Golfer in Chief Lashes Out at Congress

Obama said Congress is leaving too many important issues unaddressed. As Reported By The Hill, “I’ve delivered a few hundred of these weekly addresses over the years,” Obama said. “And you may have noticed a theme that pops up pretty often: The Republicans who run this Congress aren’t doing their jobs.”

“Well, guess what? Congress recently returned from a seven-week vacation,” he continued. “They’ve only got two weeks left until their next one. But there’s a lot of business they need to get done first.”

The president urged Congress to pass “serious” Zika funding, provide resources to help Louisiana recover from flooding and address challenges in communities like Flint, Michigan. He also called on the Senate to give Merrick Garland, his Supreme Court nominee, a hearing.

Watch the video below. Full Story Here:Obama blasts Congress for ‘not doing their jobs’ | TheHill





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