Here’s Something that many in the Democrat Party fear

Donald Trump is being attacked for his outreach to the African American and other minority communities.  Dr. Ben Carson said this, “The Republican Party has not made an extensive outreach to certain communities, including the African-American community because they’ve pretty much written that off as Democrat territory. Donald Trump is changing that narrative,” 

Why in the world is Trump being attacked for doing the right thing? We all know that Republicans have neglected this voting base for far too long. Writing it off as a lost cause is not the answer. Now we have someone who is willing to go into these communities and speak with these folks and he gets attacked. Where is the logic? Trump vowed to listen to the concerns of black voters and to help them and other minorities in U.S. cities plagued by crime, high unemployment and underachieving schools.

What the democrats fear the most is a Republican getting their foot in the door and speaking to those communities that have been hurt the most by the dependency state created by the Democrat party, including the policies of Hillary Rodham Clinton.





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