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Comedy Sketch Shows the Ineffectiveness of ‘Gun Free Zones’

  • Buck

    Much more effective , An M-60 mounted on the porch roof .

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Hell no, keep it as a mobile weapon. Mounted, it becomes a crew serve weapon!

      • MalikTous

        So use an H&K G15 with selection of both lethal ammo and riot rounds.

  • libsuk

    This is a funny way of pointing out a painfull truth…that truth is this…Libtrash folks are way to stupid to breed. Time to rid our land of libtrash period!!!

    • William Rogers

      I don’t think you
      have to worry. They are either trying to procreate with themselves, or
      intentionally killing off their offspring when they do get it in the right,
      ah….you know,… it won’t be long and they’ll all be gone.


      • libsuk

        I do believe you are right…LOL…

      • Fred_K

        The only problem with your theroy is that the libtards have been indoctrinating children from non libtard families in the public school system, and thereby bolstered their ranks, And they are really rank.

      • mamasaid

        True, but they have control of our schools. They are teaching our children how to be good little libs.

    • Skipsart

      You know, let’s talk all the libs into putting up their little gun free zones around their homes and businesses and in a few generations…….no more libs !!!

  • BH206L3

    This must have been on Red Eye!! With all the guns you find at a rifle range, how come there is never a mass shooting at one?

    • Gene Leone

      Because they’ll shoot back, you fool! ROFLMAO!!! Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself here!

    • Ancoman

      True, If guns were as dangerous as the libs make them out to be, gun shows would be the most dangerous place on earth. Obviously, though, they are way safer than elementary schools.

  • David Trusty

    How come you never hear about shootings at gun shows or NRA conventions?

    • MalikTous

      ‘Cause we know how to police ourselves and exclude the real lunatics (libtard extremists) from unsupervised use of firearms! When a libtard or crook gets angry, he abuses a firearm. When a real USA citizen gets angry, they issue a challenge to meet at a paintball field, LaserTag arena, or other sporting event.

      • Dark Patriot

        You forgot the best solution when you want to straighten a non- libtard out. Buy them a beer.

        • MalikTous

          That works too. The point, of course, being that we know to keep our differences from harming bystanders or leaving corpses lying about.

          • Timelord8

            If guns kill, then why haven’t any guns been arrested, tried, convicted, and put in prison for murder?

          • MalikTous

            Because the libtards haven’t bred enough libtard judges to get away with such a ridiculous scheme yet! Let’s make sure their attempt fails!

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Good Question! If guns kill people, how does anyone escape for a gun show alive?

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I love the way it simply points out the obvious to the inept liberals who think laws and regulations will cure everything. It hasn’t cured liberal stupidity or hypocricy as of yet, so guess what? I doesn’t work foolish libs.

  • Samurai_Sam

    If anyone has any questions just give me a call. It’s easy
    to see how effective this approach is. Damn it why did I ever allow a liberal
    to come up with such a unique concept. The video proves that this really works.
    I’ve signed up for a regional distributorship to sell the program. Call your
    congressman today and insist they implement this fabulous program in your area.

  • Bob Marshall

    You can’t beat (I will give up my gun when their pry it from my dead cold hands.) That is the only gun control we need. The British tried to disarm all of the colonist but some refused to give up their guns. What if they had? our founders knew we needed to have guns for self protection and our property.They also knew we had to be armed to protect us from a tyrannical government.Once Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Nazi Germany he called for gun control legislation.

    • MalikTous

      Those Brits sure had a fit when the USA invented a new weapon with which to put bombs under their blockade ships in NYC harbour and elsewhere. Even though the submarine wasn’t ‘perfected’ until our Civil War, the ‘Turtle’ scared off the Redcoat ships, which was the objective… Nice new weapon. Down with gun control, up with Liberty!

  • MalikTous

    It’s about as effective as calling the Church Police about a dead fish in the street! Hahaha! GFZs should be abolished along with all gun control!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    What’s so funny? Libs actually believe this.

    • MalikTous

      I think I’ll cash in on their affinity for buying bridges in Brooklyn…

  • Swed

    Make legalized abortion retroactive for liberals to age 80. Since Liberals are a disease and abortion is legal this is a logical extrapolation. Now to find a Doctor to perform the procedure. An interesting dilemma. Cures several problems, but what will we do with all the empty talk show time if all the idiot liberals are aborted. Educational programs on shooting and weapons maybe, or a cooking show. Possibilities are boundless.
    Gets them out of our misery, such’a deal.

  • Don

    These are for “progressives” only.

    • MalikTous

      Are you sure? I’ve seen no progress in a ‘gun free zone’, only regressive hypocrisy!

  • Dark Patriot

    Virginia Tech might have been a Gun Free Zone but students don’t obey that BS. Virginia is below the MD line. We went down there for a robotics competition. Most of the fathers were armed. I walked through no metal detector. Bring your pistol up against my knife. Wave it around, please. I’ll stop here.

