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Former Marine Responds To Sen. Feinstein’s Gun Proposal: ‘Unconstitutional Laws Aren’t Laws’

Former United States Marine Joshua Boston has written an open letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein about her proposed gun control legislation and it’s making waves across the internet. In the letter, Boston tells Feinstein she has no business regulating guns and says he “will not register” his guns even if the bill is passed, because he does not believe it is the “government’s right” to know what weapons he owns. “Unconstitutional laws aren’t laws,” he says.

  • CaptTurbo

    Semper Fi!

  • Fred Palombi

    What I would like to know is why do they always use pictures of her that are 20 to 30 years old. Show her as the old 2nd Amendment hating crone that she is!

  • Terry Corcoran

    Dried up old hag, GO HOME!!!!!!

  • Mike Grunewald

    what a stupid CNN reporter

    • Dr. Evil

      Are there any other kind?

  • Jumper82

    Two thumbs up for him, he said it very well.

  • Jason

    If people realize that “Gun Free Zones” are analogous to staking out a bait goat to attract a dangerous predator in order to stop its predatory practices they might realize the error in their thinking: especially when they insist that the goat have no competent protectors. The end result will be that the goat will be torn to peices while the people who placed it in this position wring their hands and make ridiculous statements.

  • DocJimmy

    The media is doing it again. When the person being interviewed starts making sense, the interviewer makes lite of the responses. The Corporal seems to have been doing his homework on this issue. In any case, millions of Patriotic Americans will join Cpl.Boston and if the Constitution has any meaning left under this Administration, Feinstein and her cronies will fail. Semper Fi Marine…

  • Sukhotai

    Like the judge told the young lawyer who won his case…now lets see you enforce it. No law is valid if it violates the Constitution, which IS the law of the land since 1776. This so-called typical excuse of a reporter is apparently to ignorant to have read or studied said laws. She is too busy trying to act the smart-ass on tv.

    • CQ

      The problem is reporters erroneously interpreting laws, as this one erroneously casting doubt on David Gregory’s violation, and the public failing to verify the erroneous network reports.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Sukhotai —

      Independence was declared in 1776. The Constitution was ratified in 1787. I am not tyring to be overly critical, I just hate to have good points. such as yours, undermined by inaccuracy.

    • Robert W Velon

      She only knows what she has been told and does not have the mentality to do research on her own…. She is just another reporter who knows nothing about the truth…..

  • Tom716th

    It’s funny how Sen. Feinstein claims hundreds of supporters for this useless Bill. The number of people contacting her against this garbage Bill is tremendous, she does not want to talk about them. Mr. Boston is correct, any new law that is unconstitutional is not a law. She took the Oath of Office to defend the Constitution and she is not doing it, like many others. If her Bill should pass, I see real problems ahead.

    • CQ

      If her bill passes it will instantly be challenged, and defeated by the Supreme Court as it now stands. Heaven help us if Obama gets another of his liberal cronies into the SC.

      • smartgranny55

        I hope it would be defeated by the Supreme Court, but am not that confident that they will do the right thing. Look at their ruling on Obamacare.

      • maybetoday777

        you’re not going to get help from up above because “the wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God.” America dumped God 100 years, so God dumped America. Worse part is you probably dont even know what I am talking about…

    • blinddemocrat

      To add, Sen. Frankinstein and others need to find a way out of their negligence of duty, so they blame guns !!! Do your job Sen. Frankinstein with the laws you swore to protect or get the hell out !!! No excuses.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Actually, because she TOOK THE OATH and is now trying to subvert that same Constitution, she’s committing TREASON.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Regarding her “supporters” she should realize they DON’T HAVE GUNS and will not stand up and take one for her. These are NOT gun owners and if they told her they were, they liied and she’s pretty naive to believe it so, she needs removed from office for being incompetent.

