Gutsy Ad Promotes Gun Safety With…Sex Toys?

There’s a viral video on gun safety making the rounds featuring two boys sword-fighting with sex toys. Whew – bet you’ll never read that on JoeForAmerica again. And you won’t.
Personally, I never want to read about sex toys and the word “viral” in the same sentence, but the gun safety video is real and yes, it’s right here for your viewing pleasure and it is funny. Appropriate? You be the judge. It comes from a company calling itself “Evolve” and a quick trip to their website finds the ironic opening line; “Evolve was founded at the kitchen table. A place where the most important conversations seem to happen….” Not at my kitchen table.. Well, not that I remember did we discuss sex toys – but we did discuss gun safety and obviously the well-intentioned folks at “evolve” have succeeded in getting their message out to the masses about locking up your guns – even though they had to resort to kids locking it up with a pair of.. well, see for yourself.

via JoeForAmerica


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