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George W. Bush Thought He Was Just Going to Write a Check To ALS, But Laura Had Different Plans

  • Thomas Toady

    just give it Bush, he isn’t full of himself!

  • Eduardo

    My favorite all time video of Bush was when he ducked not one shoe, but two shoes at a press conference.

    • ann

      at lest he has good reflexes all obama ducks is the job!

      • Slick401

        What a GREAT STATEMENT

  • Jayne Nielsen

    The Bush family can be summed up in one word…CLASS! They are not perfect but they love America and they love to give generously of their time and money.

    • Randolph Rivers

      You can sum up obama in one word too, TRASH.

      • Mr. D

        Cockroach is more fitting.

    • Chuck

      They are both genuine Christians and regularly practice their religion.

      • teriquajones

        To bad that Obamas not a Christian.

      • kathin9

        “They are both genuine Christians”? Then why is Laura PRO CHOICE? Can’t be a Christian and pro choice, aka MURDER, aka Abortion.

      • krdave

        Chuck, you are totally full of it. A real kool aid drinker.

    • Rattlerjake

      Although the Bushes show “class” and proper etiquette, they and the senior Bushes were still left leaning moderates and believe in the New World Order. It will eventually come out that George knew the lies about the twin towers and was part of the incident that was designed to get us into a war with muslimes and to pass the Patriot Act and form Homeland Security which have effectively lead to the militarization of government agencies in preparation for the NWO. The Bushes love America the same way that any politician or celebrity loves America and that is all of the money and prestige that America heaps on these people. The Bushes are members of the “illuminati”, bet on it!

      If Bush loves America sooooo much, then why has he stayed quiet about Ovomit being in office illegally? In the video, he calls slick willie his close friend, his father pals around with clinton on many of his foreign fund raising schemes for the clinton foundation which is nothing but a money laundering org. Don’t be fooled by the “nice” exterior!

      • Daniel Gray

        Because he is not Clinton or Carter who seemingly have to stick their nose into everything

      • ProudUSAVet

        He and Laura have CLASS. He was, and still is, criticized for not visiting New Orleans after Katrina. He was in Texas and flew over the damage on his way back to Washington. He said that the reason he didn’t stop was because the rescuers had their hands full rescuing people and had he landed he would have had to land 100 miles away and would cause some of the rescuers to go meet him instead of continuing with the rescue effort. And, as far as sending help, help was sent. They immediately started helping Mississippi but the law states that the govt. cannot send in help until the governor asks for it. Neither the no-good mayor nor the no-good governor asked for help and so Bush gave the order to go on in and start helping anyway. The mayor is now in prison for accepting bribes from contractors who wanted to do repair work in N O after Katrina. The governor was not re-elected. The mayor didn’t even have the presence of mind to use the 2000 school buses parked in school yards to transport people out of the danger zone. Thousands ended up in the football stadium and the 2000 buses were ruined by the deep water.

        • Rattlerjake

          I didn’t say anything about Katrina, most Presidents get at least one or two decisions right, except Carter and Ovomit.

      • BMW

        George Bush has made it a practice to not criticize other presidents. He is the only president I know who practices this.

        • Rattlerjake

          It has nothing to do with criticism, and all about taking a stand for a direct violation of the Constitution. He took the same oath that all of those who serve do.

    • Harley157

      George and Laura have always been classy people. More than I can say for the current people in white house.

      • Jayne Nielsen

        When I think of them I think of this saying “You can take people out of the ‘hood but you can’t take the ‘hood out of the people”.

  • cdansreau

    GW should issue a modified challenge to Obama. Let all of congress bid on dumping ice water on obama. the high bidder is the one who dumps the water. He could then TRUTHFULLY say it’s all Bush’s fault.

    • KathiB.

      I’d even contribute to that!

  • munkybiznus

    Wish he was back——-the US could use leadership

    • chetohimler

      Wish I could give you 1000 thumbs up!