    • Robert W Velon

      Sen. Feinstein is a loose cannon and she has already stated a couple of times her goal is take our weapons, all of them. We have the administration wanting to have the ATF classify our weapons as type 2 weapons where they would be considered fully automatic fire and machine guns. None of them seem to know what a true Assault rifle is and we do not own one. They put our semi-automatic weapons in the assault weapon catagory in 1968 and none of our representatives did anything to change that….Now this current assault on our Second Amendment, what part of not to be infringed do they not understand. Obama is as bad as Feinstein and wants to take all our weapons… They cannot stand the fact that as long was we are armed we have the ability to defend our selves against tyranny. Sen. Feinstein is a traitor who has not upheld her oath of office to defend our Constitution …. Under the Second Amendment we the people have the right to own any weapon of our choice and this administration does not have the authority to amend or modify it. I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!!

      • Melia Sese

        Remember … “wantin’ ain’t gittin'” … not to worry – we got this.

    • Nellie CA

      Feinstein has a carry permit. I wonder how well she is trained? She is wrong and I agree with Boston.

  • Ranger5150

    I spent 20 years in law enforcement and I never arrested or charged a gun with assault, battery, manslaughter or murder, I always arrested and charged a person. A gun is an
    inanimate object. It is not capable of independent thought or movement, just like a rock. Neither is capable of a crime or harmful action unless in the hands of a person with evil intent. There were massacres and murders all over the world long before guns were invented. We don’t have a gun problem we have a people problem. Did it ever occur
    to these idiots that if you take away everyone’s guns that those with the intent of killing many may resort to using bombs instead?

    • Paul Metcalf

      For one they will take guns from law abiding citizens and not the criminal, the criminal does not care about the law that is why he is a criminal, they are just going to make it easier for the criminals that roam the streets and the criminals in Washington to be able to take, pillage, murder, mass murder and inslave everyone, eventually even those that are yelling gun control.
      The sad thing about it is, we let them do it. America is pathetically weak and fickle.

  • gonepostal

    When you have a coward as a president, a wimp as leader of the senate, and another wimp as house leader, what can you expect? As long as they have their bodyguards, they could care less about the rest of the country.

    • DrSique

      I would call Obama many things but coward isn’t one. Fraud, tyrant and criminal all come to mind, however. Seems the cowards are the republicans who refuse to stand up to the Mussolini wannabe.

      • gonepostal

        I’ll stick with my statement. The man bowed before the leaders most everywhere he went. He is the leader of what was once the most powerful nation in the world. With him as president,
        I’m not so sure anymore.

        • RacerJim

          That he bowed before ANY foreign leader even ONCE should have made you sure.

      • Bobbie Nicol

        Barry the Dictator want to be is absoulutly a coward! If he did not have the power of the office behind him and the insane thoughts of a narcissistic meglomaniac there is no way he would have been elected to anything! A coward hides behind greed power and control then sends out their minions to fight the little skirmishes of the day to keep control over the blind followers. But a man of strength and conviction will stand up each and everytime and never back down from a fight. But Obama is a true coward and hids behind his title and uses all of his underlings to take the heat for his arrogance and ignorant socialist ideas!
        You are correct in the fact that many Republicans are cowards too, and that must be stopped also. If you are a conservative with strong values of faith, freedom, respect and honor (ALLEN WEST) you stand and fight for those and never let your values be compromised. Time for some real patriots in government and not those who change when the wind blows.
        God Guns and Gold will keep America free!

      • RacerJim

        ^5 DITTO 5^
        Obama, aka Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, aka Burnel is THE FRAUD of American history…perhaps world history. The cowards are everyone in the Executive Branch, Legislative branch, Judicial branch and Armed Forces who have aided and abetted THE FRAUD.

  • sagejohn

    The Marxists (Democrats) dictators want to know who/where guns are located and to remove as many guns as possible to make it easier for Andy Stern (SEIU) when he executes his takeover as dictator of the United States in 2014.

