Hillary Was Awkwardly Late In Returning to Democrat Debate Stage, Now We Know Why

The mystery of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s empty podium during Saturday’s debate seems to have been solved. While the presidential candidates were given only an allotted time of less than six minutes for breaks, the men had one advantage — a closer restroom. And Clinton faced an additional challenge when she went to the ladies’ room during one break: According to the Boston Globe, it was occupied, and she had to wait for it to be cleared. Even though the restroom contained multiple stalls, Clinton opted to wait until Lis Smith, deputy campaign manager for former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is challenging Clinton for the nomination, was cleared from the room. The Boston Globe reported that Smith had been given verbal approval from the Clinton staffer stationed outside the door to use the facility. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told the Globe that there was not a security reason as to why Clinton chose to wait until the entire room was empty.

via TheBlaze

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