GOP Leaders Highlight How Tax Hike Would ‘Fry’ Neighborhood Restaurants

House Republicans are gearing up to fight the Senate Democrats’ extension of some of the Bush-era tax cuts with a message that an extension of all of the cuts is needed for America’s small businesses.

After “Stop the Tax Hike Day” in home districts on Friday, the GOP will vote on a tax plan this week before heading home for the summer recess.

Paving the way for that vote is a video released today by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) office, in which third-generation restaurant owner-operator Michael Passalacqua tells the story of Angelo’s Restaurant and its role in the economy.

“My family has been in business for 73 years and I truly see us as a fabric of the community,” Passalacqua says in the video. “This economy is just absolutely teetering and raising taxes on anybody at this particular time seems to me to be relatively foolish.”

With consumer spending in danger from a looming tax hike, Passalacqua says, “It’s just going to be tons of money dropped right out of the economy immediately.”


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