(Graphic) Texas cop who triggered outrage when he shot family’s dog receives death threats

A police officer who triggered outrage when he fatally shot a pitbull puppy has received death threats with thousands calling for him to be ‘terminated’.

Footage from his body camera shows Officer Kevin Dupre calling over six-month-old Maximus with kissing noises before shooting the puppy in a garden in Cleburne, Texas.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave until the outcome of the police investigation.

The officer was responding to a 911 call in August after a woman reported that three pitbulls were menacing a car and keeping people from leaving.

He claimed the pitbull was aggressive and began growling when he got within 20 ft of the dogs. In the police report he said: ‘I made kissing noises in an attempt to calm the dogs.”

Watch at: dailymail.co.uk

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