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How to Avoid Rape


    If i was a girl with a gun i would shoot off the guys manhood this way he could never try to rape again.

    • TAM44

      You just stole my thunder as that was a thought too.

  • TPM

    Why should a gal have to p*ss her pants, in hopes of warding off a rapist?
    Pull a Glock on him … and watch him p*ss his pants

    • sherry

      There actually is a horrible story a few years back, she did pee, and deficated and vomited on her attacker and he still continued to rape and beat her all the more harder!


    Joe Biden must have been one of the experts with this advice

    • headhunter

      i don’t know what kind of expert biden is, but the way he talks, he must like putting victims in danger. can you guess what i’m talking about?

  • don

    This must be another of Joe Bidens advice to woman and I would ask him if this is something he has done in the past or told his wife to do.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Oner word, “EXCELLENT!”

  • Al Chemist

    You go girl! Put three or four 9mm shots to his crotch. That should take care of his “junk.” Then for good measure, put three or four between his eyes.

  • headhunter

    when will people learn, rape isn’t about sex!? rape is about power, and control. peeing your pants put the rapist in control, and the rapist knows itl

    • Carol

      I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried because I was raped for nine (9) years by my brother-in-law and I never said a word because he told me he would kill my entire family starting with my mother and force me to watch.

  • mud rat

    The only thing I get out of this is that the criminals in England must be stupid. You mean to tell me that if a criminal is hell bent on getting a firearm there it is impossible?

  • Carol

    This is something that I heard before but when it is happening to you you are so scared you freeze and you are NOT able to do anything but maybe screem even at that he or she could very well kill you.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    No, it’s “Pee your pants after emptying the mag on your P22 on the perp.” That’s my advice anyway. Avoid a rape by being armed, ready and perceptive of your environment.

  • Connie Stanson

    Yeah, and it would be a greater punishment too, because he would have to live out the rest of his life only dreaming about it.Yeah, Luckyme, your oh so right. I like your idea.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Let’s have all the Libtard women and those Libtard men, with Sandra Fluke put at the head of the line…and let all them Liberals suffer their own medicine. In other words…You First Libtard!

  • Andy

    Bravo again. Love your videos.

  • Dave Hall

    So what if a woman about to be raped has an empty bladder? Or an empty stomach? Is that when you pull out your gun?

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