Hillary Railed Against GOP Senators Over Scalia Replacement, Then THIS Video Surfaced

The fight to replace recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is heating up, with both Democrats and Republicans weighing in on the matter. Hillary Clinton tweeted out what MSNBC called a “firestorm” of tweets, charging the Senate with the task of swiftly confirming a nomination for the vacant SCOTUS seat. However, as even MSNBC noted, moving swiftly to confirm a SCOTUS nomination wasn’t something Clinton tried to do when George W. Bush was president in 2005. Clinton’s recent tweets telling the Senate to quickly approve a Scalia replacement when Obama presents a nominee are in complete contrast with Clinton’s full and active participation in the delay of a Supreme Court nominee while she was a senator, an apparent hypocrisy which MSNBC noted on Tuesday.

via WesternJournalism

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