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Guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Puts Laughing Tourists In Their Place

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Way to go Soldier!


    Oorah! Carry on…

    • tofjr

      That would be H.U.R.A……Heard, Understood, Recognized, Acknowledged………………

  • TheSunDidIt

    Would make a great son-in-law.

    • duif100

      For you and i but………Not for Obama!

  • Todd

    Its called command presents!!!! Well done my fellow comrade in arms

    • Charlie 6

      The proper spelling is “command presence.”

      • msmotown

        Oh yes! Let’s reveal our knowledge of spelling! Really? Why belittle someone else to make you look smart? You rock, Todd!

  • SandraJ

    Wonderful! This is also needed at Pearl Harbor. I have never observed such disrespect!

    • SweetThing2U121363

      Agreed! In 2004 I visited with my 2 little boys. As we stood admiring from above the U.S.S.Arizona, a Japanese Tourist walked up and spit over the rail. I just glared at him and said, “I wouldn’t dishonor your war dead, why do you come here and dishonor mine.” But I don’t think he knew what I said. Where is the Respect?

      • GQ4U

        Japanese Tourist walked up and spit on the U.S.S.Arizona. That’s as weak and cowardly an act as those of his ancestors on December 7, 1941.

  • Mikebark

    They do that as part of the routine each hour. Been there seen that

  • grumpybill

    RIGHT ON!!! He SHOULD have put them in their place!!

  • Oldsailor65

    Yes…good for the guard, I’ve never met him but I respect him very much. Does anyone know, has there ever been a woman as a guard there?

    • CF Neubert
      • Oldsailor65

        Thank you, I just added that to the Post’s website where I am a member. VFW Post 2461:

    • Gorni

      I had the awesome pleasure to visit this last summer during a rain storm and the guards don’t blink. They are the most dedicated men in uniform. Arlington should be visited at least once in a lifetime. It makes you feel so proud that the deserved men and women who are buried their are at peace and I thank each and every one of them. It puts the true meaning of freedom into perspective.

      • John Parker

        Agreed. My wife and I visited the DC area about five years ago, including a visit to Arlington and witnessing the changing of the guard. “Awesome” is a very accurate description.

  • Frogman17

    I guess shooting them all was out of the question, but well deserved. Our military is too often ignored for their acts of bravery and giving their all to protect a large bunch of misfit idiots who care only about themselves and what they can get for free. Perhaps the perpetually unemployed should be forced into the military, but that would only place the real troops in more danger.

    • John OMalia

      We have enough misfits without adding the chronically unemployed.

      • bob machaffy

        mentally unemployed

    • caprock

      I think drafting the unemployed would be a good idea. Tell them they must find employment within a year and then after that it’s dress right dress! And if not we can use them as pop-up targets, MOS 33z. :)) Just kidding but it would be a good way to rebuild our troop strengths and let the men that have been wounded recover and rebuild themselves.

    • LLinLa

      Or the cretins escaped from the Jerry Springer Show . . .

  • AG Dot Com!

    God I love 3rd Herd & the Tomb Guards. Absolutely the most disciplined bunch of guys I have ever seen. Met one in a bowling alley during a military league – made a point of shaking his hand just for having been a Tomb Guard.

  • u.s.patriot001

    Good for him ! BRAVO

  • Russ

    Such rude people with no respect.

    • Michael

      I wish we had a guard like this in the White House to teach the residents there some respect. Wouldn’t hurt to have one in the House of Representatives and the Senate too!

  • outofsteam

    First time I saw this. Awesome!

  • SammysDad

    THE UGLY AMERICAN STILL EXISTS. But our boys know how to act.

    • Mac Boy

      .probably FOREIGNERS !!!!

  • TiredVET1

    HOOORA Solider

  • georgegallo

    I cried.

  • charles17121

    If the US draft was still in existence we wouldn’t have so many idiots disrespecting The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier . Maybe if some of these idiot lost a friend or fellow soldier in combat they would show a little more respect . I say good for the soldier on guard . you do your uniform proud .

