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‘Grandpa Voted Democrat’ by Ray Stevens

  • caskinner

    Got to laugh……better than cryin’. Love Ray Stevens.

  • Ms Dianna

    very very good and so very true

  • xoxozo

    If we’re lucky enough to get Romney in, we ALL need to start screaming about election reform to prevent fraud….also work to get all the states to give a percentage of their editorial votes based on popular count. It’s not fair if the popular vote is almost even but the TOTAL of the electoral vote goes ONLY to the winner. That’s not representing all the people.
    Let’s not get apathetic again because in the next 5-10 years the progressives WILL take over due to the indoctrination of our public school children!!!

    • MalikTous

      What progressives? Dummycrats are REgressive! Also, read Philip Jose Farmer’s ‘Riverworld’ series and consider their escape mechanism if the libtards end up wrecking the nation the rest of the way… I certainly refuse to keep living in a dictatorship! The only ‘Ave Cæsar’ I’ll speak is the same one Brutus answered Julius with! Celebrate 15th March by destroying or embarrassing a tyrant!

      • xoxozo

        I must have worded this wrong.I want Romney…………….Not he anti American we have now.

      • 2War Abn Vet

        “Progressive” is just code for “Marxist”.

    • just ramblin

      Evidently you don’t understand what the electoral vote is all about!!!!
      just rambling

      • xoxozo

        Yes I do understand the electoral college. Some states give ALL their votes to the winner regardless of the popular vote. This is UNFAIR. It was created to give the small states a voice in the election, but now states such as Ca. where I live is totally dominated by Democrats even though there are a lot of us that vote Rep. I few votes to our candidate would be nice!!! If they divided it according to percentages it would at least give us all a voice.

  • James Maxwell

    Strange how voters come out of the grave yards to vote but the Military members are being denied
    their right to vote in several states. Sort of make you wonder the Men and Women who put their
    lives on the line for America daily to protect us form enemies both foreing and domestic being denied
    the right to vote.

  • 32eagle

    funny song not so funny voter fraud-this stuff is worthy of serious jail time-once Obama is out it will be time to prosecute the worthless parasite

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Our voting system is very sloppy and full of fraud,corruption and you can’t discount all the libtards and section 8 folks who will auto vote for Obama and there are more every day soon America be a 3rd world country Maybe Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices as nobody can be this stupid maybe after Dec 21st 2012 none of us will worry about it. Love Ray Stevens.

  • ves

    Love Ray and this would be really funny if it wasn’t the truth!!
    Sheila Jackson Lee and the NAACP crowd are showing up in Houston doing their Get out the obama vote AT THE POLES!!!
    Why wasn’t this stopped???
    Forgot as long as you are a minorty and a demo it ok to lie cheat steal dope and produce illegitmate children on the Taxpayer Dime!!

  • MalikTous

    Nice exposé. The Dummycrats have been ACORNing like this since the 60s and earlier to do things like keep that fat fraud Teddy Kennedy in office, give LBJ a fraudulent full term, and get traitors like Komrad Wilhelm Klinton and that illegal alien Borkup Obummer in office.

  • Buz Allen

    Get rid of the Electorial College!

  • voter suppression

    i just love it!
    vote obama out

  • Jack Parker

    Ray is one of the celebrities with his head screwed on straight. I wish there were more.

  • CaptTurbo

    Lord love ya Ray!

  • Frank Zappa

    Imagine a petulant little boy not winning the election, and imagine another 4 years of 16 trillion dollar deficits and another 4 years of basketball, golf and whatever Islamic groups visiting the Black house and 4 more years of what the benevolent dictator King Nobama would be as he holds out his septor over the country and allows them to eat cake while wife Mooooochelle takes lavish vacations costing several million a pop at tax payer expense ah don’t forget the kids and their friends. Wow change we can all count on, certainly a boy of his words, lying his way through the rigorous days of work in the Black house. (Remembering he is only half black) keeping hope and change alive so remember don’t Re_Nig this Tuesday November 6th 2012.

  • bill

    See. It is the end of the world. Zombies are voting! LOL

  • Barnaby Luke Camp

    Since 2000, there have been 633 confirmed cases of voter fraud. A tiny percentage of overall electorate. This is a cynical racist attempt by the right to steal the election. The courts have been ruling voter ID laws unconstitutional across the country..

    • mike/AF VET

      ONE case of fraud is ONE too many Period!!! And cut the racist crap talk!! I have black friends who are voting for Romney and agree with the ID law!! As for the courts! Sc$%w them!! Try to cash a check WO ID!!! Is that racist also??? NOT!

  • Gerald Hooper

    Ray Stevens is the best. I’ve missed his humour. Keep it up Ray

  • Judi

    Please, if you really care about your country, watch:

  • Terry Corcoran

    I am SO proud to be thrown out of Georgia State University’s College of Music. I now have SOMETHING in common with Ray Stevens. THAT SCHOOL SUCKS! THEY HATE DISABLED VETERANS!

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