Fox’s Charlie Gasparino Wages Bizarre War on Millennials, Calls Guest a ‘F*cking Moron’

Looks like Fox Business Network is posturing itself as the “Get Off My Lawn” network.

FBN reporter Charlie Gasparino has apparently waged a one-man war against “Millennials” for a while now, trotting out the clichéd tropes that under-35ers are narcissistic, entitled, and lazy. When his thoughts were put to a FBN Cavuto panel of youngens, including National Review reporter Kat Timpf, their response was a mix of bafflement and snarky rebuttal (“He doesn’t have as many Twitter followers as us”).

When those responses were shown to Gasparino, his reaction was: “These kids are f*cking morons.”

via Mediaite

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