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HS Student Calls Out His Teacher For Failing to ‘Teach’ & Storms Out of Class

When a video of high school student Jeff Bliss calling out his teacher went viral, a lot of people started talking about the state of our education system and ways to improve it. However, almost a year since the video was posted, not much has changed. In fact, many would say that with the extension of Common Core curriculum across most of the country, it has actually gotten worse.

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  • CharlieB48

    He is right. So many people don’t want to teach. Why they entered the profession is beyond me. If you want your students to learn you have to engage both their minds and their hearts.

    • catb55

      They enter the profession for tenure and the retirement … not for the love of teaching. It has become a profession full of people who don’t want to have to do any actual “work”. Little wonder they support Common Core .. it takes the responsibility of teaching off them and puts it in the hand outs.

      • Down to Earth Prepper.comFaceb

        I completely agree !

        How many billions or perhaps trillions have we wasted ? And the kids largely don;t even know the 3 Rs much less actually graduate? What a pathetic state we call our public education system. And we are forced to pay for this ? Resist the madness .

        • Kirby

          The truth of our history and Founding Fathers has been heavily polluted, too. Education is a joke and mainly a propaganda tool for the leftists of our nation.

          • Gabe T

            That’s why many of us call it “The Public Fool System” People should be flipping out at the moronic curriculum spoon fed to American public at an insane price tag.

          • Down to Earth Prepper.comFaceb

            Absolutely. Many truths have been polluted and sold as fact ? It is everywhere one looks these days !

      • Trixie

        Not in North Carolina where the starting pay is $30k. After 20 years, you might be making $40k.

        • Debbie G

          And rightly so. Many people work a full year and make $30k. So, if your teachers worked a full year, their starting pay would be more like $40-50k. And even if they actually worked a full year they still would have off ten days at Christmas, one week at Easter, and every holiday. (still more than most people get). And let’s not forget the generous benefits they receive (more than most people get).
          We have many teachers in my Ohio district who are paid $90 THOUSAND DOLLARS for 8-9 months of actual work. For the first time in years, the voters shot down two school levies presented in the same year. The reason?
          Teacher salaries.

    • Annymous Patriot

      Why they entered the profession? Hhhhmmmm, high pay and, tenure to be able to do whatever they want and never be fired and then pension for their life.

      Teachers don’t “teach” anymore, they hand out forms and pamphlets, and give tests. Any wonder why society is circling the drain?

      • Carolyn Ferrante

        Anonymous Patriot — Teachers are the lowest paid professionals! And, tenure or not, there are more rules and regulations for teachers than there are for students.
        And, if “society is circling the drain” it’s not because of what goes on in the classroom…but what goes on in the home!

        • CharlieB48

          Carolyn, that’s true. The rules are crazy. The profession is divided between those who don’t want to teach and those who love it and are totally frustrated by the rules and now that horror called “common core”

        • larryincamden

          While some of what you say about parents/families is true, not all of the problem is there.
          Some of the problem stems from the government and education system too.
          The dysfunction is systemic.

        • Ernie Cloutier


        • kal1and2

          nothing more than a overpaid babysitter

        • Eric Rogers

          Really?, I’m a nurse and I make far less than $30k a year.

        • Debbie G

          “Teachers are the lowest paid professionals..” Baloney.

    • SandraJ

      Those who can’t…..teach!

      • The Master Sergeant

        Not all of us who can’t teach. Some of us can….

        20 years, retired Air Force… Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, avionic electronic warfare defensive and surveillance systems. Masters degree in education, 11 years teaching college. 5 years a technical instructor in electronic warfare with the Air Force, followed by hand-selection to teach leadership, management, communications, military citizenship, and then quality management metrics.

        I chose to become a teacher because I care about our kids and our country. DO NOT tar all of us with the same brush. When I teach Statistics, my kids learn and take it with them. When I teach calculus, my kids place into calculus 2 or 3 at the universities. Can you teach calculus? Do you know how to make the delta-epsilon concept of limits clear, or the essential nature of the derivative? Can you explain to a statistics student the differentiation process for selection of the appropriate hypothesis test based on sample size, or multiplicity of samples?

        We have a lot of “dead wood” in education, and a number of times I have encourages such to seek another career path. At the same time, I work with a large number of dedicated caring people who push hard to give the kids their best.

        We have a running joke: Those who can, teach. Those who can’t make laws about teaching.

        Here is a question for you. When your son or daughter’s teacher calls and tells you about poor grades, missing work, or inappropriate behavior, do you automatically assume the teacher hate you child, and therefore blame the teacher, or do you really try to find out what is going on? Have you actually checked your child’s homework to make sure it is done? Do you make sure they actually study for tests, write the papers assigned, attend the school functions, and have a working dialog with the teachers. When I was young my parents did all of those. We did not have cell phones, X-boxes, and all the other distractions, nor were we allowed to have their historic alternatives.

        • Gabe T

          No one should be saying all teachers are packet pushers… the stoopid publick fools sistems are to blame for bad teachers — you should probably be the kind of teacher that checks on this to make it better.

        • SEGrady

          Excellent points Sir! As I just finished my doctorate…I can judge the appropriate hypothesis test but I can also tell you Statistics was one of the most demanding courses I took! Here’s to you and to all of us who truly “Teach” and deserve a thank you for our hard work and dedication! I teach AP Micro/Macro Economics, AP Government & Politics AP US History and a few other courses…so my job is not piece of cake! I have to teach the kids what they will need to know to pass the progressive AP exam while creating from SCRATCH the information they are NOT given in the AP text and materials provided by the College Board. I will not send these students out with only the progressive agenda ingrained in their subconscious. I take the time to show them the “other side of the coin” Progressives never intend them to see! Kudos my friend on your service and continued service. I am a vet and an Army wife to a LTC serving his 20 year now!

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          “Hup Sarge!”