    • Rattlerjake

      Although the Bushes show “class” and proper etiquette, they and the
      senior Bushes were still left leaning moderates and believe in the New
      World Order. It will eventually come out that George knew the lies
      about the twin towers and was part of the incident that was designed to
      get us into a war with muslimes and to pass the Patriot Act and form
      Homeland Security which have effectively lead to the militarization of
      government agencies in preparation for the NWO. The Bushes love America
      the same way that any politician or celebrity loves America and that is
      all of the money and prestige that America heaps on these people. The
      Bushes are members of the “illuminati”, bet on it!

      If Bush loves America sooooo much, then why has he stayed quiet about Ovomit being in office illegally? In the video, he calls slick willie his close friend,his father pals around with clinton on many of his foreign fund raising
      schemes for the clinton foundation which is nothing but a money laundering org. Don’t be fooled by the “nice” exterior!.

      • Daniel Gray

        Because he is not Clinton or Carter who seemingly have to stick their nose into everything, already answered this.

      • C-Ann-C

        Pete & Repeat — Rattlerjake has to keep repeating it over and over and over……..every Pres makes mistakes during his Presidency, and we know that already; but at least GW loved our troops, all of them, in the US and overseas because he was one once. The “illuminati”? You make no proof of that, so consider the source. Why did he stay “quiet about Ovomit being in office illegally”? Because a prior Pres doesn’t bash the incoming one as a matter of diplomacy, even tho’ he most likely knew the background of Obama; did Clinton bash on GW when GW took office after Clinton? It’s a matter of diplomacy, plus to keep their respectable image as a former POTUS you don’t bash the incoming new Pres. If he did, what would have been the consensus of the Ovomit Paid Media Bashers (OPMBs)? You bet they would have had a hay-day with GW Bush making cracks and bashing Obama after leaving office. The best thing he did was to keep quiet about it, then the OPMBs can’t report about it and ruin his reputation. They’d rather ruin a former Pres by taking stabs at them if the former Pres says anything of his replacement. Did “Slick” Willey ever go visit any of our wounded soldiers coming out of the battlefields since Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq? No…never saw any news reports about that…but I have seen many news reports of GW Bush visiting VA hospitals and sitting beside bedsides of our wounded warriors….and not even Ovomit would or has done that either, esp. not even visiting families of fallen heroes, and not visiting the families of the soldier victims killed by a Muslim terrorist at Ft. Hood, too. Yeah, but Ovomit called it a “work place tragedy” and not what it really was, a TERRORIST shooting!
        Goes to show who cares about the real heroes of our time.

        • teriquajones

          You are right about GW; nobody would have listened to him if he spoke up about Obama. Besides, it didn’t take long for Obama’s eligibility to be questioned. People who supported Obama didn’t care, they defended him and still do. And nobody dared to say that he cheated in both elections!
          Serially, Obama had thousands of voters in Ohio that were over 130 years old! And he would not allow our military stationed out of the US mail-in their votes. But nobody demanded a re-count on either election they were afraid to be called racist.
          I wish people in power would address his fraud and lies.

      • teriquajones

        The US Citizens are currently falling for BS from Obama’s “nice” exterior and smooth talk.
        You can’t possibly believe all the crap you said about the Bush family. Are you crazy! They are great Americans.
        As for him challenging Bill Clinton.. Im pretty sure he is challenging him because he knows Bill might do this. Theres not a chance in hell that Obama would, he is to arrogant and to cheap.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    A true President and First Lady.

  • Marte

    Oh, if only we could have another President and First Lady with their kind of class.

  • TPS12

    When I see them I see true American Citizens. They are real people not pretenders!

    • Chuck

      True. Get ready for more classless behavior, if he is replaced by Hillary Clinton.

      • teriquajones

        Scary to think about that one!
        We need a leader who can rebuild our nation not continue to let our morals and finances swirl down the toilet. The Clinton family will just keep flushing.