    Andy Stern resigned from SEIU after he secretly received $125 billion dollars from Obama to build
    & train a 3,000,000 man army to enforce compliance to ObamaHealthCare (HR3590) (that is 60,000 enforcers per State). Andy Stern (SEIU), a devout Marxist, will have the capability to insert 60,000 armed & trained SEIU soldiers in each of all 50 States by 1 Jan 2014!

    Unarmed citizens will make it easier for 60,000 Stern’s armed soldiers to take over any State &
    County Government, all radio & TV broadcasts, all police departments, National Guard Armories, schools, transportation, and energy, food & fuel distribution in a State?

    Many States (19+) already have Marxist Governments (Democrats) which gives Stern the freedom to
    deploy greater numbers of troops to States where citizen resistance may be greater.

    The ObamaHealthCare HR3590 law grants members of Andy Stern’s army the legal authority to kill any citizen who disobeys him (HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is Andy Stern’s Assistant). Written into 13 Sections of HR3590 ObamaHealthCare are the words there shall be “No Judicial or Administrative Review” of any decisions or actions made by members of Andy Stern’s army. ObamaHealthCare HR3590 overturns Marbury v. Madison thereby nullifying the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Concerned citizens in States with Republican Governments should start demanding their State
    Government prepare for this Marxist takeover invasion!

  • dad666

    These reporters should read the 2nd ammendment. What does unfetered mean to you????
    None of the laws controling GUNS are Constitutional
    They do not pass the test of “unfetered” Our founding fathers knew that in order to remain free we would need access to theTOOLS to defend ouselves against a tyranical Government down the road and now you know why. Thats why the push is on, The Dumocraps want to establish their monarchy. Thats why they just introduced a bill to ammend the constitution to eliminate term restrictions. They want a dictator and they think they have him now.

  • CQ

    There is NO way to stop tragedies, other than allowing more people to be armed everywhere. Of course not everyone is comfortable being armed,, but those who are, should be allowed to be armed without fearing litigation by fearmongers and wimps.

  • Jumper82

    What is an assault weapon….. To me its a fully automatic rifle used by the Military, and the last time I checked at Walmart they didn’t sell them. So if someone knows where I can buy an assault rifle let me know.

  • totlam

    How many guns can be found on the people or in their homes in – N. Korea, China, and Russia? 0? And who runs their entire lives? The State because now that they have no way to fight back they can be ruled by the State because they are not responsible enough to do it for themselves! Does that ring any bells America???? IT HAD BETTER!!!!!

    • Jumper82

      So true and Nancy Pelosi even said one time when they were debating Obumer care “we are the ruling class”. If there is ever a revolution in this country wonder which class she will be in then. I wish I could tell her to her face no mam you are a servant of the people.

  • rebart

    The AR15, which was NOT used in Newtown, is NOT an assault rifle. It is not automatic, and even some of the parts are not the same as the M16 which it looks like. All military-only weapons are already illegal for civilians to own. Well, except for those that our administration sends to criminals. But, for the decent, honest, law-abiding citizen they are banned.

  • Donnie J McDonald

    The oath I took subjects us to the law of the land, which is the US Constitution. We took an oath to defend the constitution, not some politician’s whims.

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    First off, once a Marine, always a Marine. Just the topic of “Former Marine’ is annoying. And this is from a former Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army! Many people before us paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to exist and our existance, as a country, is based upon those documents – The U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Those documents and those beliefs were what made us great until the folks who want to “Grind America Down” and who want to destroy what made us great got into government and are trying to destroy us from within. Read “Rules for Radicals” if you want to understand how it can happen. It is happening and has been happening for over 30 years. We must never surrender and we must never give up because our children’s future and our nation’s future depends on it. Join the NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, National Association for Gun Rights, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Of all the reasons to own firearms, the most poingnant reason was from Rabbi Dovod Bendory. The Jewish people above all, should be AGAINST disarming at all costs!

