Founder of The Weather Channel Destroys CNN: ‘Hello, Everybody! There’s No Global Warming!’

Former Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman made melted-iceberg waves recently when he denied the existence of climate change, to the point that the channel he helped found distanced itself from him. Coleman was defiant on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning, telling (or rather talking over) host Brian Stelter that his former network had become politicized. “I resent you calling me a denier, that is a word meant to put me down,” Coleman said. “I’m a skeptic about climate change, not a denier.” “CNN has taken a very strong position on global warming that it is a consensus. Well there is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote. Science is about facts. …It has been become a big political point of the Democratic Party and part of their platform, but the science is on my side.”

via Mediaite

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