      • krdave

        The only good thing to say about Hillary is that she isn’t a muslim.

        • LovesFreedom

          But her female lover IS…so pretty sure she’s probably ‘in tune’ with mussie practices, beliefs, etc. God save us from ‘Hellary’ Clinton!

  • giant33

    First time I heard his name in years . We have to listen to ex democratic presidents saying all kinds of BS. Ya think Bush should have voiced his opinion on BO just a little? I think he should have. I lost respect for Bush in his second term and more after he left office for staying silent when he was being dumped on by this phony in the WH.

    • R Sava

      It is called class. Democrats always have to keep themselves relevant by spouting off after they leave office.
      Heroes like G W Bush and the great Ronald Reagan just let their legacies speak for themselves.

      • giant33

        Like Rodney D said, call me when you have no class. By Bush staying silent what have the Republicans gained? not a dammed thing. His policies were working in Iraq. Now look what we have. I think he was tired of getting beat up by the scumbag MSM. I feel he should have defended himself some what. And he should have stayed with his first choice for the supreme court instead of Roberts. The republicans have to stop rolling over for these scumbag liberals. We don’t need class at this time, we need down and dirty fighters all around our once great country.

        • teriquajones

          Nobody would have believed him. Liberals were gushing all over about Obama. You know darn well anything George Bush would have said about Obama would have fallen on deaf ears! And the few who listened would have called him a racist.
          We know Obama lies his way out of everything. Remember when Donald Trump offered to make a donation (several Million dollars) to a charity of Obama’s choice if Obama would share his birth certificate? If Obama had one, I think he would have shown it at that time. But he did not! And nobody cared.
          Eventually, years later, Obama cut and pasted a document which he called his birth certificate. With the money he makes, he could have hired a graphic artist to make this and paid extra to stay quiet about it. Instead the document actually looked like a 3th grader cut it in parts and taped them back together.
          He must not see any value on technology, because he did the same thing with Obamacare! Hired a trusted friend to set up the website. My guess is no respectable Engineer would want their name on those projects.
          So, DON’T BLAME BUSH for anything! Serially, Obama has gotten away with murder, everyone knows that, but are afraid to do anything.

    • william russell

      Hey you should have respect for bush because by doing what he does it is call class and character which the democrats do not have either.

    • luci

      hey, why should bush sink to the same same low level as obama. hes got to much class. obama is full of it and everyone knows it. bush does not have to say anything. love bush,

  • Sam

    These two have so much more class then the 2 fools living in the White House now as POTUS and FLOTUS.

  • william russell

    Hey all the last several republicans, bush sr, bush jr reagan all had class. They did not go out making money from speeches and staying in the lamplight to make themselves important. When these left office, they walked off the stage, stayed out of [politics and went home to enjoy life. This to me is class and that is something we do not have with obama, Clinton or carter. What a total difference.

  • ann

    a real president not a fraud. can speak for himself without teleprompter. look at the fraud potus writes a tiny check as he made 7 million since so-called office, not counting vacations for him and fam. What is obama afraid of? black will wash off!

  • DebraJMSmith

    His “friend Bill Clinton.” –That says so much. Does it not? We all are being so played by BOTH parties!

    • munkybiznus

      “FRIENDS”, can be fellow Americans,, not nescesarily political compatriots……

      • Barbaracvm

        Since WWII every president has knowingly left behind living POWs.

