Hilarious Car Dealership Keeps Outwitting Labor Union Dispute Smear Tactics

In March, Subaru of Wichita smacked down a deceptive union banner with a brilliant and creative sign of its own. Here’s a photo of the banner put up by protesters representing Carpenters Local 201 (via Subaru of Wichita’s Facebook page):

Bis17zmCcAA4_QI.jpg large

“We fully support every American’s freedom to exercise their First Amendment Rights, but when we disagree, we’re going to exercise ours (and have fun at the same time),” the car dealership posted on Facebook. “Stop by and see for yourself!”

It took a while, but it finally occurred to Carpenters Local 201 to have its protesters move their banner. Round 2 didn’t last long. Subaru of Wichita and a little creativity for the win:


“Our banner friends moved all the way over to the right, in an apparent attempt to end the sentence. However, with the help of a comma, the phrase makes sense when the signs are reversed!”

via Twitchy

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