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Fox’s ‘Reality Check’ Destroys Piers Morgan’s Arguments Against Guns

  • TheSunDidIt

    All, read these linked articles and pass to your address books.
    Stalin had a way with folks who didn’t want to give up their guns. So does Obama.

  • Samurai_Sam

    So what? These are just pesky facts they are of no use in an argument with a liberal, progressive communist. You must learn to present your side of the story using fantasy and feel good rhetoric.

  • har82

    What I want to know, is how much the murder rate in Switzerland is where virtually – every – home has a military style rifle and it’s mandatory that they have them. Or is that Sweden lol. Never could keep those countries straight . :)

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Switzerland has compulsory service in its Army Reserve (like Israel). I have no doubt that the Swiss murder and violent crime rates are low.

    • Moose

      It’s Switzerland and gun crime rates are so low that they don’t even keep statistics on them.

      • har82

        54 per year I think, just rad up on it :)

        Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: Fox’ s ‘ Reality Check’ Destroys Piers Morgan’ s Arguments Against Guns

    • Hagar

      har82, the Swiss are a very nationalistic people. Not diverse, all contribute, not welfare state.

      They have little reason for crime.

  • Don

    Why is Piers Moron even given an audience here in the US? He is a foreigner.He doesn’t have any say about our Constitution. Ted Nugent and Alex Jones cleaned his clock, and he still rants on. Go home Piers, if you have one. We don’t want you here. Get it?

    • MrLogical

      It’s because the Communists that run CNN as well as the rest of the commie-influenced MSM outlets want to create a “one world” government; a.k.a., the “New World Order” that the Communists have been promoting for over 100 years.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Don — One of the great traditions in America is its tolerance of ideas – even bad ones – as long as they are just ideas.

      Fortunately ignorance, foolishness, and stupidity are not crimes. Otherwise, the prison population would be complete and there would be no one available to guard the prisons.

      • smikey

        Piers Morgan is in America via some granted privilige. otherwise he has NO RIGHTS here!

        • GM Thatcher

          we cannot get Piers deported but Dr Michael Savage is banned from Great Britain?

  • Lily


    • rosech

      He was kicked out of England and can’t go back there for sure. Dumb as dirt could go elsewhere because we don’t need him here!

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Great Vid! The Truth told by Liberals is closer to Science Fiction than the Facts. They always tend to spin up one’s emotions and go for the Emotional Impact rather than deal with Facts and what is best for the country…continued adherence to the Constitution and 2nd Amendment in particular. Piers Morgan would have us become more like Great Britain. Well, buy a Clue Piers and Move the Hell Back! Great Britain is the most violent country in the European Union and people there live in fear of their Government. Here we unwashed masses and Common Folk are the boss of the Servants in our government. No Royalty here…at least that is the way it is supposed to be. But I digress, someone needs to tells the condescending fool in the White House, King Obama Claus that he is a Public Servant just like all elected officials in the USA.

    Yo Libtards! Hands off the 2nd Amendment. You reek of Socialism ..and that is the stench of death.

  • rosech

    Excellent reporting!

  • har82

    We constantly hear anti-civil rights advocates comparing the U.S.
    murder rate to other countries. They quite often, and conveniently so,
    point to countries like the United Kingdom or Norway. They simply ignore
    any other country that might skew the story thier trying to tell.

    The United States is essentially fifty sovereign countries formed
    together into a Union for limited purposes. New York’s culture has no
    resemblance to Louisiana, and vice versa. Simply the fact that it’s a
    day and a half from Miami to Maine and three days from NYC to Los
    Angeles tells of the vastness of the U.S.. To compare the U.S. to just
    one (small) country is academic dishonesty at best. To have a true
    comparison, we have to look at something that’s comparable to the U.S.
    (Population, size, etc.). To do this we can look at Europe as a whole
    (Russia to Spain).

    Land Mass:

    Europe- 10,180,000 Sq/KM

    US- 9,826,675 Sq/KM


    Europe- 836,398,000

    US- 309,496,000

    Murder Rate:

    Europe- 4.83 per 100,000

    US- 4.58 per 100,000

    Gun Ownership:

    Europe- 12,000 per 100,000

    US- 90,000 per 100,000


    Europe’s murder rate of 4.83 per 100,000 is higher than that of the
    United States’ 4.58 per 100,000, but has only 14% the civilian gun
    ownership of the U.S.

    Conversely, the U.S. has 7.33 times the civilian gun ownership of Europe, but a lower murder rate.

