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Gene Simmons of ‘KISS’ Defends Tim Tebow’s Faith, Slams ‘Peanut Gallery’ Media

During a Sept. 13 appearance on Fox & Friends, KISS bassist Gene Simmons said the media only picks on Tim Tebow because the faith he practices is Christianity.
Simmons said:”All those pundits in the peanut gallery who pick on [Tim Tebow] because he is an avowed Christian, and proud of it, demonstrate the [most] heinous thing in sports reporting. Because [Tebow] is a man who believes in his God, and people pick on him. If he was a Jew or a Muslim and [was this faithful], people would never care. But for some reason, because he’s a Christian, you’re allowed to pick on him.” Simmons said the journalists who have treated Tebow this way “ought to be held accountable.”

  • chetohimler

    Right on Gene! It’s about a man and his God. All other’s don’t count.

  • Emily

    I’ve known for months that this is why Tebow has been mistreated, discredited, terminated–isn’t this religious discrimination? I guess it’s just no provable, huh?! Makes me sick that there are those out there that marginalize Christians and our God like this! God help them! God bless Tebow! I absolutely respect him–mostly for not stopping believing! Never, ever apologize for your faith!

    • Rue E. Mccain

      You bet it is religious discrimination… ever since that Muslim in the White House came into being, we see Christianity being wiped out. We better fight back, folks!

      • Paula

        Rue: I am not Christian… but I agree 1000% with you. I grew up in this WONDERFUL country of Judeo-Christian values. I celebrate Christmas .. I love the season… I love it for the happiness and good spirits it has always been. I remember we use to have Christmas pageants in school. We use to exchange little gifts (in school). We called it Christmas Vacation .. not winter break. Easter was the Easter Bunny and all the neat things the teacher showed us with crape paper and glue! And we had Easter Vacation. Now atheists and muslims are outraged with any show of Christianity. They need to SHUT UP! All it takes is one or two atheists to change what they want! And muslims with their “in your face” mosques and all their outrageous demands… should be told .. you don’t like it. GO HOME!

        But fight back WE must or there might be another holocaust and it will be Christians first and the Jews second!

        • Sunshine Kid

          Do the muslims and/or atheists counter with their ‘good and charitable days and times’? No? They have no right, therefore to deny Christians the right to enjoy THEIR ‘good and charitable days and times’. Just because they do not want to practice any particular religion does not give them the right to deny such practice to others, and that is the bottom line.

          • Paula

            You are SO right! And it took ONE atheist and the Supreme Court to do away with prayer in school. Madalyn Murray O’Hair. A hateful woman. When she, her son and granddaughter were murdered.. I often wondered what went through her mind just before the killer pulled the trigger?

          • betterboy

            False, no one did away with prayer in schools. Any child can pray if wanted. What was done away with was forced prayer and if you keep pushing that crap just maybe forced prayer will come back in the form of prayer rugs 5 times a day.

          • Paula

            I don’t know about you… but I remember prayer in school … In the morning we stood at our desks, bowed our heads in SILENT prayer for a minute, then we did the Pledge of Allegiance and then we sang My Country Tis of Thee.

            What was forced? What was so awful about that?

            In the United States, public schools are banned from conducting religious observances such as prayer. The legal basis for this prohibition is the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which requires that

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

        • betterboy

          It’s amazing how things change and the BS that is out there. Now it is a country of “Judeo-Christian” values. I remember before the Muslims began invading the Christians put down the Jews every chance they got and the Jews were the second class citizens and were discriminated against by the Christians. Now that there is a new threat in town, all that past misery is forgotten and somehow there was an alliance that no one ever saw coming – the “Judeo-Christian” values. What a joke. Remember, Jews don’t believe that Christ is the son of God. How can you join those values together? You can’t, but the Christians need greater numbers so now it is “Judeo-Christian”. Jews have more in common with Muslims than Christians. Personally, all of you out there that feel your religion is better than the other guys is the problem. Sadly for the human race there are such large numbers of uneducated people that believe in mysticism (religion) that wars will continue as they have in the past – Mine is better than yours! You are wrong and I am right! – I know because God said so. Same nonsense, different religion.