        • ProudUSAVet

          WW II – 73,000
          Korea 9,600
          Vietnam – Over 2000. Currently approx. 1,620.
          Laos kept over 600 POWs when the war ended because at the time, so they claimed, they did not have diplomatic relations with the US. POWs were sighted in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. John Kerry volunteered to chair the POW/MIA Committee. As Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs, he had people from SE Asia testify that they had personally seen groups of POWs. The US had an economic embargo against Vietnam until they could account for all of the POWs and MIAs. Kerry and his cousin Stewart Forbes owned Colliers International, a construction and real estate company. When Kerry turned in his report, he left out the live sightings of the POWs and Clinton lifted the embargo. Colliers International was already set up in Singapore and was doing reconstruction business with Vietnam in violation of the embargo. As a reward, Vietnam gave Colliers Intl. a $2 billion contract to continue rebuilding destroyed roads, docks, etc. And, as I have mentioned, Kerry’s picture hangs in the Heroes Museum in Hanoi.

          • Barbaracvm

            Every time a family or organization has tried to follow up on reports of live sightings they have been told to “shut up”. McCain has insulted families, GHW Bush, Colin Powell keep ignoring the reports.
            Former congressman Bill Hendon’s book “AN Enormous Crime” details the governments lies.

      • DebraJMSmith

        They cannot disagree that much, if they are that close. –We are being played by both parties. There is little difference between the parties, just huge differences between the lies.

    • Kay

      It is a shame it has gotten to the point where we can’t call someone of the other party a friend. Until we can do that, we will be in this mess we now have. We don’t have to agree with them. But we don’t want them to hate us and us to hate them. We should all be Americans and be able to talk to each other. How else will we ever persuade those who we believe are wrong minded to see facts and come to their senses. If we don’t accomplish this, I see civil war as a great possibility.

      • Mr T

        The real shame is that they are not really just “friends.” They are cousins. As is every president going back to Nixon, with the exception of Reagan. They are all complicent in the downfall of America.

      • DebraJMSmith

        What has darkness in common with light? –If they can be friends, then that means Bush was not who many of us believed him to be.

        • GeneP54

          The club of ‘Past Presidents’ is very small and something neither you nor I will ever understand or comprehend. Not everyone has to agree with you to be your friend. I’m sorry that at your age you don’t know that yet.

    • Mr T

      His “friend” is actually his cousin. And so is the new guy. And so are Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Clinton.
      I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

      • DebraJMSmith

        I think there is a lot we have not been told.

    • ProudUSAVet

      The ALS is a very worthwhile project. Another name for it is Lou Gerhigs (sic) disease. My wife has a godson who died of it. Suffered a lot. But Bill Clinton and Hillary have earned millions since leaving the White House. They are estimated to be worth $100 million. So, I’m sure Bush is referring to him as a friend to put him in a spot where he has to donate some money to the cause, since most Democrats do not contribute to charitable organizations. (Obamas and Bidens gave less than 1% according to their tax returns though they are millionaires) They only like to spend other people’s money. And, Obama named Clinton and Daddy Bush to co-chair a charitable organization to help out in Haiti and other poor third-world countries. They are not buddies but their responsibilities make them travel and appear together.

  • Stealth

    After 911…. EVERYONE I knew were ‘jumping on the ‘mob-mentality’ band wagon about invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein… I was literally the ONLY one saying, ‘President Bush is bowing to ‘public pressure’ and in a year when American troops start getting having casualties ‘add up’…you’ll ALL be screaming ‘HANG BUSH’ etc ( and letting your mostly FAKE ‘Patriotic’ American Flags, FALL OFF your cars and trucks and lie in the road- you freeking hypocritical a-holes!! YOU all voted for ‘change’…and you freeking GOT it a-holes, so now it’s time to FREEKING LIVE with it!!! Only problem is, those of us who DIDN’T let ‘mob-mentality’ dictate our brains… must ALSO suffer ( along with our children, AND grandchildren…

  • marmo43

    Miss him yet ???

  • Al Chemist

    Not as smooth as Obama or Clinton, but still a class act.

    • Mr T

      You mean not as “crafty.”

  • robocop33

    Sorry if it offends anyone but I still think that Bush was and is a Class Act and great President and someone who other nations respected.

