Amazing Video Shows Firefighter Save Construction Worker’s Life in the Nick of Time

The Houston Fire Department says the blaze that sent thick, black smoke billowing in to the sky and drew hundreds of emergency personnel was “under control” by mid-afternoon Tuesday, about two-and-a-half hours after it started. All construction workers who had been in the high-rise building were accounted for, and no injuries have been reported. Video posted to YouTube shows one construction worker on a fourth-floor balcony of the structure, with heavy flames showing inside the building. As he was waiting for a ladder truck to come to his aid, the worker dropped down, swinging onto a balcony below. He was eventually rescued by the ladder, just as the top-story wall falls behind him in flames. The video, uploaded by user Karen Jones, claims to have been shot from a building on the AIG campus near the scene of the fire.

via Nola

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