Guilty of Manslaughter. Sentenced to Church?

  • Randell Danner

    If your going to sentence him to church make it one of those new atheist churches. that’s gotta be worse than jail being around all that misery of having no God. Then again, i’ve been in some Christian Churches where the sign out front should have said “Ichabod.”

  • Don Lowe

    U should be serving along with him for being so stupid.

  • Konsurnd

    This is supposed to be a conservative video??? I believe in addition to going to church, the young man was going to also be trained to speak to other young people to help them not make the same mistakes. How would sitting in jail for years with real criminals help? The speaker in the video is a real jerk.

  • Star

    Why not let him learn about love and reponsiblity.Church would help that. Would you rather he was a muslim?

  • Gayle Lee Fairless

    I see no reason to second guess the judge. Some of the necessary information is probably sealed.

  • Kathy

    I agree with you. If the 17-year old already goes to church, then there’s no change in his life or rehabilitation for the drinking. If he doesn’t go to church, or isn’t even a Christian, it may or may not change his religious views, however, as you said, the other 6 days of the week are not affected by the sentence. I think some kind of community service which greatly impacts his time and thinking into a positive effort for others would be far more appropriate. It may even turn into a lifetime career or continued community service. I do not think it would build resentment with a worse outcome for him personally. It could also help with the healing process of ‘killing his friend’ if the death of his friend was indeed devastating to him.
    On another note, I have recently been watching some of your videos, and so far agree with you whole-heartedly on what I’ve seen and heard,however, I wish you would speak a bit slower or enunciate more clearly. You speak so quickly at times with the words running together that I can’t always understand what you’re saying. On this last video, I played the ending back three times and still do not know what you said. I got the idea, but could not quote you if I wanted to. It may be due to the passion behind what you are saying, but that passion needs to come across clearly to those listening. Not meant to be criticism, but rather a suggestion for positive improvement. Thanks for the opportunity for freedom of expresson while we still have it!

  • Seoulboy Chang

    Constitution Experts Denounce Oklahoma Judge’s Sentencing of Youth to Church
    By ERIK ECKHOLM, NY Times.
    Judge Mike Norman, in his Muskogee courtroom, seemed surprised by the scrutiny. “I sentenced him to go to church for 10 years because I thought I could do that,” he said.
    The 17-year-old defendant, Tyler Allred, was prosecuted as a youthful offender, drunken driver, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for an accident last year, when he ran his car into a tree and a 16-year-old passenger was killed.
    Although Mr. Allred told the court that he was happy to agree to church attendance and other mandates — including that he finish high school and train as a welder, and shun alcohol, drugs and tobacco for a year. By doing so, he is avoiding a 10-year prison sentence and has a chance to make a fresh start.
    . Mr. Allred and his family already attend a church. The judge said he was surprised at the criticism. “I feel like church is important,” he said. “I sentenced him to go to church for 10 years because I thought I could do that.”
    : “I think Jesus can help anybody. I know I need help from him every day.”
    I respect the Judge who believes in the value of Christian faith. His ruling is good for the defendant, state and everyone.
    Often some judges seem to dishonor the principles of judicial value system as revealed in the Rev. Won Tae Cha groups. (1, 2)
    However, often abusive church leaders mislead the flocks
    under “the separation shield.” Who can send the dishonest church leaders FROM THE CHURCH to prison? There should be a new revision of the separation of church and state, so that people could maintain good churches, chasing OUT the dishonest to prison accordingly.
    God bless those who try to keep our churches in Jesus clean!
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