Guest Speaker Tells Students Feminism Is ‘Cancer,’ Causes Protester to Absolutely Lose It

(Content Warning: Language)

A University of Massachusetts student attending a free speech event Monday appeared to experience a meltdown when conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos told the audience that he believes feminism is a “cancer.” The incident occurred when the female protester interrupted the event over a comment Yiannopoulos made about feminism. Instead of caving and retracting his remark, Yiannopoulos doubled down and said that he viewed the ideology as a “cancer” on society. “F*** you! F*** you!” the protester shouted in response. The student continued to disrupt the event, seemingly attempting to shout down the speakers. “Keep your hate speech out of this campus! Keep your hate speech out of this campus! Keep your hate speech out of this campus!” the woman shouted. When asked to quiet down, the unidentified student accused the speakers of trying to suppress her free speech rights. “Stop talking to us like children!” she told a speaker when asked to quiet down. “Then stop acting like a child,” the speaker shot back.

via TheBlaze

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