Geraldo Goes Ballistic When Hillary Is Accused Of This ‘One Lie I Cannot Abide’

Geraldo Rivera practically blew up at Jesse Watters on The Five today over a comment he made about the Benghazi attack. As the roundtable talked Benghazi, Rivera lamented the “partisan process” going into the investigations into the attack, saying the only purpose of the Benghazi committee is to “denigrate and diminish Secretary Clinton.” But when Watters said that Clinton “left her ambassador behind” in Libya, Rivera shouted, “That’s such a lie!” They shouted back and forth as Watters argued Clinton ignored security concerns, while Rivera declared, “The one lie I cannot abide is the pathetic statement that Secretary Clinton left Ambassador Stevens and the other three heroes behind to die. That is a slander on the United States government and on the United States military.”

via Mediaite

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