    If we assume the assertion put forward by the anti-gun crowd that
    “higher rates of private gun ownership equals higher murder rates” as fact, we should find the following:

    If Europe’s civilian gun ownership rate was that of the U.S. it would
    have a murder rate of 35.39 per 100,000 or 7.72 times that of the U.S.

    Conversely, if the U.S. had a civilian gun ownership rate that of
    Europe, it would have a murder rate of 0.63 per 100,000 or 13% that of

    If we were to reverse the civilian gun ownership rates between Europe
    and the U.S. completely, we would have a European murder rate that was
    57 times that of the U.S.

    There is clearly NO correlation between civilian
    ownership of firearms and murder rates. These are the types of numbers
    that speak volumes and scare the anti-gun crowd to their core.

    Stuff that up your posterior – morgan – :)

    • Jumper82

      Great post

      • har82

        Thanks, I found that just perusing the internet and thought of morgan when I read it lol. All of Europe doesn’t even have 1/4 of our guns and yet has a higher rate of gun murders .

        Now that ,, is weapons statistics ,, I can live with . :)


    • vet

      If you don’t mind I would like to spread your stats around.Great job.

      • har82

        Ohhh by all means , p i s s off as many lib commies as you can with it :) .

    • panors77

      Yes…..I was going to mention that you could fit the UK into California so their population is WAY lower than ours. Fact remains they still have gun crime.

    • JoJo58

      I read that we’re #1 in gun ownership but #28 in gun murder. The UK is the most violent country in the EU, so of course the left skews facts when they don’t fall in line with their agenda. They are STILL trying to pull this crap with global warming, so to disarm the American people is a One World Order/UN agenda. They’re even broadcasting polls that claim that the majority of Americans support gun control and the restriction of guns. These polls also have Obama’s approval rating at 56%. HOW? I guess people are liking their lower paychecks? I don’t believe them for a second. Pravda (aka US media) has to promote their king.

      Also, am I the only one finding it strange that suddenly all of these shootings are taking place? Fast and Furious didn’t work to disarm us, it’s almost as though the left cheered for what happened in CT because they really needed something horrific to hang their anti gun agenda on.

      • har82

        JoJo ,, I realize more each day why the 1st ,,, is first , and the 2nd , second ( which protects all of them mind you ) . Control the minds of people and you control them. The – media – ,, is how they do that. It is their – 1 – big stick as it were. It seems – the media – is either more afraid of government than it is the – people -. Or something even more – sinister – is at hand. I think it has become fairly obvious that the – media – ,, is whole heartedly intrenched in this grab for power in this country right now. Therefore ,, there is only -1- , thing to do about that ( figure it out lol ). That is why Fox became so popular. But even they have succumbed I think at least partially . There is one thing that can cleanse this land of the lies that some put out over the airwaves and that is fire. I am all for compassion , but those in the media who do what they do, do it – willingly – . Their hearts are as -black – ( for those in Rio Linda , that means evil lol ) as ” bammies ” is.
        Take that – big stick – away from them and the rest will be more easily dealt with ( not that any ,,, of this will be easy ) . Chaos , will soon be upon us if some – sanity – is not soon restored to Washington DC .

        As for what this – dark government – is capable of ,,, I have no doubt they would do any ,, and all , despicable acts it needs to to accomplish its ends. And let’s be honest here. They do want to do away with this countries Constitution ,, and freedoms . And the – ONLY WAY – they can do that is disarm all of us. That is why – gun control – laws are – always – on their immediate minds . They will use whatever means needed to bring that end to bare. Including mass shootings ( whether planned and staged , or circumstantial ) .. There is no act ,, no matter how despicable ,, that is beyond doing to an evil heart. And our government right now is full of such people.

        • JoJo58

          Exactly. I haven’t watched mainstream news in years. When overseas, AFN played CNN, then when I got back to the states, FOX news was new and I couldn’t stand CNN. Now over the past year I’ve been questioning FOX news, especially The O’Reilly Factor. Bill used to be good, now I think he’s beginning to lose perspective, especially when it comes to Obama. It’s obvious that Obama is trying to create a situation where he can disarm the people and declare martial law. I even question many of these shootings because it seems that the left will commit acts of violence against themselves and try to blame the TEA party. The first thing I thought when I heard about the violence in CT was wonder what the person’s political affiliation was. The american press can’t be trusted to report the facts. Pretty sad that I have to turn to UK papers to find out what is going on in this country.

