Hey Obama, Here’s Why We Won’t Stop ‘Whining’ About The Rigged Presidential Election [Video]

Rush Limbaugh: There isn’t any question all of this is rigged. Even George Will, who despises the Trumpster, had to admit that Trump’s right about this. And the evidence that George Will cites — we have it coming up in the sound bites — is these people, the Democrats, go to the end of the earth, the end of the world, to prevent voter registration rolls from being purged of dead people.  The Democrats do everything they can to ensure that people who are dead or illegal immigrants or whatever are on voter registration rolls.  That alone rigs the game. 

The James O’Keefe, Project Veritas video that we referenced yesterday, it’s even more outrageous than what I knew at the time, had time to look at it now and study it.  All these Trump protests and rallies where people were causing violence, they were all bought and paid for protesters by the Democrat Party.  And O’Keefe found a couple of people bragging about how they do it.  They even recruit the homeless.

They recruit the homeless and pay them from union money and get ’em to go in and cause trouble inside Trump rallies, outside Trump rallies.  They’re out there taking credit for getting a Trump rally canceled in Chicago.  More Here

Language warning.

Here is the recent video from Today.

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