      • SEGrady

        Careful with the slander of ALL teachers….I take my responsibility VERY seriously and I will challenge anyone who say’s I’m “less of a person” because I teach. Teaching is a noble profession when it is performed in the manner it was designed by our Creator. I am Christian and I assure you that there are thousands of us out there working for little pay(dollars) but major reward (blessings from God). I have taught all over the world as a missionary and have watched students blossom. So, please do not paint all teachers with such a broad brush. There are a number of us who take our profession seriously and our obligation to God and Country even more serious.

        • SandraJ

          Quoting George Bernard Shaw is hardly slander. Sorry I hit your last nerve. Are you standing up against Common Core?

          • SEGrady

            I stood up against public education curriculum long before Common Core was even in existence. I will never teach a single aspect of Common Core! Never! I currently teach in a private Christian School and plan to stay in Christian schools. I left public schools in 2000 and have not looked back. I currently write for several groups and we promote stories of the corrupt nature of Common Core constantly. As for George Bernard Shaw, he was a HUGE progressive so why on Earth would you want to quote anything he ever said? He was instrumental in setting the stage for the eventual circumstances that we now call the Holocaust. It was his idea to “humanely kill people with gas” to quote him in another famous line.(It’s even on an old film reel of him talking) So, I would not give any credence to anything that man said ever again. He was evil.

        • Debbie G

          It seems that the biggest problem the public has with teachers is their exhorbitant salaries. I am certain there many wonderful teachers out there.

      • Carolyn Ferrante

        SandraJ — It’s comments like this that empower students to be disrespectful and disinterested in what teachers have to say. Teaching has become a no-win situation, and that’s why we have a teacher shortage. I guess then the parents will have to take on the responsibility of educating their charming children.

    • SEGrady

      Well, it’s hard to expect anything else when the “Father of Public Education” John Dewey was an Atheist and Communist. He and others wrote the Humanist Manifesto which closely parallels the Communist Manifesto. He and his followers envisioned an education system that would produce the kind of student that would bend to the will of the progressive world view. So far, it is working perfectly as it was originally designed. Progressives dominate the nations Teacher Colleges and thus produce progressive/liberal teachers who go to public schools to pass on this virus to our kids. Public education is really public indoctrination. BTW, John Dewey started his policies at none other than Columbia University where our current POTUS attended albeit “allegedly”.

      • CharlieB48

        To the MSgt and Mr Grady, I too am retired military and I too work in education now. I am frustrated with the system and with the kids. We have some wonderful teachers (I’ve met many) but after being blamed for not managing your classroom or not getting kids to read outside of school when the parents enforce no rules…many just throw in the towel. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me to see some 3rd grader in the supermarket at 11PM when there is school the next day. What the teacher sees is a kid who appears to be ADHD but is really exhausted and unable to focus; the parents put him on meds instead of changing their life pattern to one that suits children. The issues in the schools belong to all of us.

    • sandman

      All I know is if I was to do it all over again, I would love to be a teacher, as today, I would be retired, and have not had to work a summer, ever! oh maybe have to take some summer refresher course of some sort, but for the most part, I would be like my aunt living the high life on the taxpayers funded retirement fund! Oh and lets not forget the best health care the taxpayers can buy!

      • Carolyn Ferrante

        sandman — Teachers take home some amount of homework every night and spend some part of their weekends doing lesson plans. Many teachers work at least part of the summer…because they are paid LESS than peers in the corporate world.

        • Rapier Half-Witt

          Last year the teacher of my sons first grade class had a starting salary of $48,000/yr.

          • Carolyn Ferrante

            Rapier Half-Witt, A teacher’s salary depends on the affluence of the community he or she works in. Compare this salary to the starting salaries of professionals in the corporate world. Teachers are generally underpaid for their responsibilities and work load.

          • Rapier Half-Witt

            That’s really interesting to know that $48,000 is typical for our poor area.

          • Debbie G

            The corporate world is the private sector, and they should be allowed to pay whatever they deem is necessary to recruit new employees. Teachers are the PUBLIC sector, and your salaries should be decided by the taxpayers, not the school board. You cannot equate the two.

        • Debbie G

          Many of us take work home. On top of that, many of the schools in my district get out between 2:30 – 3:30 PM. You SHOULD be working longer hours.

    • Jon Weiss

      I considered going into teaching after retiring from the military, but when I saw how the schools are run I dropped the idea.

      I attained a BS in Social Science while in the military and was told that I needed a Masters in Education to be a teacher. I questioned this logic, because within my first two years of service I was teaching soldiers how to survive on the battlefield and at the same time how to make sure their careers away from the war zone would be successful, I was also teaching academic subjects and assisting younger soldiers in their pursuit of college degrees while in uniform, but that was not good enough for the American system of academics, they prefer inexperienced and in some cases totally clueless individuals who have checked all the boxes to teach and develop our youth.

      • Rapier Half-Witt

        I”m guessing it’s because you had not been properly and completely indoctrinated in their mindset and group-think.

    • Carolyn Ferrante

      Students are not in a position to judge a teacher’s effectiveness in a classroom. That’s why schools have chairpersons and principals. BTW, I don’t hear any students in this particular classroom applauding for that unruly student. Nowadays so many teachers become disillusioned early on in the game because of students’ misbehavior or refusal to take learning seriously. They’d rather be on their cell phones or hypnotized in front of a computer. Incidentally, the day may come that there will be a serious shortage of teachers and learning will literally become mechanical in front of a computer screen. UGH!

  • Foxmuldar

    Sounds like the teacher was sleeping.

    • axmickl

      Sounded like the teacher was black and had no answers for the kid that was 10 times as smart as she was.

      • DaveM

        Why racial….There are many teachers of different colors and to call out black is wrong! I am a teacher and do an excellant job to the point that administration is jealous of me. My kids love me and many have succeeded in their goals and dreams! Please look at teachers as individuals and please do not group all of us together. There are a few who care and if anyone is in it for the money….they need mental help!

        • The Bobster

          Why not? Are we not supposed to notice?

        • axmickl

          I do look at the teachers as individuals. When i do that i am reminded of the black teacher who told the kid in South Carolina he could be jailed for saying anything negative about the poor president. Black teachers are by, and large, inferior to those of other colors because they are consumed by color and everything they think and say has a color element ingrained. Now that I think about it though, that person in the teachers chair in the clip probably was not black because she didn’t scream and jump around like a damned chimp when confronted.