    • Donnie J McDonald

      I saw a movie based on factual history where only the police and military had guns. It was called Shindler’s List. The politicians want to take my guns, “from my cold dead hands”!

  • Dr Dave

    What a pathetic interview, the so call “Journalist” kept referring to “assault weapons” is insulting! Pure sophistry on the part of the Left!

  • Bob Marshall

    CNN is one of the 30 major news organizations that George Soros gives funds, so why be surprised at anything that is reported by CNN.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    WOW! God Bless this Vet! He is spot on. Libtards just don’t get it….they are outside the law and crap on the Constitution at every opportunity they get.

    Outlaws and criminals will ALWAYS have guns. The Libtard argument that banning guns is a workable solution is pure Stupidity. Mandatory sentencing for gun crimes is a step in the right direction…however, let us move firstly to protecting Civil Society from the Insane. They should be removed from the general population.

    Ps. note that Senator Feinstien will have all the guns, magazines and ammo to protect herself. She is a Typical Liberal Hypocrite…and they walk among us.

  • Henry Bowman

    One of the most important statements made by the young Marine is taken from a Supreme Count decision more than two cneturies old and never repealed: “Unconstitutional laws aren’t laws.” All pro-gun supporters must memorize this statement and use it whenever possible. This principle could form the foundation of a Supreme Court challange to whatever Feinstein comes up with and the lilly-livered Congress goes along with.
    As for Joshua Boston: HOO-RAH!!!

  • Henry Bowman

    Should any reader here ever have the opportunity, maybe in a letter or email, to ask the Feinstein’s of this world how many EXISTING gun laws were broken by any of the shooters in any of the mass shootings of the last few years, I think she might have trouble answering. The simple fact is, as any rational person knows, that those who carry out these slaughters of the innocents don’t bother to add up all the existing laws they are about to break, because OUTLAWS LIVE OUTSIDE THE LAW!!

    • Catherine Alphonse

      Amen! I don’t understand why they don’t get this…criminals don’t care what laws you pass, they live outside the law. So these new gun control laws do nothing to control these incidents … insanity!

  • Tom

    The CT shooter used handguns with magazines limited to 10 rounds. He didn’t use the AR-15, which was left in the trunk of his car. The biggest massacre was VA Tech, also accomplished with a handgun with a magazine limited to 10 rounds. Those proposing the bans also know this and know their ban will have ZERO effect on such incidents. It’s designed to have no effect, but to eliminate one category of firearms, so they can go after others later. It’s an assault on the second amendment, piece by piece, bite by bite until there is nothing left. Only fools or would-be dictators would support a ban.

  • Tom

    Notice these people are proposing NOTHING to prevent nut cases from getting guns! No, they seem to have no problem with nuts out there. It’s the idea of armed citizens that offends them. By focusing strictly on the owning of guns, they’re guaranteeing more shootings will occur, prompting them to come up with ever more restrictive gun bans.

  • Tom

    The problem with this is this poor guy will be an instant target for any follow on registration scheme. Frankenfeinstein says current gun owners will be protected. SO? That should make us feel better? Here’s a clue. Anyone with a gun collection will find their collections useless, because they cannot be resold or passed down to the next generation. They must be turned into the police for destruction. So any gun they ban — and believe me, there will be many more — will overnight become worthless on the legal market. Because there won’t be a legal market. The only way to sell them would be to illegally sell them on the black market. She and her fellow leftists are bent on making as many people criminals as they can. That’s how dictators gain power. Over time, more and more things become illegal, making more and more of the population subject to criminal charges. This is their goal. This is the point. This guy and anyone else standing up and announcing themselves as gun owners like this might find themselves being raided in the wee hours of the morning by black garbed jack-booted thugs of the BATF or local police department. Did you all notice the warning sent to us by a columnist in PRAVDA (Moscow). He gives a little history lesson and says, “America, don’t give up your guns.” Meanwhile, the Red Chinese government is demanding the U.S. government disarm us.

