Hannity Slams ‘Cowardly’ Boehner After House Passes $1.1 Tril. Spending Bill: ‘We’ve Got Our Own Gruber’

Sean Hannity really unloaded on John Boehner tonight for pushing to get the “CRomnibus” spending bill passed and saying he needs to be removed as Speaker of the House. And how pissed off was Hannity? So much so, that he actually compared Boehner to Jonathan Gruber. He referred to the Republican leader as “John Gruber Boehner” and said he “Grubered conservatives” by throwing them under the bus in defying their will tonight. Hannity said, “He is everything that’s wrong with Washington. He’s Democratic Party-lite… He should not be the Speaker. He should be replaced.” He called Boehner “cowardly” and fearful of what the media would say if the “CRomnibus” didn’t pass. One of Hannity’s guests surmised that maybe Boehner is trying to “sabotage the Republican Party.”

via Mediaite

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