    I’ll give him credit. Except for one cuss word he was articulate, calm and RIGHT! Most people don’t understand education in the US. It is not to educate children or kids or adults. Its mission is to perpetuate the trillion dollar education system and its bureaucracy. In reality, the kids just get in the way.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Should have been a lot more curse words, over all he was a gentlemen.

  • Zoe2010

    common core is a data mining operation like obamacare…



    • SEGrady

      The lack of geography was due to a push to lump all history courses, geography classes, civics, etc. into one board subject called “Social Studies” this was Social Engineering at its best. It was an intentional attack on the Founding Fathers and Christianity. They want kids to only know enough to follow the directions given by the Progressive Elite! If you want to read a book that details just how they have done and are doing this I encourage you and everyone here to grab a copy of an old book called Bending the Twig…by A. Rudd. It will open your eyes in a way you never imagined! God Bless

  • djc_1946

    Posting policy says no tolerance for ALL CAPS. Hello?

    • dr jon

      policy for being a idiot..djc-1946 wins again

      • djc_1946

        For being Non compos mentis dr jon wins again. And again, and….

    • shtwv_lstnr

      I agree with the Posting Policy except the nonsense about “Racism”. No Such Thing.

      • The Bobster

        Only a moron thinks all races are the same. Why should we deny reality?

    • jalina susan stutte


      • tofjr

        Dips**ts complain that by using caps a person is “shouting”. What kind of moronic BS is that???? I’m an old Viet-Nam vet and I like the caps. “F” OFF………….

    • DaveM

      Why are you attacking a person with caps when your statement has nothing to do with the major topic? I ask a simple question….Did you graduate a short time ago?

      • djc_1946

        Golly gee whiz, Dave, I am so thankful that you asked a simple statement, because I would not want you to tax your…um…intellect. Dave, please try, try hard, to understand that I did not attack a person, but a so-called policy. All-caps are loud (in a written sense) and visually difficult to read. And they are not permitted by the website’s “policy.” Are you comprehending what I have written so far? As far as graduation, I earned my college degree many years ago. Really, I hope I have not confused you with my response. Or, as you perhaps would say, I rilly hope I have not confused you. Rilly.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    We need more like him and less of her in our schools.

  • CharlieFromMass

    Speaking as a teacher….that wretch in the corner needs to go…now. Pull her license and send her to work as an asleep overnight position. She really does sound like she was awoken.

    I don’t like HOW he did that (although I don’t see where he had much of a choice,) but I’m 1000% FOR what he did and the message he was trying to get across.

    • axmickl

      That young man actually cared about what he and most of his classmates needed in the way of an education. Unfortunately, his black teacher never learned anything in school so why should she exert herself for him and his classmates?

      • Gijane

        Actually, the teacher appeared to be a caucasian female. This is part of the reason I would homeschool if I was a young mother today. This person is not an educator and that young man should be. We need to stop paying taxes…period.

        • axmickl

          I guess you have never heard a black woman speak before.


    BOTTOM LINE; today’s educational system is the result of years of Marxist infiltration as per Karl Marx’s methodology of “gradualism”; its END-GOAL is to create a dumbed-down society that will swallow Commie BS without questioning its Constitutional validity!!!

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Not only do we get Obamacare shove down our throats, we get Obama education shoved down our throats. Neither one works.

  • Robert L Nipper

    Does anyone else remember the movie, “Teachers”? Nick Nolte starred and I don’t remember the other actors. If memory serves there was a class with a similar scenario. The teacher did not teach, “aisle captains” handed out packets to those behind them, when the bell rang, the packets were collected and the students left for their next class. The ironic thing, in this movie, was the teacher had died…but nobody knew because he was always hidden behind a newspaper. There’s your “common core” in public education.

  • rocky63

    Looks like she just sits there and passes out notes. Yep, the incompetent and the lazy are welcome in our public schools as teachers. It must be frustrating for the teachers who really do teach and the kids who really want to learn.

  • Commie hater

    The most intelligent person in the room was the young man….the teacher probably got her phony credentials from a “Black College”

  • gingerjo

    Thanks Mr, Presisdent for our new teaching assignments that teach absolutely nothing but Obama care. We would not want our kid to learn anything that could be used in later life like getting a job and working. the kids are learning to freeload until every child is dumbed out and see how long our country lasts, signed an old great grandpa

    • JulieForJesus

      Don’t blame this on Obama. It has been going on since 1942. Look up John Dewey, the atheistic communist one world govt man known as “The Father of Modern Education.” He wanted the youth of America to become illiterate and stupid so they could be controlled. He warned to do this gradually lest their be an outcry. And it was so.

      • SEGrady

        Finally, someone else who has done their homework…but it goes back even further than 1942! You will no doubt love the book Bending a Twig by A. Rudd! Incredible read and extremely enlightening. You will be blown away by the predictions which have clearly come to fruition.

        • JulieForJesus

          Thanks. I just ordered the book. I am sure I will get very agitated reading it, however. I already can’t stand public schools, and it is criminal what is going on there.

        • Shan

          Put the blame where it belongs – in the home! Once, while I was on a school board, a parent told me that we had to enforce a dress code because we shouldn’t expect parents to do so!!!



          • SEGrady

            I will not completely disagree with you, but I feel the blame should be shared with parents. If parents had taken the time to look into what Dewey and his ilk were doing then we would not have the schools we have today. Parents certainly have a huge slice of responsibility and thanks to their general apathy…progressives have been and are still working diligently to remove any and all control from the hands of parents. If we do not act now and act decisively the progressives will take complete control of every aspect and then our Great Nation will be finished.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Another product torpedoed from one of the bureaucratic schools of education. Most of them sit in the corner handing out learning packets produced by buffoons who also have degrees in education. Of all degrees to obtain, a degree in education is the simplest to achieve. Graduates, who eventually go into teaching/indoctrination, on average, have the lowest SAT scores of all professions. Most rarely master the subject they majored in. And one wonders why the public school educational system in the US trails third world nations!