    • suz

      Your so right but these kids today are not fit to serve. There are a few that do .

  • terrie


  • meg


  • Solid_Facts

    I have a good friend who was once part of the USMC White House Honor Guard. He once told me that it was the most honorable assignment that a Marine could get, but not the most honorable assignment in the U.S. military. The far greater honor was not available to a Marine, but only to select members of the Army 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (“The Old Guard”), who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    The Old Guard are the guys who stood their posts during at least three hurricanes (Isabel, Sandy, and Irene) and the great blizzard of 2010 (aka “Snowmaggedon“). Hurricane Isabel killed 11 people in Maryland and Virginia and downed 24 trees on cemetery property, including one only a few yards from the Guard’s station, all while The Old Guard continued to walk their post. They had been given permission to retreat to shelter, but chose to walk their post, even at risk to their own lives.

    This devotion to the solemn duty that is theirs explains the Guard’s reaction to disrespectful tourists.

    • Alfred King of Wessex

      Thank your your post. Quite enlightening too. It shows me that there are great people in the US military to be willing to carry on such an important post ….and make the personal sacrifices to maintain the honor and tradititions of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Arlington Cemetery.

      • Arizona Don

        There always has been always will be, in spite of obama not because of him!

  • Melia Sese

    Bravo … ! As the widow of a USAF pilot, I enjoyed seeing that very much. From my homeland, that was liberated from the Japanese by US servicemen, I will always feel a deep sense of gratitude. I know that many Americans died for us – and every other land overrun by Axis tyranny.

  • babsan

    Some people are just plain stupid.Way to go Soldier,we need more like you

    • Graywolf12

      They have been trained by the propaganda experts in the ” educational system”, from pre K to post doctoral studies. Military BAD, communism good. Christians terrorists, muslims good peaceful. Think of all the PC BS we are subjected to by the LSM and how vulnerable children are to people in authority except their parents.

  • peter kirk

    and, don’t ever ask us to hold your umbrella again mr president obummer,,we have something that you will never have,,HONOR,RESPECT AND INTEGRITY.

    • Arizona Don

      Correct! Personally I find barack obama appalling at best. Even if he is a citizen he is certainly not a patriot! Patriots either serve their country or respect it to the highest degree, he does neither! That by the way, for all you name calling progressive communists that may read this, is based on character not color!

  • HappyG

    God bless him and all those who have sacrificed for our nation.

  • llellc

    Glad he used that tone of voice and stood there afterward to follow through with the “request!”

  • The_American_Way

    I experienced the same type behavior when taking the shuttle out to the U.S.S. Arizona. There were some unthinking people laughing and joking. My wife and I were completely disgusted.

  • Sue

    In case the readers would like to know:

    Each soldier must be able to flawlessly perform seven different types of walks, honors and ceremonies. They must retain vast amounts of knowledge concerning the Tomb, Arlington
    National Cemetery, the United States Army and their unit.
    They must score a minimum of 250 on the Army Physical Fitness Test .
    They must follow three General Orders and three Special Orders, all in
    which have to be memorized. A small fraction of what they have to
    remember can be seen here.
    A soldier must be 5’11” – 6’4″ tall.
    Have a 30″ waist.
    It takes eight hours for a soldier to prep his or her uniform for their next guard duty at the Tomb.
    The average time a soldier serves as a guard is about one year. They
    can stay at the barracks on Ft. Myer or they can live off base.
    Soldiers work five – 24 hour team rotations and then they are off for 96
    hours. They can do what they want during those 96 hours off; however,
    they are to be sure their uniform is ready for the next duty, as stated
    The guards switch every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, rain or shine.
    After a soldier serves nine months at the Tomb and passes a series of
    tests, a Tomb Guard Identification Badge is awarded. Only 500 badges
    have been awarded since the late 1950’s.
    Guards are to obtain a vast knowledge of many different subjects that include over 150
    different grave sites, 12 poems and numerous questions on the history of
    Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb and its guards, as well as the US
    Army and the Regiment.
    Respect is well deserved.