          • Paula

            I didn’t make up the term…. and you have your views and I have mine.

            “The present meaning of “Judeo-Christian” regarding ethics first appeared in print on July 27, 1939, with the phrase “the Judaeo-Christian scheme of morals” in the New English Weekly. The term gained much currency in the 1940s, promoted by groups which evolved into the National Conference of Christians and Jews, to fight anti semitism by expressing a more inclusive idea of American values rather than just Christian or Protestant. By 1952 Dwight Eisenhower looked to the Founding Fathers of 1776 to say:

            “all men are endowed by their Creator.” In other words, our form of government has no sense unless it is founded in a deeply felt religious faith, and I don’t care what it is. With us of course it is the Judeo-Christian concept, but it must be a religion with all men created equal.”

            So yes, I came from a predominantly Christian neighborhood and Christmas was celebrated. NO ONE bitched that there were Nativity Scenes in front of Churches. NO ONE painted swastikas on synagogues. I’m not saying that didn’t exist ..what I’m saying is where I came from it didn’t happen. Southern California a few miles outside of Los Angeles.

          • betterboy

            Paula, I grew up on Long Island, NY. In school, we did the pledge to the flag and had a moment of silence and it was understood it was for prayer of which I had no use for, but I was not forced to listen to prayers or participate as did happen in many schools around the nation. So the law was liberating to those forced to pray or listen to it. Go to the middle east and you will be forced to listen to that nasty chant everywhere, and that is what our freedom is about – not being forced to participate in someone’s nonsense. Whatever the history for “Judeo-Christian” is it a lie and a fake. Jews and Christians have opposing beliefs about Jesus (personally, he is my gardener), so the effort might have been to stop discrimination, but you are using it to unit Jews and Christians against the new threat – Muslims.

            You mentioned no body bitched about nativity scenes at churches. Why would they – that is where they belong, but why would I or other non believer want to see it at the mall or city hall? I don’t want to see camels, bagels, stars of David, or other religious advertising, rituals, etc. at public places and I don’t want to hear chanting over the loud speakers. Personally, I can’t believe in something that is illogical and just plan laughable. I looked at all religions and it is the same for all of them – you must believe silly things and that is impossible for me. If there is a God it is not like religion teaches, but the higher power must exist in some form since we are just a speck in the universe – that is logical.

          • KJ1125

            That is not what religion is about at all.

          • betterboy

            I know what religion is all about – power – the power and control the religious leaders have over the masses. People use religion to avoid self responsibility, for the fear of death, and when hope is lost or overwhelming fear is upon someone, religion can be the opiate for the quick fix. My brother was a born again Christian who was not raised with any religion. He was obese and found comfort in believing and would recite the exact things a born again would say. He was a wonderful person. When he died, a few of his close friends wanted a church funeral. I agreed to it. I was devastated by his death and could feel the temptation to be sucked in by the grief at the time in the church. But there is no way I could believe in all the fake stories and rituals and at that time I can see how weak minded or needy people could be sucked in and choose to give up their common sense and logic for the relief of their grief. Looking back at that event I can see how it would have been much better to have a church meeting without the religion. The truth would have been better – people talking about how they loved him and that he would be recycled into other living beings. That his time was up and just as he was made of matter recycled before him that he would go back to the soil to be born again. No Jesus and no nonsense stories, no life forever, just the truth and facts.

    • Paula

      I reread what you wrote… and it seems to me, when the LSM came down on Tim Tebow and ridiculed his religious beliefs… that’s pretty much when they (LSM) came out of the closet (sort of speak) and more and more incidents against Christianity started.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Good for KISS! They are right about the media tho.. they are all idiots. All of them are now paparazzi, but still calling themselves the press. I think the lowest of the low.. even worse than politicians!