    Solutions, eliminate the following: Dept. of Education, Education curricula taught in Colleges and Universities, and Teachers Unions. Return public-school-education-control to the states, hire non-education majors, hire superintendents, and principals with backgrounds in business or science, elect local boards-of-education with people from the business or scientific community.

    OR, continue pouring money into that educational black-hole, which will continue to produce a population of ignoramuses.

    • fiftysevenchevy

      Here is an example of a High School Graduate today: I pull into a gas station in S.L.C., Utah & fill up. Total comes to $28.33. I give the cashier a 50 dollar bill & the 33 cents. He has to go to his manager to find out how much change to give me. I Politely asked him if he graduated from high school & he told me yes, last year! I have a 7 year old(just turned 7) grandson who I tested with the same scenario. He told me that my change was supposed to be $22.00 even. By the way, my grandson goes to Private School!!!!!!!! & is in the 1st grade! Besides the crappy teaching today, Clinton’s No Child Left Behind was a BIG mistake!

      • Mathematical certainty

        It was the 33 cents that did him in, lol. I have experienced similar situations too many times to enumerate. I liked your title! I owned a 57 salmon colored Chevy Belair. Loved that car! Have a good day, and Happy Easter!

        • fiftysevenchevy

          Yes it was (the $.33). I see it all over, especially in the fast food joints. It’s pathetic who they give diploma’s away to, these days. I blame most of it on the schools! By the way, your Salmon colored 57 you had is actually called Dusk Pearl, & if it had a white top, that is called India Ivory. (Nice combination!) My car is Sierra Gold/Adobe Beige. Lot of people simply call it Root Beer Brown! Happy Easter to you & family also!

          • SEGrady

            I went into a grocery store once and picked up two lemons. The sign on the lemons said, “Two for a dollar” I get to the cash register and the high school graduate cashier could not find the lemons on the register. I tell her what the sign said in the back…undeterred she continues her quest…calls over the head cashier and they find the price…I ask how much they will be and she looks at me and says, “They were not two for a dollar…they were 50 cents each” I just shook my head and walked away with my sour lemons! LOL

          • fiftysevenchevy

            Sheesh, I didn’t think there could be one dumber than the kid that took MY money & didn’t know how to give me change, but Yours takes the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Head is STILL shakin’ !!!

          • fiftysevenchevy

            Hence the reason my 3 grandsons go to private school!!!! And my other daughter who has 3 girls will be homeschooling them, since She was an elementary school teacher til she got married & had her own kids. (5, 3 & 1)

      • sandman

        While I am also a big fan of the 55-57 Chevys, and having owned a 55 at one time, and being my birth year am partial to them. But I also had a private (Parochial) education till the 6th grade, and then my father was able to buy a bigger house )out of necessity) and we were them enrolled in a good public school, I was so disciplined, and it was needed for my behavior that would today be listed as ADD or some odd thing, mainly because I was so far ahead of everyone in the same grade I was in at the Parochial school, that I became a lost soul so to speak and was never the same student as before, and the public teachers after knowing I was from the “other” school, was out to prove a point, with me! back then! never mind what some child would have to put up with today! Why do I say I was ahead? because I was already into compound fractions, and natural history and American history and civics, and as far as spelling and grammar? well lets just say the Nuns tried as hard as then could, while after? in the public schools? the only tool they seamed to have was “detention” , then there was the time I was privately saying “Grace” in the cafeteria !! and was almost suspended for it! NO,! no one will ever be able to tell me public schools are better than private schools! I have learned first hand the difference! and the difference in the teachers and Nuns! Now we get to the point about “taking home work” as you say. I would say THAT IS DOING THE JOB! and no one has forced you to do it! and my answer is go into the “corporate world” you mentioned, and IF you are NOT the best in your field? you will not be protected by either a union, tenure, sonority or any of the other rules set forth buy the teaches unions all over the Country! not to mention the best benefits taxpayers can buy! and I do not care what you say about the “extra work ” teachers do! the fact remains they only work 180 a years that is in many school years in the Country! While you corporate cousin? is lucky to get 2 weeks off paid! and at once!!! not to mention be afraid their job is there when they get back!!! or just the fact the company can out “OUT OF BUSINESS” at any time! when have your ever heard of that happening in public schools? Sorry for the rant 57! but I had to use this space to answer more than one question! Take care! and keep the shinny side up and the greasy side down!

        • fiftysevenchevy

          Thanks for the nice reply Sandman. If you were ALMOST suspended back Then for saying Grace, Can you imagine what a poor kid would entail TODAY if he were caught saying it aloud in the cafeteria????? The UNTHINKABLE!!!!!!! Sure glad I’M not in school today, I’d be in a HEAP of trouble!!!!! I would NEVER give up saying The Pledge Of Allegiance ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!! I graduated in ’57 & in those years if you smarted off to a teacher in just ONE little way, you got a SWAT on the butt with a Paddle! That’s why in those years WE LEARNED & we RESPECTED ALL the Faculty! We even got a SWAT for coming late to class! At least I knew how to give change for ANYTHING when I was in the 4th or 5th grade!
          I also have a ’56 B.A., also a 2 dr. my ’57. Take care!

  • thewizardofaz

    This happened in May 2013. The student’s name is Jeff Bliss.

    • axmickl

      Well, somebody should tell Jeff that some of us Americans are very proud of him and if he was my grandson I would just tell him to get a hair cut.

  • Impala58

    Teachers like this are protected by their Unions; they know it and it’s an easy paycheck (with big benefits) and the kids suffer in the end. Nothing will change for now.

    • Debbie G

      As I noted above in another post, you can fight back by defeating school levies. Our school system threatened to cut off some busing, some classes, layoffs, but refused to even look at cutting back teacher salaries/benefits. Our answer was, “Oh well too bad,” and guess what? Even though the levy failed, the Board suddenly “found” funds to keep the busing, etc.

