love his humorous, yet no-nonsense approach to telling the hard truth. Still, hard-headed progressives will ignore, deny, fight and continue to lie about this situation.

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