Geraldo Completely Loses His Mind On Live TV: ‘You Said That To Make Me Look Stupid!’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera became furious with The Five co-host Eric Bolling on Monday’s program during a discussion about Iran. Rivera expressed his support for President Obama’s nuclear plan as something that will hopefully prevent a major war from erupting in the Middle East. “I’m reasonably confident that this deal will hold,” he said. Rivera offered his view that the people who chant that almost do so reflexively because of the environment they grew up in since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, which ousted the American-backed Shah of Iran. “The Persians I know, all want to make money and live in Southern California,” said Rivera. He added that Iranians have good reason to be suspicious of the United States. “Remember shooting down the Iranian passenger liner?” Rivera asked Bolling referring to the Vincennes incident in 1988, when 290 passengers were killed. “There’s plenty of reasons the Iranians have a beef against us.” “Are you suggesting we shot down the airliner on purpose?” Bolling responded. Rivera suddenly became very angry and defensive. “Why do you say something stupid like that? That’s like stupid! You said that to make me look stupid and I don’t like it! I don’t like it!” he shouted at Bolling. “That’s bull!” “When you talk about terrorists, when you talk about why we—,” Bolling said. “C’mon, that’s an anti-intellectual!” Rivera interjected.

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