  • topperj

    Unfortunately, the new teaching method if for the teacher to be a “facilitator,” and let the kids teach themselves. What we need is for someone to make a video of what goes on in college classes with future “facilitators” to see what’s really going on. Those coming out of those education departments are the ones who are being indoctrinated into Common Core. Better hurry, parents, if you want to be relevant in your kids’ education.

    • SandraJ

      Be sure to see the movie, God Is Not Dead; much of it is a look into what college facilitators are doing. Wonderful movie!

  • ActualConundrum

    Good for him.

  • yaki534

    The kid is smarter than the teacher. That much is obvious.

  • 35yearvet

    I don’t know who you are but I would be proud to call you my son. You appear to be an intelliigent young man who stands up for what he believes. I stand up and applaud you. Keep your attitude towards a better education for all the children in this great country of ours. God Bless You! Signed: A retired cop.

  • Chardonna

    We need more kids like him. Wake up the sleeping teachers that are there only for their paycheck and their big fat pension plans. I really feel sorry for these kids that are being taught by these crack pot teachers.

  • doctorbob

    Common Core is designed, I fully believe, to produce ignorant (and I use that word in the sense that they have been taught nothing) citizens who will be unemployable and doomed to either minimum-wage jobs or WELFARE. And that will mean they are reliant on government for WELFARE payemtns, dependent on DEMOCRATS to provide for them. Certainly when an 8th grade student (such as the one who lives next door to me) can not add up a colum of six 2-digit numbers without using a pocket calculator, then the educational system has FAILED THE STUDENTS! How can these students move on up Maslow’s Heirarchy, when they are stuck down at the bottom level, scrambling for food, shelter and clothing? And HOW can this nation compete with foreign students, German kids, Russian kids, Japanese kids, even Argentinian kids? We need to DEVELOP our kids to learn HOW to think, not just WHAT to think. We must give them the skills they need to compete in the 21st century in the world jobs market. Otherwise, they will be stuck forever at dead-end McJobs, or stuck on Welfare! Exactly like the Liberals planned it.

    • SEGrady

      Unfortunately, the public education system designed by John Dewey purposely set out to PREVENT students from thinking for themselves. The public schools were designed to teach them as you noted, “what to think”. Short of scrapping the entire system as it is so flawed we can never hope to build on this base…parents have the option of homeschooling or private schools.

  • J Foster

    Wish we could have heard what first began this discussion/tiraid. Does anyone have knowledge of this? (Have an inclination to agree with him, but would need more information.)

  • jmscrcrn

    If this student doesn’t like how the material is delivered, he needs to find another school. There are lots of choices. He was rude and out of line. In the old days this would never have been allowed.

    • SandraJ

      In the old days, teachers taught! They cared and they loved kids and kids loved them. There would’ve been no need for this student’s speech.

      • jmscrcrn

        There Was no need for this student’s “speech” as you call it.

    • Philip Hoffman

      He was spot on. Todays education is product of the unions that don’t give a rats ass about the students and the government that has no idea of anything. Additionally the educators, and I use that term lightly,that know nothing other than what the government and unions tell them. Our education system has gone to hell in a hand basket.

      • jmscrcrn

        Painting with a broad brush, aren’t we? Do you know any teachers? Have you talked to them?

        • Impala58

          Yes I do, and their attitude is “let your parents teach you and leave me alone”.

    • Impala58

      Don’t treat the symptom, treat the disease. In the old days we didn’t have teachers like that so no need to act that way.

    • Henry

      I nthe old days this “teacher” wouldn’t be teaching.

      • jmscrcrn

        I thought the teacher handled the situation professionally. How did this boy get himself in a program that teaches with packets? He has probably been expelled from the regular program for his bad behavior and this is his last chance, which he is squandering. Is he unable to read? Did his parents never read to him or help him with reading? That is part of parenting.

        • Debbie G

          “How did this boy get himself into a program….” Gee, I thought most kids have to go to schools in the district where their PARENTS choose to live. Or perhaps his parents can’t afford a private school. And it’s the teachers’ unions who detest charter schools.
          And where did you get the notion he was unable to read?

          • jmscrcrn

            Packet programs are special programs, not mainstream. And as you pointed out, charter schools are everywhere.
            The boy cannot deal with having to read the material himself; why is that?
            Your arguments are weak, very weak. The world is as it is, not as wish it to be.

          • Debbie G

            I have been searching the internet to get an idea of what a “packet program” is and can’t find a thing (I did find packets for home-schoolers). Please provide a link. And if there is such a thing, why the heck do we need a teacher for a “packet program” if the student is teaching HIMSELF out of a “packet?”
            You’ve completely missed the gist of the article and insist on harping about the boy “can’t read” or doesn’t want to “deal with…reading.” This article is about teachers not doing their job.

          • jmscrcrn

            For packet program, google continuation high school. I was not commenting on an article but a video of a student throwing a tantrum. Great way to change the subject and to shift blame. Good luck with your agenda.

          • Debbie G

            My agenda? What would that be?
            You’re a real scream, jm. Thanks for entertaining me for a while.

          • jmscrcrn

            My goal was not to entertain, but to educate you. With some people this is impossible, as you have proven.

  • Robin

    Students today are not taught anything. They are spoon fed information that progressives want them to memorize and not the things they need to know. They are not even being taught how to think.
    Do you know that students at the junior college level don’t even know the basic computer skills? How many years have we had computers in our schools? In CA, they have lottery tickets with the sales going to computers for the schools. Yet, I know of 2 teachers who have to teach them the basics before they can teach their own course. Shameful

  • 32eagle

    a young man that cares-a teacher that could care less and should have been fired a long time back-I would bet the farm that this woman is an obama-lover

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    When “teachers” can no longer diagram a simple sentence much less write a legible sentence, and when they “speak in tongues”, we’ve got more than just major problems in our education system. BUT, don’t hang it all on the teachers! Parents who no longer care what their “students” become nor guide them in their efforts (or lack thereof) must also share the blame. Simply stated – we are in a world of hurt!!

    • The Bobster

      If kids did learn how to diagram a sentence, they wouldn’t use the asinine “try and” phrase. You try TO do something.

