Humiliating 1995 Video Captures Hillary Spoofing Retarded Man for Laughs

Life is like an offensive spoof you did back in the 1990s: You never know what you’re going to get when it ends up on YouTube. Former first lady Hillary Clinton, the woman who coined the term “bimbo eruption,” has been putting herself forward as the candidate of political correctness and safe spaces. For what it’s worth, that crowd has mostly rejected her in favor of Bernie Sanders. And with good reason — while she talks about the “war on women” during her speeches, this is a woman who has done everything she could to cover up allegations of sexual assault leveled at her husband. And while she may claim to be a member of the political correctness battallion, this video certainly isn’t going to do her any favors. It’s called “Hillary Gump,” a short the White House did for the 1995 Gridiron dinner which is very loosely based on “Forrest Gump.” It was supposed to showcase Hillary’s sense of humor.

via ConservativeTribune

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