    • Moe

      Real reporters are going the way of the investigative reporters, nearly into oblivion. The vast majority of them only report the things they are told. Like President Bush and the lie told about no WMDs in Iraq. Gee, golly, what did Sadam use against the Kurds in Northern Iraq if not Sarin Gas. That is why the U.N OKed the Iraq war. The unreported find (for the U.S. media) of 1,200 canisters of Sarin and the many 30 barrels of degraded Mustard gas was reported in most every other nation’s news media. The rest of the Sarin went to Syria in convoys that were photographed by our arial systems. Who exactly received them is another question.
      As far as the use of Sarin in Syria, the terrorist “rebels” have already admitted it was an accident by them. They had rounded up about 1,400 kids and held them in a compound to be used as bargining chips against Assad; in that same compound some of the terrorists were messing with Sarin canisters when they accidently set them off. A spokesman for the terrorists said it was an accident killing those 1,400 kids and their own people. Not wanting to miss a chance to villify Assad and knowing anything involving children grabbed the hearts of Americans, they changed that statement to say it was Assad that killed innocent children and civilians.
      THis is not speculation or a nursery story. These are facts. Still haven’t seen the 100 page report from Putin that he took to the summit meeting saying this was proof that Assad did not use Sarin gas but rather the terrorists did.

  • Bradley G. Gilton


    • betterboy

      I have nothing against either man, but this appears to be an exaggerated event to promote his $99 ticket and book.

  • diana

    have repect for Mr. Simmons and i agree with him, do think Christains need to strat sueing the peanut gallery and others for harassment, and HATE CRIME, because that is just what it is HATE.

  • football fan

    “There three important things in life. Your religion, your family and the Green Bay Packers. I’m that order. ”
    Vince Lombardi.
    Vince knew what was most important.

  • ARMYOF69

    Apparently , the only people who MAY be discriminated against at all times with no repercussions are:
    1) Christians
    2) Whites
    3) Males
    4) Heterosexuals
    5) Older than 25 years
    6) Employed, and working hard, and paying taxes
    7) Own and live in your own home

    If you happen to be ALL of the above, you are totally SCREWED.

    All others are off limits.

    • Sue

      A small tweak. Number 2 and number 3 are together. White males in particular are open season.

      • Sunshine Kid

        White females are also open season, but usually because they make good targets for the criminals.

        • Sue

          Certainly true however, females (even white ones) will get a job explicitly because they are female not necessarily because they perform better.

          • johughsie

            Not always true……..

          • Sue

            Of course not but it definitely happens more often then not.

    • Scales

      Your list all so can be carbon copied as the list of people whose hard work and vision for liberty built the United States from day 1. Check the history books, from First Responders, Colleges/Schools, Charity, Fighting and dying for Liberty and Freedom.

      • Nellie

        Ditto to all that has been said. It seems like WE are the danger to society. Because we work, support our families, go to church and do not agree with same sex marriage and rightly complain about Obama and his communist regime in the White House, our house by the way, and want him out. Thank God for Gene Simmons and his back up to Tim Tebow. God bless America and all the Bikers who showed up on 9/11/13. PTL!!!

    • intheleupp

      + Have been in the military and disagree with Obama’s policies.

    • johughsie

      You forgot Republican & conservative.

  • suz

    Gene is right on the money. Let someone talk about BO and wow you would think he was something special.

  • LLinLa

    With all his egotism and self-promoting shenanigans, Gene Simmons is one of the proudest and patriotic Jewish Americans. For those who are not aware, go to YouTube and search “gene simmons troops.” Unabashed support for our heroes, the freedom of religion and free enterprise!

  • MikeinOK

    You know who else criticized the way Tebow professes his faith? I’ll give you a hint, here’s what he said, “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others” Sound familiar? Another hint: his initials are JC.
    I get really tired of all this whininess about how persecuted Christians are. NO group has more influence in this country than white Christian males. Christmas is a federal holiday. Is Ramadan? Is Rosh Hashanah? Is Alistair Crowley’s birthday?
    This whole idea that Tim Tebow has been treated unfairly because he is a Christian is laughable. The NFL is full of Christians who do their job and play well and get tons of respect for it. Tebow was cut by the Jets because his skills were good for the style of football played in college but he wasn’t able to make the transition to pro style. It happens. Lots of quarterbacks don’t make it in the NFL and their faith or lack of it is completely irrelevant.