    • C-Ann-C

      Don’t be sorry for you opinion; everyone has one and is worthy of it (as long as they are a citizen of this “once” great nation). Yes, I agree GW is a “Class Act”, he’s kept silent on Ovomit ever since he took office and that’s the kind of former-President people expect to act like — upstanding, respectful citizen who just is enjoying his retirement years; but he’s done more than just retire…he’s heavily involved in the Wounded Warrior programs…goes jogging out with them, those that can still jog and even those who wear prosthetics,he’s out there in support of them. That is an honorable former-President using his time, wisely, in support of our greatest warriors, those who were wounded. Now supporting ALS he’s a proven man of respect and honor towards others —- my father, God rest his soul, had to go thru this before his death and I wished there was something that could’ve been done..unfortunately, anything now is too late for my good father. But with this support, this debilitating disease can find a cure with generous support by people like this. And we’d better thank all our prior Presidents (not including this current one) that they never faltered under the guise of “change” towards socialism and socialist programs that degrade and inundate this country with the way its going on now with the denigrating socialist programs we have now. There is no incentive towards the work ethic when you have a program that permits you not to look for work anymore because the “gov’t will take care of you from now on” with unemployment, welfare, food stamps, social security Insurance that ends up in our income taxes year after year after year, as long as that program stays the way it is. I was on it once, but at that time, during GW’s presidency, I HAD to look for work and had to PROOVE it! So, in order to stay on it, I had to continually find work, put in resumes, go to interviews….and then I found one and stayed with it, and got off Welfare, food stamps and unemployment! I thank the capitalist system for what its done for America….I will fight against Socialism and the degrading it does to people and to the nation.

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    I always liked him, he’s no stuffed shirt

    • LarryBassett

      Absolutely right, Me_in_Canada_eh! You have just reason for your liking. As one personal experience, I know a man who as president arrived in Greensburg, KS, unannounced and without fanfare or a media entourage, walked the streets of that near totally destroyed city, stopping at each devastated home where family or individuals dug through things, speaking to each and offering his own physical assistance, enquiring regarding needs with an assistant taking notes, and one… only one… White House photographer accompanying him, offering to take a picture with the family… if they wished… and later sending that picture to them with his had written personal inscription. Necessary Secret Service personnel, discretely dressed, unobtrusively kept a distance so as not to intrude on the lives of the citizens in the time of their crisis, loss, and pain. A REAL man who had to work hard to achieve, acknowledged and overcame his personal faults, and therefore is able to actually understand and empathize with others in times of trial and in times of success and joy. A man able to laugh at himself and criticisms based on personal characteristics without defensiveness or pretensions. A REAL MAN who actually LIVES OUT his faith, also without pretensions. And a president who honored and respected the office of the President, loved his country, supported and honored the military and those who served, and represented the USA with class just as he continues to do today.

  • sgtshel

    You can bet GW would be kicking some ISIS butt about right now!!! And Ferguson would be in complete shut-down until that problem was proved true or false!

  • teriquajones

    I wish he wouldve challenged the current POTUS!
    But I don’t think Obama would do this because he is to arrogant and to cheap. I think Michelle would gladly dump ice water over his head,but anyone would do that!

  • xoxozo

    sounded like a jab at someone else to me????

  • CharlieFromMass

    Now that was good!

  • Pharmer1
    If you don’t believe in EMBRYONIC stem cell research, you might have a problem with ALS fundraiser.
    Get them to verify that they aren’t using unethically produced human tissue before you donate.

  • wizard

    A rattlesnake (sidewinder) is poisonous and dangerous. The Bush administration made mistakes and sponsored things that I disagree with. (It is never a good idea to trade freedom for a false since of security.) But he was far better than our current major malfunction and was not out to destroy America.

  • mule man

    What a great family–unlike the slugs living in my white house now

  • Morgan23

    What a sport. I really miss him. Compare President Bush to the player in chief we have now. If you don’t think we were better off then I suggest you visit a mental institution.

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