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Good Samaritans Tackle a Crook Trying to Hijack a Car With a Mom & Daughter Inside

(Content Warning: Language & Violence)

A group of bystanders stepped in and detained a man who tried to carjack a woman and her daughter in City Heights Sunday afternoon. The incident, which was caught on video, occurred just after 4 p.m. in the Appletree Market parking lot in the 4400 block of University Avenue. The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez, got into the driver’s seat and tried to drive the vehicle with the woman and child inside before hitting a pole, San Diego police said. The video showed him being dragged out of the car and taken to the ground by several men. He was hit and kicked as he struggled to get away. After an officer arrived on scene and tried to take him into custody, Hernandez continued to resist arrest. The bystanders again stepped in and helped hold him down. The victims were not seriously hurt.

via KGTV

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  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Dude could not hardly speak english !

    • boone1

      I live in Florida we have stand your ground when sh!t like this happens we shoot to kill drivers In Florida don’t play around.

  • londontubes

    I am just waiting for the perp to sue the ‘good guys’ for battery. :-(

  • TruthDetector


    Couldn’t be from south of the border now, could he?

    • Barbaracvm

      illegal naa couldn’t be that would ruin the PC BS’ers day

      • Lowell

        Yup, why do you think he is bragging and joking around? He knows they will turn him over to ICE and Obama will let him go free.

  • Bob_Salem

    This is what Obama calls the future of America?

  • bet1125

    Coming soon to a theater near you.

    • Veteranasm

      We will be happy to punch his ticket for him !!!

  • Jack Laurie

    Thugs should be treated harshly…they should have kicked him in the ribs a lot more, I’m sad that the creep was still walking on his own

  • yael

    God bless good men who come to the aide of women in need.

  • Mike Laborde

    Illegal alien. Probably will be released.

  • Doctor_M7

    Now those were some good citizens!

  • tod

    barry’ s son from another country !!!

  • ort

    Hopefully someone with a CCW will make sure his next carjacking is his last carjacking.

  • Centurian2010

    Lived in San Diego for several years. Crime with the highest rate was car theft/car jacking. May be due to proximity to Mexico.

  • galeSegunka

    God bless all the wonderful brave men who did the right thing when faced with evil. I’m so proud of our American people…. these men wo are brave, courageous, willing to help and not just stand by and watch innocents be harmed!

  • Pat Alexander

    Great team work,thumbs up!


    Time to build that wall. I think we could have enough illegals that could build the same type wall china found useful. Make it wide enough so that small truck could travel easily on the top. have barracks every half mile With six men in each station three could deploy quickly in ether direction to support the station that needed it. laser detectors would provide warning that would allow defense for the border A wide wall would allow us to make defence quickly and safely for our solders. if some should get across the detection would be quick and the high wall would allow tracking powder spread on the wall top would attach to clothing and shoes. it would glow in the dark and trained dogs could track it easily. The whole concept could bring the people who make it to near zero. A cement brick wall would be easy and cheep to build and maintain should heavy equipment be used to try to go thru it. heliports could also be provided every five miles for evacuation of injured people. A wall similar to china’s fit to the terrain over five thousand miles of all kinds of terrain. response time gives better advantage than actual indestructibility. The wall could be brought down by large firepower but We would have the ability to target with firepower much larger and destroy the assaulting unit. Is it perfect? No but it is an answer. We wont see answers coming out of Washington with them sitting on their expensive chairs and all the breaks they take every year. How can anyone comprehend a true problem from so many miles away. I am an old man who with my little experence other than reading can come up with an Idea. Where is our bright brains who think they have the inteligence to run the country cant cone up with answers to stop third world travelers with little food and water to find their way across in such numbers. It doesnt say much for our genius leaders.

    • fistdeyuma

      Obama said the wall is built and the Republicans are now asking for a moat. The law said 700 miles of double fencing. Obama claims that it done, because they have 40 miles of double fencing. I guess it is easer to lie and make fun of the truth takers than to build a fence.

      • GRAMPA

        This is not about walls or lies or truth. It is about money that can be spent without accountability. The Obama side show continues its slapstick entertainment to divert the public’s attention on the real issues. This invasion is the direct result of statements made that the children wouldn’t be sent back. Tell me that millions of family’s in south America follow what our president says. The socker games rank higher than what goes on in America. This tells me that we have had deliberate advertisement and were promised freedom and citizenship. We have third world countries with people who have use of single language so they must have someone translating the English of the president.

        • fistdeyuma

          Don’t hold your breath. We all waited for the Bill to go to jail in 2000. Instead Bush said, “Let’s move on.” It seemed like good advice, move forward and not rip up the nation over past crimes.
          You see how that was repeated when Obama took over. Instead he lays the blame for all his failures on Bush, to this very day. I expect the next Republican will repeat Bush, perhaps for the good of the nation, perhaps not. Until these people understand they cannot break the law they will keep breaking the law. As Obama said, “So sue me”.

