Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Need to Campaign

Rudy Giuliani was on “Fox News Sunday” and to wrap it all up into a pretty nutshell here you go. Hillary Clinton does not have to campaign because the media is not doing their job. She has an entire media empire and they are not reporting what is truly an issue with Hillary’s health. They continue to look for every needle in the haystack to demonize Donald Trump and fail miserably on anything to do with Hillary. True journalistic integrity is out the window. One only has to look at the bias in reporting on how absolutely horrific the email situation was. Do journalist think that by giving Hillary a pass that they are doing us a favor as a nation.

Enough of our rambling, here is what Rudy Giuliani had to say.

The media fails to point out how she has not held a news conference in over 200 days and her several signs of illness.

They “fail to point out several signs of illness by her; all you gotta do is go online,”

“Go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ take a look at the videos yourself,” Giuliani continued.

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