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Glock Ad Shows What Happens When A Criminal Picks The Wrong Taxi To Rob

  • ort

    Why do I have to be forced to watch an advertisement for 1:10 just to view a darn video?? Please stop this nonsense.

  • PeaverBogart

    That’s one reason I carry a Glock. It goes bang every time I pull the trigger.

  • Thomas Wickett

    That’s your usual suspect. A white man in a business suit. It goes to show that TV is certainly not reality.

    • Mark In FLorida

      If they showed a realistic-looking robber everyone would yell RACIST!!!!

  • Jum1801

    R. Lee Ermey has become rich doing and saying what a zillion guys wished they could….

  • BanTheGOP

    Ermey, go back to your buzz cut. You look like a serial pedophile with your hair like that. (That blonde couldn’t have been a day over 16.)

    • Kirsten Shahan

      Ban… you sound like a liberal hypocrite. Go back to DES and pick up your food card.

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