  • atlas007

    How many students write cursive? How many can so equations without a calculator? How many read up to their grade level? How many know the “real” history of this country?
    Answers are: Very few, none, very few, none. Pathetic. Teachers of today are simply union hacks.

    • StGabes

      None they don’t teach it anymore…

    • SEGrady

      When public schools stopped teaching cursive I asked the question, “How will they sign their names?” I was told, “Signatures will be genetic in a few years…retina scans, finger prints, etc. no one will ‘sign’ anything anymore.”

  • DaveM

    For once a student stnds out and says things the way it should be. Even administration in schools play politics, jugle numbners, and pretend to look busy only to have extreme expectatons of teachers and never carry thorugh with them. As leaders administration as well as many teachers have many things to learn! And on factor is true, the government has too many fingers in education and graduates too many kids that have no chance of success due to laws that have been passes an supportewd!

  • Wiccanwolf

    For a long hair, he has it dead right! Until we take back the School Boards, students will continue to be dumbed down.

  • david of tampa

    As brave as this high school kid was…..It remains a far cry short of what is needed in the schools these days. All parents need to spend time with their children to find out what is going on in their class’s, and their school. Then the parent needs to spend time checking this out.

  • mallen11

    We home school; it is the best way to go if you can’t afford private school. There are other way that young man could have gotten his point across but he was right in what he said about that teacher.

  • patricia dahleen

    I am a teacher and I love teaching! We have fun every day. I can’t wait to get to school every day.This kid is spot on! I went to a common core convention and it was so weird. It seems like it makes things more difficult and at the same time, it tries to gradually blend in with what is already being taught. Kids remember and learn from the fun teachers who do lots of hands on activities, and who have a sense of humor, compassion, and empathy.

  • tellitlikeitis

    as long as they dumb down and feed the children all the leftist ideas,their jobs are safe and protected,once they stop teaching the leftist propaganda,their job is not safe any’s the truth.know 2 teachers personally,one resigned because she could not take it any more with what the system is doing to the kids and the other got fired for not following the teaching planner.

  • daveveselenak

    Typical Obaa-baa-ma-nite affirmative action(less) teacher, lazy to the bone: cost of public education – too much: cost of student’s brilliant and truthful berating of worthless teacher – priceless!

  • SEGrady

    As a teacher myself…I have witnessed fellow teachers who hand out “packets” to students and then when the class ends the packets are turned back in…once the kids walk out of the room…they go right into the trash. Busy work! I’ve had students bring me “Term Papers” with topics like “Japan” and they were given a B+…the first page was a copy of the Encyclopedia and the other 5 pages were comments like, “I hate going to school it is so boring” “I can’t wait until baseball season starts so I can try out for short stop” etc. CLEAR evidence the teacher never read a word beyond glancing at the first page and then counting pages to see the minimum metric was met before giving a grade. I even took this information to the Principal who calmly told me, “Mr. Anonymous is our Head Football coach so he probably was just so busy he overlooked this material.” Seriously! That was the day I began looking for a teaching job outside of public school and now teach only in private Christian schools. Not all teachers in public school are bad…but Common Core is doing all it can to even handicap the few who still “teach”.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      This has been going on for decades.

      In the early 80’s I was a high school senior. A friend showed me a 1938 5th grade text book given to him by his father. The reading comprehension level of that 5th grade text book was well above the reading comprehension level of my 12th grade high school text books. It still stuns me when I think about it.

      From that day on I have lived with the first hand knowledge that the public educational system is hardly more than a fraud being perpetrated on the American public. The dumbing down of the American population has been going on for at least the last 100 years. I don’t know if anyone can actually pinpoint a start date.

      The intentional dumbing down of the public education system makes it easier to control the population. Because you cannot control an intelligent and informed society.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    As a former inner-city teacher, I can tell you that this student has the WRONG ATTITUDE. The hardest job in the world nowadays is teaching. This student was just posturing, at the teacher’s expense. His attitude is unacceptable. Looks to me that he was performing. If a student has a problem with a teacher, he or she should speak privately with the principal of the school.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      You’re part of the problem in this country. You just aren’t smart enough to realize it.

      • Carolyn Ferrante

        Mr. Half-Witt, I hate to talk like this, but I have the I.Q. of a genius and when I was teaching full-time — in one of the most dangerous inner-city schools — I was generally respected by my colleagues and by the students who appreciated being in a classroom. Unfortunately, I had to retire due to health issues.

        • Rapier Half-Witt

          Yet you weren’t smart enough to recognize that the education of the students is the higher priority. You weren’t smart enough to realize that the boy was expressing his indignation at the attitude of the teacher was that she was only there for the pay check.
          Your attitude is that the only thing that matters is that the boy “disrupted” the class. Guess what; something has to be happening before it can be “disrupted” and obviously there wasn’t any educating happening in that classroom. Your attitude is that the boy was “out of line”. And you cannot see that the “teacher” was out of line.

          You’re part of what is wrong with this country.

          • Carolyn Ferrante

            Half-Witt, YOU do not know what preceded that student’s ranting and raving. Under NO circumstances can that boy’s behavior be condoned or justified. You also do not know how the other students’ felt about his adolescent rage. This boy was totally out of line and a troublemaker. Also, his cursing in class was enough for him to be thrown out of school.

          • Rapier Half-Witt

            In the early 80’s I was a high school senior. A friend showed me a 1938 5th grade text book given to him by his father. The reading comprehension level of that 5th grade text book was well above the reading comprehension level of our 12th grade high school text books. It still stuns me when I think about it.

            From that day on I have lived with the first hand knowledge that the public educational system is hardly more than a fraud being perpetrated on the American public. The dumbing down of the American population has been going on for at least the last 100 years. I don’t know if anyone could actually pinpoint a start date.

            The intentional dumbing down of the public education system makes it easier to control the population. Because you cannot control an intelligent and informed society.

            The fact that you are solely focused on the boys righteous indignation at being cheated out of his education rather than on the teachers indifference to the education of the next generation is proof enough that you are, indeed, supportive of the dumbing down of the children and the future generations.

            I am very grateful that you are no longer involved in education because you are what is wrong with this country.