      • Jordan48

        Obamanation has jailed and prosecuted more whistle-blowers during his time in office than any previous presidents combined! We should all thank Edward Snowden for standing up and exposing the widespread violations of our constitutional rights by the Obamanation regime! It is time to prosecute these lawless snakes like Obamanation, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Valerie Jarrett, Harry Reid, etc., for conspiracy and complicity in acts of premeditated obstructionism, sabotage, willful deception and lies, destroying evidence, falsifying evidence, and so much more!

    • Jordan48

      Obamanation has no desire to secure our southern borders! His refusal to enforce the Immigration laws of this nation has been clearly established since he took office! This present “crisis” is rooted in Obamanation’s refusal to secure our borders and was orchestrated by his administrtation! The intent is to overwhelm our limited enforcement efforts. He is actually using the principles set forth by the “Cloward-Piven Strategy”. as he perverts our Republic! The only way to eliminate these problems is to forcefully remove Obamanation from office and prosecute him for many different felonies and misdemeanors.

  • DavidE

    They should have stomped his brains out of him, then you won’t be sued. This indicates why we must draw the line in the sand and NOT let anymore illegal Mexicans cross the border. I am not a bleeding heart for the children they show on TV with bloated stomachs and flies in their eyes begging us for handouts, they are tomorrows terrorists. Besides, we have plenty of children here in the USA that need handouts. I do not mean to sound cynical, but it is the truth.

  • Threemarie

    I applaud the bystanders for stepping up twice! to help this family and to detain this thug. Of course MSNBC will vilify those who took the criminal down and he will be another possible son of our oh so esteemed president. Wonder when Hernandez will be invited to dinner at the White House? I’m sure Michelle will cook for him.

  • Brickshooter

    Holder needs to do some racial profiling to see if this guy is in this country without his paperwork. If so, there are obviously civil rights issues involved even though the Good Samaritans happen to be people of color. These Hispanic Uncle Toms definitely need to be re-educated.

  • roadking2000

    Just another “hard-working (probably illegal) immigrant trying to make a better life for himself & his family” Too bad somebody didn’t put some lead in his ass!

    • Arizona Don

      Head — Head say Head not ass

  • roadking2000

    MSNBC & the liberals try to sell illegals as mostly honest hard-working people wanting a better life. This video shows the reality:criminals who illegally cross our border looking for more affluent victims than what is available in mexico. Mexican cartels have virtually taken over drug distribution in this country, & Mexican gangs are taking over our prisons. Mexican cartel drug wars are occuring in our streets. All the while, barry the liar makes it possible for thousands more of these scumbags to get in to our Country & stay.

  • PatHenry

    Just one of those illegals doing the jobs we lazy American’s don’t want to do. At least that’s what the amnesty pushers keep telling us!!

  • Al Chemist

    Another one of those ‘children’ who came across the border a while ago. This shows why is is a good idea for a woman to be trained, armed and ready to shoot. What if the those people had not been there to pull the (bleep) out and hold him for the LEO.

  • james e huddlestun

    Dude should have been executed on the spot.

  • catman

    Well done good guys, well done !!! Assaulter is lucky he is in Kalifonicate. Here in Arizona, we carry weapons for just this sort of incident. That guy is probably an illegal from TEEJUANA……..ya think??

    • Arizona Don

      Your right. I do!

  • gene457

    Remind me again, Obama, Holder, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Menendez, Guiterrez, and MSNBC: Why do we want illegal aliens in this country?

  • Edward Ebersole

    Obama says we should not fear the illegals, ha. I am not going to say this guy represents all other illegal aliens, but there are a good many like him in the illegal population and God only knows how many of the illegals are carrying deadly diseases.

  • Christine Cuneo

    Part of Obama’s Dream Team.

  • disqus_2AF1QOhOSp

    Thats one of the reasons good people should be able to keep their guns. It took the cops some time to get there.

  • fistdeyuma

    Just another Obama dreamer trying to make a living. Then he is attacked by a gang of blacks-whites. (as in Hispanic-whites) Then the cops charge him with a bogus resisting arrest. The Hispanic caucus needs to run to a camera and scream racism.
    It will be found that the poor guy does not have his proper papers, giving him special status. They will let him go, making sure not to contact ICE and compound his problems. That will let him get back to making a living stealing cars Americans don’t want to steal.


    Great job Samaritans.


    Poor Ismael, he was probably stressed out, waiting for his uncle Julio to clear the border checkpoint and join him for a few Coronas!

  • ZATO1414

    Foreign scum!

  • Stan Parrish

    That was old school. Once upon a time people came to your aid all the time. Too many times today people just walk on by.
    Good job taking down that A__hole. I wish the cops had a least said thank you for the assist. That had to be their easiest arrest all day.
    No way that jerk is going to walk out of jail without serving some serious time.

  • crs44

    Well, if he’s here illegally, the DOJ may file a lawsuit for arresting him, and he will be released because keeping him incarcerated would be racist and inhumane.

  • Scotty

    Waiting on his asylum hearing probably.

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