Hair of the Dog: Pelosi Makes Sense on Taxes?!

  • Karol424

    Does Pelosi ever listen to her self?  Probably not or she would never speak before a  camera again.  She must think Americans are complete idiots, she never makes since no matter what she says, but acts like we just accept it because she said it.   With the money she has and never had to worry about feeding her children, providing a home, clothes and education for them, she has no idea or understanding how hard it is to supply those things on a $10,000 or $12,000 a year budget or less.  Her alcohol spending is more in a year, than a lot of us make in salary, so an extra tax for them to waste means nothing.  All of Congress should have to live a year on what millions of Americans live on, without any of the benefits we provide for them.  A movie should be made of that, it would be a comedy/tragedy Oscar winner.

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