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Why Gun Control is Racist!

Carey Welder, bets known for her viral ‘Obama t-shirt burning‘ video presents a historical argument for why gun control is racist. While Welder’s views tend to be more moderate than conservative, she shows great insight on various topics …especially for a former Obama supporter. What do you think about this video? Is Welder’s history lesson accurate?

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  • pduffy

    She said, “Racisim was supposed to be eliminated by acts of government, like the Civil Rights act of 1965”.

    Really? Government, can with the stroke of a law written in a phallic-shaped building eliminate racism? She is cute, but really, she needs to stop her political rants.

  • Bellagio551

    Giver her a break… she’s finally coming out of the darkness of lies & Liberalism into the light of conservatism & truth. She’s been spoon fed and indoctrinated by the communist controlled media and public school system to believe a world of lies and deceptions.

    I applaud her for her initiative; questioning her programming and breaking the chains that kept her in the dark. She is now coming of age and digging for truth. Encourage her and in time she will comprehend and articulate with better understanding and argument FOR MORE conservatism principles and our Constitution.

    You keep on go’n girl!

  • Stanley


  • me1952

    Martin Luther King said you can change laws, not men’s hearts.
    But give her credit. She is slowly being deprogrammed. It can’t be easy facing up to all the liberal lies she has been fed, and she’s not all wrong.

  • wwjdroy

    Please, will somebody mention the Democrats when talking about racism in the south in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. When showing the KKK and Jim Crow laws, understand the Dems, not Republicans were behind discrimination. It’s a long history, do your own research, starting maybe with the vote on the 13th Amendment, overwhelmingly supported by Republicans. Study and learn history, then no one can lie to you again!

  • phil62

    She is not all wrong but at least she is standing up, being heard and making a difference.

  • Bill Morin

    Bullets are not Racist, you break into my home and find out..i don’t care if your white, black, yellow, orange…if you are orange I will shoot twice because you just aint right.

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