          • Carolyn Ferrante

            Hey, Witt, we do not know anything about that particular teacher’s classroom performance. The students did not applaud that student’s behavior one bit. The teacher was very much in control during that student’s rude outburst. And, I had the loyalty of my students at high school and university level. I also got involved with unpaid extracurricular activities with my students, taking $$ out of my own pocket. You just don’t know what’s really going on. Amen to this discourse.

          • Rapier Half-Witt

            I know more than you want to give me credit for and lot more than you are frightened to admit publicly. Hence your effort to end this interaction.

            Public education is a fraud that is being intentionally perpetrated on the American people to which you were directly involved. You’re guilty. Just as guilty as those that started the atrocity called “public education”.

            You’ve been called out and you have implicated yourself. Good thing you weren’t smart enough to see it coming.

  • terrythecork

    Before I even looked at this video, I KNEW that the Student was White and Smart, and that the Teacher was Black, stupid, and probably one of the Rah-Rahs at the NEA Local. Education in this Country is just an Adjunct to the Welfare State. Wreck the Schools, wreck the Country..

  • Al Chemist

    This young man was rude, and frankly, he has a right to be rude…and more. The teacher should not have been in the classroom with that attitude. If she is not teaching, she is not a teacher.

  • nancy miller

    I remember when a teacher got out of line, the whole class packed up and left. Quietly and with purpose went to the auditorium and sat down. The result was an apology from said teacher.

  • el_loco_jp

    Losing proposition. The “afirmative action” hire has to know something before she can teach it!

  • dotherightthing4

    She is a lazy teacher–appears to be on her cell phone. Typical—-is she Black??

  • terrie

    Packets don’t teach, teachers do. What the young man voiced was true.

  • jenjen

    Can you say, “Homeschooling?” Kids who really want to learn could probably do a better job educating THEMSELVES at home!

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      I would very much like to see the majority of public education put out of business because it has proven itself to be nothing more than an excuse for people to be drawing paychecks and an effort to dumb down the future generations. The “teacher” in this video is an excellent demonstration of that effort.
      As you say, children could more easily and more effectively teach themselves at home as opposed to sitting in this glorified baby-sitting facility called “public education”.

  • danE DanE

    Teachers have become liberal tools used to dumb down America and they have been trained to join the corrupt government commie infiltrators, the NWO system and help guide the educational system against society, as a whole, also, enabling obuttho’s continuing efforts to accomplish TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the USA and the rest of the world. Teachers are only one corrupt segment among thousands, that has allowed the deterioration of American morals and values to spiral downward. A 19 year old, born and raised in America, who CANNOT read or write cursive is proof that millions of teenagers have been dumb-ed down and sacrificed, so these types of liberal teachers to get their paychecks. Society will only get a lot more ignorant because of the commies agenda and the youth will be trained to turn in their parents and the parents will be trained to turn in their unruly teenagers. When my son was a baby he was so precious, but now he is an AH, with some crazy ideas, especially when he gets drunk.

    Jesus Saves, we are in the last days, ask Jesus to save you!

  • rosech

    Now, that is a truly thinking student. Most teachers today are ill-trained (even after 7years), know nothing about teaching, follow what the teacher unions tell them, and Common Core is pure communistic trash and you learn nothing from it because it takes away the minds reasoning and fills ist with reading garbage. Since when does 2 + 2 which equals 4 need a long paragraph and still not get the right answer? Parents, wake up and go sit in a class. This student is right – there is no teaching just brainwashing and wasting time. He obviously comes from a thinking family and has a great future ahead of him but not those who just continued to sit there and think this is read learning. NOT! Another reason why I gave up teaching in public schools.

    • Cat Meow

      Are you an old black woman or an old white racist man today? Either way why don’t you knock it off with your talking out your backside, and put the computer away. Try spending some time with your family on Easter. Or don’t you have any that would want to be around you? I’ll vote for that. For someone who CLAIMS to be a teacher, you sure don’t act like it. Go away troll.

      • sandman

        I have read his opinion, and find nothing wrong with it, mentioned NOTHING about race, and in fact it is even insightful and informative. I think you either have a racist axe to grind, or are a teacher! and you believe you are the cats meow, but I believe you would be better to be thinking “out of the box”, litter box that is…..

        • Cat Meow

          This troll spewed lies on another story, pretending to be something they are not. I followed them the next day to see them doing more of the same. Do you see the troll answering? No, you don’t. Because the moron saw that the gig is up and I saw through their lies. I really don’t care what you think. You have no clue who or what I am, and I prefer to keep it that way.

          • sandman

            I have read many of his other posts, and in doing so have come to the conclusion YOU are the liberal troll! and have nothing to add! It is YOU that has five times as many posts as plus endorsements, while he has five times as many endorsements as posts! That should tell you the best place for you to post would be huffington puffington post!

          • Cat Meow

            Now I see what your problem is. You are as big a moron as this troll is, if not a bigger one for sticking up for him/her. If you want to be labeled stupid for letting this knuckle head pull the wool over your eyes, it’s no skin off my nose. Go for it. You two make wonderful bedmates.

          • sandman

            If that is how YOU see I am? Then I am correct in my assessment of you. All you need to do is to click on HIS name and see what I mean! and that is he is on the right, and a conservative, unlike you who profess to be, but are the true definition of a troll. Then all you need to do is to see that I have some support here, and you? have NOTHING positive in your feed back! You need to crawl back into the litter box you come from, or go back to huffington puffington, cause IF you were a true conservative? you would not have come pack at me like you have, and would have first tried to see WITH me and tell me how I could find what I needed to find the truth! But I found it without you, that is for sure! What rosech posted in his above post is true! and if you can not see that then it is you that are wrong!

          • Rapier Half-Witt

            I agree with you, sandman.

          • sandman

            Thanks Rapier!

  • hausman69

    It seems that this all started when God was taken out of the school system and replaced with violence and drugs. When President, not the worse President anymore, Carter established the Secretary of Education along with the Secretary of Energy. Two cabinet posts that need to be eliminated as they have not performed or accomplished anything. Bring education back down to the state level as long with energy.

