Hannity Obliterates Dem Candidate’s Attempt to Accused Fox News of ‘Lies and Mistruths’

Sean Hannity faced off Tuesday night with a Democratic congressional candidate who tweeted that “Fox News does nothing but tell lies and mistruths,” and so for that reason, “we need [the] FCC to monitor and regulate them.” Hannity confronted Mike Dickinson on the air and grilled him on exactly what Fox has lied about. Dickinson told Hannity, “You tell lies, you distort the truth, you promote hate.” And it only got more intense from there. Hannity told Dickinson, “I just think you sound silly,” and Dickinson retorted, “I think you sound silly.” He said Fox News keeps going on about how Obamacare is socialism, but Hannity pushed him on the “lie of the year” about keeping health care plans and told Dickinson, “You sound like a hypocrite!” Dickinson responded, “Well, so do you!” Dickinson said people were kicked off plans “because the insurance companies are greedy” and Fox News keeps warning of socialism and “big government” as a result of the law. At the end of the segment, Hannity sighed and said, “Good luck to you. You’re gonna lose. I’ll put any amount of money on it. And you’re gonna lose badly.”

via Mediaite

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