  • Gary Jones

    People you forget the progressive political correctness of “Gun Free Zone” means “Gun Kill Zones, like “Illegal” means “Legal”. My 2nd Amendment is an inherent right that Obama’s executive pen orders have no control over and when he disobeys his oath of office and signs his name, has committed treason against the Constitution, the People and Our country. The 2nd Amendment is the right to bear arms against foreign and domestic enemies. A traitor in chief is not the president but he is a domestic enemy. No executive order can change my oath to my country and Obama No men have that control to change my mind with dumb political correctness spewed by a traitor and his co-conspirators.

    • MalikTous

      Political Corruptness is a borderline act of treason, just like everything the libtards do tends to be treasonous. Ban Political Corruptness! People at least spoke more understandably in the 1950s and 1960s even if many extremists were wrong. And don’t forget that the KKK was invented by a Democrat!

  • RedMeatState

    If gun buy back and turn in programs succeeded in disarming all the criminals at large, then they might be on to something. But the only people that ever turn in arms at these events are brain dead knuckleheads who think leprechauns and magic unicorns protect them and that government is responsible for curing their VD..

    • Timelord8

      Not exactly. I take advantage of the gun buy backs to unload some of the old, worn out or broken junk I have laying around. I can take a “dead” gun and turn it in for real cash, then go buy a decent gun with the profits.

      • MalikTous

        Hahaha, the only useful thing to do with libtard anti-gun policies!

  • Tim Wise

    What a treat. I saw that when it orignally aired on Fox! The comedy show was called the Half-Hour News Hour. It was a conservative twist on the news.

    • MalikTous

      Conservative twist? It was more accurate than the libtard MSM news!

  • saailer

    Normal people protect home, self and family via the Second Amendment, that is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Many hunt and eat wild game, a traditional family sport. Only crazy Ba****** kill innocent people. If not with a gun then a crossbow or a knife; weapons are limitless. Gun free zones are likened to deer crossing signs; don’t eat the moisture protection warning on a pill bottle or nuclear free zones. Libs need constant direction due to lack of common sense. Their constant procreation is directly responsible for our country being 25th in education.

  • David E Burbee

    Protection of home, family and self is the intent of the Second Amendment, it is what The Founding Fathers had in mind. Gun free zones are likened to: deer crossing signs, do not eat the moisture protection in a pill bottle and Coexist bumper stickers. The procreation of libs is why The USA is 25th in worldwide education. Pasty white wine and cheese weaklings that are “just so perfect” need signs. Keep off the grass is obeyed by all criminals; correct?

    • MalikTous

      Libtards should be fed an exclusive diet of vichysoisse. ‘Breakfast of traitors!’

  • xoxozo


  • The Moogly

    This is supposed to be funny? People are dying.

    • Timelord8

      I agree. But Obama does not want to adress mental illness and medical malpractice while at the same time supporting abortion. Until that changes, people will die. Shoot, in fact people are going to die anyway from something.

  • D. Guardianf

    And all this time I though that If you are a law abiding citizen and enter a gun free zone, somebody would hand you a free gun. Live and learn, live and learn.

    • MalikTous

      That sort of policy would do more to cut down on shootings than the one they enacted illegally.

  • DaveNTejas

    I am glad someone finally tried to show the idiots who come up these laws the difference in the power of guns. I laugh when I hear news reporters describing someone who used or had an AK47 you would think they used an anti tank weapon. Ignorance is bliss.

    • MalikTous

      Kalashikov model 1947: anti personnel rifle.
      Panzerschreck: anti tank rocket weapon
      Stinger: anti aircraft weapon.
      Libtard: moron only suitable as cannon fodder.

  • D. Guardianf

    mr. “pierre” morgan keeps asking, why would you buy a military style rifle? ( he calls them assault rifles, which shows how little he knows about anything). my answer, naturally is : because I can. the second amendment says I can and the supreme court says I can, little “pierre”. any more questions? guess not.

    • MalikTous

      Because we have military style enemies like mujadeen, communists, and libtard vacuum heads like Piers Moron!

      • Timelord8

        The internet was developed by the military for military uses. Why aren’t the libs whining about “military style assault web sites” and calling for severe limitations on internet usage for civilians?

        • MalikTous

          For the same reasons they’re not whining about the Interstate Highway System (intended as a backup military wartime transportation system when rail and air travel is interfered with). They use it at the same low cost as real citizens!

  • MalikTous

    There are 2 kinds of non-conservatives. The liberal refuses to have anything to do with firearms (which usually changes after some conservative prevents a criminal from attacking him, after which he looks for a shooting range and becomes more conservative). The libtard (liberal extremist retard) tries to disarm everybody, resulting in criminals killing anyone who follows his stupid policies or the conservatives and more moderate liberals kicking the libtards out.

  • MalikTous

    I figured out which movie the libtards are using as a policy guide. ‘Idiocracy’

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