    • mathis1689

      Thank you very much for the information. It adds to my respect for these fine soldiers.

      • Sue

        Couldn’t agree more. Share please the information where applicable.

        • mathis1689

          Consider it shared and thanks once again!

          • Sue

            Much appreciated.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Also, they may never curse nor drink alcohol for life after becoming a tomb honor guard!

        • mathis1689

          Didn’t know that either. Thanks for sharing!

  • artarlo1

    oh oh some one will charge him with something

  • mule man

    Probly never served types–may haps the big O and the B’yotch

  • missnellie

    I am not surprised that some people showed no respect for where they were and why. It seems today our society has lost a great degree of manners. Bless you Soldier….you make me proud

  • Old1946vet

    Why would any person laugh? Unknown soldiers are buried there. They were someone’s son, father, brother. They died in the service of America. They gave their all and to find any humor in this is just plain wrong.

    • mexxet

      It’s because people today are self-absorbed and the children these days are not taught respect in school or appreciation for our country’s history and the sacrifice of so many for all of us.

  • Neilpf

    Oorah..if only i was well enough to join.

  • suz

    It’s called respect for those that served our country past and present. This is what happens when they no longer teach history just communism

  • a_browning

    Well done soldier.

  • gatorbait88

    Outstanding. Nothing Nothing else is required.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    These men who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are truly remarkable and dedicated soldiers. Their willingness to sacrifice and give selfless service to honor the traditions and spirit of this nation is profoundly moving. But not far away, are this nations politicians, some of whom sneer and denigrate our American military today, as well as the history of defending freedom and national honor. You know who they are. Vermin who eye the military with loathing ( IN fact…as a young college student, Bill Clinton actually wrote …”I loath the military”)….because the militiary represents the last line of defense between their evil plans to destroy and subvert this nation to their totalitarian ends and destroy our Constitution….We have a chief executive that says “I have a pen, and I have a phone”…..and his arrogant and open tryanny and defiance of the limitations of his office, and his usurpation of the functions of Conress are stunning. Obama has utterly failed in upholding the Oath of Office to which he swore an oath. I can only hope that brave men will re-read the opening paragraph in the Declaration of Independence, and do what is necessary to return this nation to a lawful land where people understand their rights come from a Higher Power…..and not from bureaucrats and rogue politicians who see the state as the new Alpha and Omega. The Enlightenment taught us that goverment exists to serve the people. But now we have politicians who have that confused, reversing the order….who think the people are thralls of the state,, and just as meglomaniacs and tyrants like Nero, Caligula, Charles I (England), Louis XVI,(France) and many others learned, I hope corrective actions will ensue to set right again what is now totally unbalanced and askew.

  • bless2live

    The laugh of disrespect here seems very familiar, it comes from the White House, and from Congress!

  • ste1021

    Unfortunately, rude people bring their rudeness with them. Example – they do it in theaters and just carry it over.

    • mexxet

      I’d love to see one of these guards deal with the azzhat talking on his cell during the movie.

  • Daniel Gray

    Darn straight. That is sacred ground and if you cannot show respect, then dont go. from an old retired grunt Sgt 101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR. We dont ask for much, but by God you WILL show respect for the ones that didnt make it back.

  • mathis1689

    Semper Fi soldier! You’d make an excellent Marine!

  • gmhunt4


  • combatvet52

    Good for you my brother

  • James Kroeger

    Good job soldier!

  • Nikita63

    The protocols to be a guard are incredible. Look them up and you will have no other option but to respect the people who take this duty. There are no more HONORABLE watchmen anywhere. God Bless them all , though it be impolitic to say so. The Monument at Arlington is attended to 24/7/365 in shifts and these are the most dedicated people I have seen. I attended many funerals and memorials at Arlington after my return from Vietnam in 1968. At that time, I saw no women but I think there may be some now doing this duty as well as the men.