          I’ve been posting a link to the 45 goals of the communist party to bring down this country. So many people vilified Joe McCarthy over his opinion of communism in this country, but he was right all along, he just went about it the wrong way. Here is a link for people to pass along (hopefully get them to wake up) the book this information is from was written in 1958 and free in pdf form online. Goals: Book:

    • PaulN

      Good initial statistics but your assumtion is flawed. You are assuming that gun ownership rates have a direct impact on the murder rate. That is what our lying, thieving politicians want us to believe. Recalculate assuming that gun ownership has an INVERSE impact on the murder rate and you might conclude that Europe would have a murder rate of only 1.55 per 100,000!
      Of course, EU murder rate being as low as it is has alot to do with their judicial system. Murderers are dealt with swiftly and conclusively. A murderer seldom has the opportunity to do it again after incarceration. Also, they are MUCH less dependant on psycotropic drugs so are less inclined to commit mass murders. There a statistic that you will never hear from Pireced Moron or any other Progressive talking head!

  • Mort Leith

    Piers Moron needs to take his sissy typical BritA55 back to live with the rest of his IslandMonkey SUBJECTS !

    • har82

      Never ceases to amaze me at how high they can pile s h i t ,, on one little rock in the middle of the Atlantic lol.

  • Kathryn Grammer

    I remember after the break up of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro set up machine gun nests above the city of Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful walled cities in the world. The citizens of Dubrovnik had 11 guns carried by their police force. As mortar fire rained down on the city for two days, our guide, who was a boy at the time, said that his father tried to fight back by taking his hunting rifle to the hills.
    The 2nd amendment’s main purpose is to give citizens the means to protect themselves from tyranny. Looking at the direction Obama’s play book is taking, Americans need the 2nd amendment more than ever. I am amazed that Obama supporters, including academics and the media types don’t see how this scenario is playing out. If Obama is operating on the assumption that our country does not have a spending problem, don’t you have to wonder what planet he inhabits? He’s scary, guys. And the New York Times just drools itself a river.

    • har82

      You fail to take into account the fact that all of bammies supporters are either leeches ( the general populace at large , 47% ) , or are full blown communists in most ,, of our universities and media… tHE ONLY ,, AMENDMENT THEY CARE ABOUT RIGHT NOW IS THE 1st lol.
      But I will tell you just how long the 1st will last after the 2nd ,, is no longer there to protect it.

  • MrLogical

    People like Piers Morgan are the “useful idiots” that Lenin described when explaining how Communism would be advanced by propagandists in our schools, media, government and other institutions of society.

  • kilroy_50

    Isn’t Piers Morgan an alien in this nation? Send him back to whatever 3rd world, socialist stinkhole that he came from.

  • Rocketman

    Excellent presentation of the facts! Goes right to the heart of the misleading and fudged statistics that the media sites. I’d like to see Ben Swann debate Piers Morgan and destroy him with the truth.

  • Alberto

    We have to deport this foreigner out of our country.. we do not want him..

  • Daniel Love

    i think piers moron should be banned from the us

  • Fred Palombi

    Lets not confuse those liberals with actual facts their heads might explode and who would clean up the mess!

  • Harold

    I would like to know what business it is of this little worm, illegal alien, idiot, to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do. We have one of those in the ‘black house’ , that used to be known as the White House, before the administration that sits illegally there at this present time. Black because of the lies and corruption. What has P. Morgan, the little twit doing trying to tell us about OUR Constitution? Bug off and go back to England, We had to bail you people out of two World Wars already. Otherwise you would be speaking German. and maybe eating rice daily.

  • EBlake

    This was sent out from the sheriffs site, and they ask that you share this with all:

    Police & Military – Time to Choose

  • vet

    I was looking for the stats of how many people are in the UK versus the United states.Sense the UK is the size of one of our states you would think the comparison would be flawed.Now if you compare it to say chigaco with its gun ban I would say he is right but that only proves that when you ban guns the crime rate goes up.Now compare the UK to Arizona which is larger than England and has more guns carried concealed and open carry you would find that our state has far less crime.I watched the one with alex and the one with ventura and I thought they did a great job but to no avail.Its like trying to teach a monkey to speak.CNN’s owner is not only a monkey but so is his wife.

  • Tiger716

    I don’t think they want the idiot in England either.

  • Momzie

    Excellent Fox News Story – excellent statistics – calm, concise and to the point – thanks for sharing!

  • ‘John Beam

    I think that after Piers Morgan gets his way to ban all functional weapons from the public, he will go on a “ban stones” campaign, and some idiot politician in Washington DC will talk about how “even if we save one life, it will be worth banning rocks.” The collectivist “argument” is so stupid, it boggles the imagination.