    • Donald York

      I agree with Gene Simmons.

    • Moe

      Yes, ramadan is a holiday accorded to the Muslims, and Rosh Hashanah is a festive holiday season accorded to the Jews. As far as Alister Crowley is concerned, he was the most hated man in all Europe; if he was traveling through Europe, the Nations he was traveling through would meet him at one border and escort him to the next border and lthe next nation would do the same. Even England didn’t want him back. Devout Christians are on the Homeland Security’s terrorist list along with Al Queda; so are Tea Party members. Better update your information a few years.

      • MikeinOK

        I don’t need to update diddly because you didn’t contradict a single syllable I wrote. I’m sure there are devout Christians and Tea Party members on terrorism watch lists, but it is not because of their faith or affiliation or all Christians and Tea Partiers would be on said list.

        • Jane18

          You are brainwashed Mike!

          • MikeinOK

            Yes I am Jane. Brainwashed with facts, education and common sense. All of the things which seem to so vex the denizens of this website.

          • glop

            I am also “brainwashed” in the same way and I disagree with you wholeheartedly.

          • MikeinOK

            Good for you glop! Cool name too! The ability to publicly disagree is one of the things that makes this country so great.
            Just out of curiosity, with which part did you disagree? Was it when I quoted Jesus?

    • Jane18

      Sorry Mike, you don’t even know what a hypocrite is: they are people who profess being a Christian, but their actions and words prove otherwise. A hypocrite is a “playactor”, get it? For you to compare TT to the phony priests, teachers, and people like the Westboro,Kansas family, is ridiculous…………TT is nowhere the same as these people…………………you need to do a double take and realize who Jesus Christ(JC, as you called Him)was really talking about!

      • MikeinOK

        Wow Jane, you felt compelled to reply twice. Congrats on recognizing my reference. You should try reading both the Bible verse and what I wrote again. Jesus was not calling his audience at the sermon on the mount hypocrites, he was saying not to pray like them. I was also not calling Tim Tebow a hypocrite but merely pointing out that his action of kneeling in the middle of a stadium, a gesture so ubiquitous it has even become a verb (Tebowing), is not about praying but about making sure everyone sees that he is praying. Is your concept of God so limited that you think He needs you to do that to know you are talking to Him?

    • betterboy

      Nice to see an intelligent post!

  • marylou

    Thank you Gene Simmons for excoriating all those who disrespect a football player…or any person….because he is a Christian and lives his faith!

    Simmons is right right…if it was a Muslim, Jew etc….it would NEVER be tolerated for announcers to denigrate his faith! They are there to report sports…not castigate or ridicule a players religion!

  • Jane18

    I love hearing a Jewish guy taking up for a Christian Brother………………………………..whether he knows he is his brother or not!

    • betterboy

      One brother believes Jesus is the son of God and the other does not. Pretty hard to pair up that way.

  • redpens

    White, Christian males are always getting shafted. It’s not OK. Tim Tebow is fearless in his beliefs and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it.

  • Astrochronic Beta

    hmm….Is Gene trying to whip up some Christian ire toward the media? Is that some kind of satanic sneak attack? lol

  • dave.

    Maybe this is a sign that Jews and Christians are starting to become more attuned to one another. In the past, Jews were mistreated by those claiming to be Christians. I hope the Children of Israel, as a whole, will see that those who did this were probably not true believers and that we are actually brothers and sisters under the one true Messiah, Yeshua. Mr. Simmons is actually a very intelligent fellow. You may not agree with the way he has lived his life up until now but, remember, we are all guilty of wrong-doing outside of Christ Jesus.

  • jenjen

    Nice to hear some common sense coming from part of the entertainment world!

  • Randall Lowe

    The NFL has become a sham. It is just like everything else that was once decent and good in this country. When you let criminals, convicts and evil people into this organization, this is what happens.
    I know of other Christians athletes that are being cut from their teams as well.

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