HILARIOUS! Pro-Hillary Supporter LOSES IT on National TV

This is by far the funniest thing we have seen so far this year. In a recent CNN broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360, participants in a panel debate tackled the issue of the Clinton campaign’s blunder in having Siddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando terrorist, in camera-shot priority seating behind Hillary Clinton as she spoke. Stunningly, when one Clinton defender was asked what “attracted” Mateen to Clinton, she replied, “He’s a mentally ill individual.”

Kayleigh McEnany asked her pro-Clinton co-panelist Christine Quinn, “What attracted the father of the Orlando terrorist to your candidate,” the pro-Clinton panelist opened her mouth wide and stuffed in not only her foot but her entire leg.

Even though Kayleigh replied to what was obviously a blunder by the out of control female, it was still hilarious!


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