After Getting His Phone Taken Away, This H.S. Student Slams His 62-Year-Old Teacher The Floor

A ninth-grader at John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson was arrested Friday and charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom. The attack, captured on video, shows the teen slamming the 62-year-old educator to the floor in front of other students in an effort to get his cellphone back. City school officials confirmed that criminal charges have been filed against the student, who has been suspended from school. Someone in the classroom recorded the assault, which officials say took place at about 1 pm on Tuesday. The 23-second video shows the 16-year-old with his arms wrapped around the teacher, knocking him into an empty desk. The student then wrestles the teacher across the front of the classroom before slamming him to the floor. The teen then reaches down and wrests something from the teacher before breaking away when someone in the classroom yelled: “Security.” The district filed a complaint against the student earlier this week, a spokes­woman said, and Paterson police said they arrested him at his home on Friday.

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