Geraldo and Judge Jeanine’s Heated Battle Over Hillary’s “Super Secret” Emails

Fox and Friends this morning had a heated little debate between Judge Jeanine and Geraldo. The topic was, should Hillary Clinton face indictment over the information contained on her private, unsecured email server?

Geraldo was defending Hillary and the Judge was laying down the law!

As Reported By Fox and Friends:

“The woman circumvented both the spirit and the letter of the law. She needs to be indicted. The evidence is overwhelming right now,” she argued.

Geraldo jokingly thanked the hosts for putting him in the position of defending Clinton and making him “even more unpopular in this building than I already am.”

He went on to argue that there is “no chink in the armor” when it comes to Clinton’s repeated assertions that she “never sent or received information marked classified.”

“She’s not guilty of a crime,” said Rivera, adding that the FBI is “chasing its tail” with its investigation of the server.

He said he believes the analysis of the case has become political.


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