  • Patrick Henry

    Many, many more Children are murdered “every year” by Illegal alien trespassers than the tragedy at Sandy Hook, YET, Obama & the Dems, use the tragic deaths of 20 Children to push their gun-control agenda, which will do Nothing to stop the violence in our schools.

  • Patrick Henry

    AND they give Illegal aliens Amnesty!

  • The Diagnosis

    FOX 19 (Cincinnati) Ben Swann is all about the Truth. Like what he says or not you simply can’t argue the Facts. I for one am glad we here in the ‘Nati have such a great on-air Journalist..

  • War Hawk

    Piers Morgan is a propaganda mouthpiece. His whole sorry excuse for living is to advance ill feelings for us ‘hay-seed-right-wingers’. Alex Jones worked him over pretty good. haha

  • Tesla

    Strong Gun laws at Fort Hood [the Fort Hood Gun Free Zone Created by a Democrat president named Clinton] , caused the death of many helpless soldiers, it seems criminals don’t honor Gun Free Zones,but instead look for them to commit crime against helpless people.

  • james

    Morgan is just a useless limey toad who should be hung with all the other libtrash in this country

  • Paul Brown

    Sure we should be more like Great Britian and become the most violent country in the world. Then the demoncraps can go on TV and lie somemore and tell us how safe the US is. This guy is a moron and should be sent back or deported out of here, he has no use this idiot.

  • Vic Bailey

    We all knew Morgan was a Liar! He is out to sell air time! We need to send the whole democraps
    to Britan with a fake Queen, that way Bama can be the back up queen! I hope they have bath houses
    over there for him! Take all these gun banning mayors and send them to, that way they would gun free!
    Then we could have our citizens take their cities back! Semper Fi.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Strange that poor Piers, like so many others, run away from wherever they began then try to convert wherever they go to into whatever they left. Then again, maybe those people didn’t migrate by choice, but were so stupid that their neighbors ran them out? Perhaps their new hosts should send them on their way again.

  • Scott

    People need to say to this British fool, it is in OUR CONSTITUTION THAT IS OUR RIGHT TO BARE ARMS!! That is all that matters. The statistics of gun use in and or crime in another country is irrelevant. Again, it’s is in our Constitution and we as Americans don’t have to answer to any foreigner nor to any other nation besides America!

    • har82

      Scott , DC is full of politicians who disagree with you on that lol. I however , pretty much feel the same way. I will answer to only 1 authority. And it is not ,,, in DC . :)
      They may take my life,, but they will never have my heart and soul .


    Ted [Jane Fonda] Turner ;; started that communist radical network;; Piers Morgan is a smart a666ed limy and needs to go home to his nation of unarmed citizens;; we saved England from fascists twice. Brits always think they are superior to we WILD WEST AMERICANS.

  • Maggie B

    PIERS has not a reason or word to say about our country when his England has outlawed guns except for 1 shotgun per household.
    One poor farmer was sleeping on the secod floor of his home when he heard noises and went to the top of the stairs and saw a form oF a man coming up and so he shot him!
    The man was not planning anything good and payed for it!.
    The farmer is now in jail for the rest of his life!
    REALLY this is what PIERS is after? I would say GO HOME ,BUT I don’t think he is wanted! He is becoming another “MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY!”
    Between all of our POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (which is stupid at best, we always called a spade a spade before) and all the foreigners in the mass media where do we go from here?

  • HappyClinger

    Why did he come here in the first place? Maybe because we’re clean, have decent bathrooms that don’t stink and don’t back up when you flush them, the air is clear (except in California), the water is drinkable, the roads don’t have roadblocks with armed guards (yet), etc?

  • Matt Altieri

    Well if the best the NRA has is Jones and Nugent then you have lost already sorry..

  • Neil

    We should ask Piers Morgan why he came to America in the first place…..Do you think maybe because of our FREEDOM. Why did his kind leave their country in the first place a very long time ago?????????

  • KennyB

    Come come now. This is a created conflict to distract our attention from the difficult tasks that lay ahead. Do you really think it even possible much less practical to try to confiscate privately owned guns. Just imagine how it would be at the citizen level. Look at the bigger fish – this is a red herring.

    • har82

      Kenny , if you – don’t – think this government isn’t working toward just that . then you have your head so far up your toosh it’s not funny…
      There is nothing more than – confiscation – ,, that would be on their Christmas wish list lol.

      Would it be somewhat bloody ??, most likely. But do you also really think this government wouldn’t slaughter thousands if they wanted to ??. Remember Waco ??, they sure as hell didn’t mind slaughtering 80 men women and – children – ,,, in that fiasco.

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