The Hillary Clinton Campaign Owes Us Answers RIGHT NOW [Video]

Eric Mack from Newsmax recently wrote about an discussion with Bill Kristol on Newsmax with Steve Malzberg. Kristol was responding to recent revelations of Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin and her association with a radical islamic journal.

When those discoveries have been made in the past, he said and “people tend to get fired or disciplined, and the Clinton team seems to have no interest in any of that at all.”

Bill Kristol wants answers as does most of America. “I guess the only thing is shouldn’t she just answer the questions about it and shouldn’t Hillary also answer the questions?” “What’s amazing is not that we’re having this conversation, it’s a thing that’s out there and a normal campaign would have answered within 24 hours. Have they answered? Have they explained anything, the Clinton campaign?

Watch the full discussion below.


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