    • Impala58

      I agree with you – wish more people would see what is happening to our great country.

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      This has been going on for a very long time and has been very gradual, almost imperceptibly. Only by looking back over the span of decades can you really see it.

      In the early 80’s a high school friend of mine showed me a 1938 5th grade text book given to him by his father. The reading comprehension level of that 5th grade text book was well above the reading comprehension level of my 12th grade high school text books. It still stuns me when I think about it.

      From that day on I have lived with the first hand knowledge that the public educational system is hardly more than a fraud being perpetrated on the American public. The dumbing down of the American population has been going on for at least the last 100 years. I don’t know if anyone can actually pinpoint a start date.

      The intentional dumbing down of the public education system makes it easier to control the population. Because you cannot control an intelligent and informed society.

  • centermass1

    Its time to ban ALL public sector unions…especially the Teachers Union. The teacher’s union is nothing more than a vehicle for the communists to tear down this nation through public education. Now they are armed with Communist Core.

  • fistdeyuma

    I once saw a video of where kids would come to school early to be in one teacher’s class, then leave as the rest were not worth the time. Until we promote the best and fire the worse this kind of “education” will become the standard, if it is not already. The bar for good teachers is made to be frustrating. Those looking for “a pay check” don’t mind the BS it takes to get a teacher’s degree. Those who really want to teach want to get into doing the job, teaching. Learning the jargon and how to fit everyone into the standard size box only services to drive away those who have the passion to teach.

  • BarrackHussein

    Epic fail… What part of fourth quartile performance do you not understand? These students should demand the commie teachers teach. The liberals are sacrificing the children on the altar of communism.

  • JoAnn Barrick

    WOW what a very COOLLLLLL kid !! Many,many,many more need to do the same thing !

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Before I even clicked on the link to watch the video, I noticed in the picture what appears to be a young fella with his head down on his desk sleeping. Yep this school is doing a fine job edjumacatin dem dar chillin !!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    The very best of the NEA! “You’re wasting my time.” She’s wasting these kid’s lives!

  • davnkatzr

    What a stupid boy! Whatever his intention is, all he really did was create a disturbance. Sure the ed system – due to all the libturd stuff – stinks, BUT all I saw was a rebellious teen who THINKS he knows more than his teacher. If he makes it to college, he will carry the same “Why do I have to put up with dumb professors?” attitude. We do not know enough about the situation to know what set him off. However, one bad behaving student can destroy any learning by students who want to learn. All I see is one bad behaving student.

    • michael lawless

      then open your eyes

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      I’m sorry that you were never taught to think. You would have instantly grasped what was happening. There was no disruption occurring, as you claim, because something has to be happening before it can be disrupted. The boy was right and you owe him an apology.

  • Jackie Fletcher Walker

    I don’t k now what state that intelligent young man is in, but he really needs to look into and see if there is a virtual academy where he is. He would get a MUCH better education through one of their virtual academies, and have online teachers who actually teach AND care about him. I can tell he is a smart kid AND a self starter too.

  • robocop33

    He is exactly right!

  • Stan Parrish

    It is a sad state of affairs when a student shows more sense than a public school teacher. Everything he sad is undeniable.

  • OutdoorFrontiers

    Good for him! There is a young man that understands how education is supposed to work! We’ve got teachers that are nothing more than babysitters who hand out worksheets written to “Common Core” standards. And THAT’S a JOKE!

  • jd1958

    Now the teacher will cry racism.

  • jd1958

    Teachers are teaching!! They are teaching the children secularism, communist ideology, Isalm, wicca and how to turn in their parents.

  • Educator-and-patriot

    This young man should be congratulated for boldly speaking the truth! Everything he said is valid. I’m a retired college professor who taught English for 27 years. During that time, I encountered many so-called “teachers” who were jaded, lackadaisical, and totally uninterested in teaching the students the course in such a way that they would learn it. These “teachers” were there just for the money and the other benefits. Furthermore, many of them didn’t even know their subject matter very well.
    If he felt disgusted with the teacher’s lack of true interest in teaching the class, then he was justified not only in walking out but also in announcing it to the other students as well. I hope he goes into politics and tries to improve America’s currently lousy public education system. We need more students like him! As he said, “This is about the future of my country!” God bless him!

  • TAM44

    There indoctrinating our children and only teach what our corrupt government allows them to. Money is the teachers only thoughts as it’s about their futures, not the students.

  • Jon Weiss

    The kid has a point, but he has no clue as to how to voice it.

  • Steve

    What he said may have been correct, but the manner in which he said it was not.

  • xoxozo

    NOthing has changed BECAUSE the Progressives have in the last 50 yrs slowly overtaken the Education system. They WILL continue unless WE start SHOWING LIV’s proof of the abuses that are being done by BOTH sides and we GET THEM OUT of the American Gov, which by the way, THEY WANT TO DESTROY.

  • xoxozo

    Parents TEACH YOUR KIDS AMERICAN & WORLD HISTORY…USE there History channel and educational videos.
    Your future & theirs relies on it!!!

  • Rapier Half-Witt

    In the early 80’s I was a high school senior. A friend showed me a 1938 5th grade text book given to him by his father. The reading comprehension level of that 5th grade text book was well above the reading comprehension level of my 12th grade high school text books. It still stuns me when I think about it.

    From that day on I have lived with the first hand knowledge that the public educational system is hardly more than a fraud being perpetrated on the American public. The dumbing down of the American population has been going on for at least the last 100 years. I don’t know if anyone can actually pinpoint a start date.

    The intentional dumbing down of the public education system makes it easier to control the population. Because you cannot control an intelligent and informed society.

  • johughsie

    I’m glad he’s on our side.
    He’s a smart kid & wants to learn………….that is rare.

  • dstudie

    It’s sad that so many heffers like this one sit in the classroom, hand out papers and never teach at all, and they have the nerve to call themselves teachers. They are a total waste of humanity. If all students walked out on useless Ho’s like this one there might be some action taken against them. But the unions are to blame for not being able to fire slugs like her.

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