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Governors Taking A Stand Against ObamaCare

  • pointdan

    God Bless Gov Perry and the State of TEXAS !!

  • Dmdja

    Good for Rick perry finally someone with balls in this country

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Gov. Perry zings some great sound bytes. I agree with the 10th Amendment issue and the porblems of one size fits all.

    I’ll be surprised and impressed if Gov Perry entertains discussion of state secession when the state legislature convenes in January. I’ve followed the man for enough years to know that isn’t going to happen. Gov. Perry has spent too much of his career in Austin and shares a deficiency that professional politicians in DC also possess – they grow out of touch with the people they are elected to serve.

  • Anne M Erskine

    We still have a 10th amendment, as Obama has yet to see fit to wipe it out by executive order. Overturning Obama-Roberts Care is simply a matter of the legislatures of the states, taking a vote, and them having the governors of those states simply tell the Federal government, “We will not abide by the rules of the Affordable care act”. It is called nullification, …it is constitutional. It cannot be overturned by the Executive branch or the Supreme Court. It was a safeguard put in place to keep the federal government from riding roughshod over the states.
    Then, after a state nullify’s a federal law, if the feds try to punish states with other punitive actions, (such as withholding federal money for, say, education or highways) the states have a way of nullifying that action also in the 10th amendment, by intercepting ALL monies that flow from the state up to the feds. Even the income tax, withheld from our paychecks can be intercepted by the individual states, from the feds. Our system was originally set up, to where the states were superior to the federal government. The feds over the past 2 anhd 1/2 century’s have “flipped” the power base. It is time to flip it back to the way the founders intended. Write your representaives and “DEMAND” nullification within your state for NULLIFICATION OF OBAMA-ROBERTS CARE! Return the federal government to it’s rightful place in the power structure, …behind the states. This law is on its face UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This is not the first mistake the “Supreme” Court has made – and this monster face of tyranny by big government has to be ended – piece by piece – little by little – it must be abolished like so many other punitive and big government power grab laws.

  • Tomtom

    Rick keep this up and I’m moving to Texas.

  • Paul Brown

    The rest of this country should take the leads from Texas and stand up to this idiotic muslim jerk, because he hasn’t got the brains he was hatched with.

  • Tonto

    Last I heard, as of last night, 17 states have decided to NOT allow or support “Agencies” that support Obamacare…..with an eye at attracting doctors, hospitals and insurance companies that are also anti Obamacare.

  • SusieQ

    guv perr okie dokie

  • wtram46w

    I hope all the states get in on this!! They need to show Obama that he cannot force people to do things just because he thinks he is president!!! Thank God Louisiana (where I live) is fighting this crap!!Obama needs a come uppance session soon!!!

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