  • Ollie

    This happens when you raise your brats! I’ll just bet the majority of them were women!

  • Paul Brown

    I guess he put these disrespectful little pigs in their place.

  • Joe Blow

    Pretty stupid. It’s not a morgue.

    • wisdomcries

      I have such sorrow for you. Being unable to esteem the greatest love one can bestow you shallow yourself into an undefinable state just above a worm and just under a locust

    • Arizona Don

      If i understand your comment correctly you’re part of the problem!

    • c69101


    • mexxet

      I just wonder, by the imbecilic post you’ve left here, how you would react in a combat situation. Probably empty your colon real fast and pee down your leg in terror.

  • mexxet

    I think this happens more than most people think. I’ve been to Arlington three times and twice I witnessed similar admonishments. People just don’t seem to know when to respect something, everything is a joke these days. I salute the guards of the Tomb of the Unknowns.

  • ECwashr

    Obama would call this soldier a “domestic terrorist”.

  • wisdomcries

    Well my avatar says it.

    My older bro was there when Kennedy was buried.

    You tell those disrespectful punks soldier!!

  • mallen11

    People have less respect for just about everything these days; especially young people who have not been taught by their parents to appreciate what our military has done for our country. I have witnessed the military ceremony at the grave of the unknown soldier and it is very impressive and reverent to watch these young men show honor to those who gave their all for their country.

    • Arizona Don

      You are totally correct. Just another reason we are in the position we are today. Those of us who are veterans know what got us here. How may I ask can anyone laugh at the tomb of the unknown soldier? Everything about it is in respect for those who sacrificed so much in “all” the wars not just WWII. I lost many friends in combat and I personally deplore anyone who would do such a thing!!! They died to keep us all free. Every GI I know took and oath and lives it even today! It never expires!

    • rightside100

      Took 150 middle school kids to the Memorial last spring. Not one cell phone was in sight and not one word spoken. The kids were humbled by the experience. They were told ahead of time to dress nice, be respectful especially in a cemetery where families might be visiting their loved ones and every girl arrived in a dress and every boy in a collar shirt. We look at those kids with pride, those laughing in the video are adults, not kids.

      • mallen11

        I had tears in my eyes as I read your experience and appreciate your sharing it. What a great lesson those children received and will remember.

  • Mac Boy

    SEMPER FI !!

  • mstruck301

    Let me guess…nutjob liberals!

  • Frank

    way to be trooper

  • brabbie2002

    Give ’em hell My kinda soldier. Face the enemy and let him know just how pissed off you really are. Those that laugh anywhere near this memorial have totally forgotten what happened and who lies here. This soldier was perfectly correct in stopping the hilarity!

  • junkmailbin

    defending those who cannot defend themselves. Wonderful.
    I wonder if the people there will tell their friends about being told to shut up for being disrespectful?

  • Carmelo Junior


  • msmotown

    We, as a nation, are not showing the respect that is deserved. Many don’t even have any self-respect, no integrity anymore. That is even prevalent in sports. I have never seen so many hateful, self-serving people. I bet I know how most of them vote!

  • amdatme

    You can bet your asp that Obama NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL have a son like this…. if you don’t have a snake, bet whatever else you have.

  • Marsha

    Must have been some of Obama’s DEMORATS laughing!!! The Marxist progressive crowd!!

  • ZATO1414

    Got that bayonet for a reason! Impressive young men.

  • Lamb Chop

    Overheard from a drunken NY tourist loitering in Washington DC:
    “Say buddy, can you tell me where I can find the Room Of The Unknown Shoulder?”

  • Tommy Tutone

    I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier when I was a young clueless idiot; and yet I still felt the power of what it meant and I felt something deep inside of me. I’ve never forgotten how I felt that day and I hope I never do.

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