When Hillary Was For Muslim Profiling, Before She Was Against it and it was racist

Hillary Clinton was for racial profiling of Muslims and anyone else meant to cause the United States harm. Of course this was immediately after 9/11 and she wasn’t running for President of the United States. “We have to do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe.” Hmmmm, isn’t that what Donald Trump is saying now? Why is he a racist now and she was never called one?

Profiling no longer fits her narrative now so the tune has changed. Donald Trump wants extreme vetting of muslims entering the United States. Hillary no longer wants that to happen and according to her and her supporters Trump is a racist. Last time we checked, wanting to keep Americans safe was the job of the President. Why isn’t Hillary concerned with this at all anymore? America is more unsafe than it has ever been before. Why would a potential next president blow off such security measures?

Watch the video below of the true flip-flopping Clinton.



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