    • Steve Wrubel

      And that’s why we, all patriots, should (need) to form close knit, and capable, armed and ready groups to help defend each other in times of immediate threat or crisis. Overwhelming force works both ways!

  • Watching and Waiting

    I’d like to see that smarmy reporterette’s face if she ever gets physically assaulted in a dark parking lot, knowing then, and only too late, that the only thing that that could protect her little body would be to pack superior firepower on her person. When seconds count, the police are minutes away… IF you are even that lucky.

    • RacerJim

      If she, or any other anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment proponent, ever gets physically assaulted in a dark parking lot, or anywhere else for that matter, then I’d like be within eye-sight/ear-shot of her so I could pat my hip while yelling “I’d help but I’d don’t want to get arrested for this illegal gun.”

  • jcgreen2

    Perfect! Mr. Boston’s last comment that unconstitutional laws “are not laws”… was right on the money! He is right and I agree. As a Naval Officer who swore an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution, I will NOT comply with laws that are made in direct violation to my 2nd Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms. No way… not ever! And that includes registration because we know that is a precursor to confiscation. Congress is totally wasting their time if they try and pass some of these unconstitutional laws… they will go nowhere, as patriotic Americans disregard them.

    • Robert W Velon

      I am military retired and I took the oath to uphold and defend our constitution many times. That oath is as valid today as it was the day I took it. Any laws to regulate our weapons is unconstitutional and when the shtf I hope to be right there with the other patriots trading shots with enemy and being 73 years old there could still be somethings I can do. The military taught me very well on how to shoot and that I can still do…

      • jcgreen2

        Good for you, Robert! You’re a true American Patriot! And thanks for your service and continued loyalty to the rule of law in this land. Something which is breaking down.

      • Steve Wrubel

        You are far from alone brother.

  • jo_ella

    Why don’t they address the mental illness issues of those who commit these crimes, why don’t they look into the medications they are taking? The acts of people like the shooter(s) seems to never be a surprise to the people who know them. Doesn’t she know that guns don’t load themselves, take themselves to gun free zones and pull their own triggers??

  • Vic Bailey

    The Socialist need run out of our government, PERIOD! They want to control every part of our lives and where is the pusuit of happiness for us, if a Socialist Government controls EVERYTHING WE DO? Semper Fi.

  • DickK

    The media twit presents her argument as though the Feinstein bill has a chance of passing. In your dreams twit! In your dreams!

    • har82

      With all the bending over the republicans have been doing for 4 years now what ,, or who ,, will stop it ??. They care only for thier seats of power, not us , this Country, nor ,, the Constitution…
      We can no longer rely on these elitist politicians to stand For America ,, and or ,, the Constitution.
      We have only us ,,, ourselves ,, to rely on. And we ,, no longer control what government ,, or politicians ,,, do .

  • Paul Metcalf

    The communists bastards are winning and we ain’t doing a d*$m thing about it. God, it pisses me off.

  • Paul Metcalf

    Joshua, hang in there buddy. Something has to break some where and when it does, watch out. I stand behind you and all the Marines that served and love our Constitutional government (what is left of it) and want to keep America free because you fought for it. I salute you my friend.

  • Joanna Johnson-Smith

    We will NOT OBEY!

  • skipgainer

    Another MSM personality push banning guns while posing as a news commentator!

  • hausman69

    You have that right. I do not own a weapon, but I am against any law that restricts owning a weapon. No additional gun law would have stop that psycho in Newtown. He stole the weapons from his Mother he did not purchase them. Having a policeman at the school or someone armed would have stopped him. It is amazing the thought patterns that run through a Liberal’s head.

  • sbruce1154

    I believe the people with courage will stand up and put a stop to these illegal law makers.

  • bobalo59

    I will not register any guns under any new laws. I have one pistol that is registered, None of my shotguns, AK’s AR’s or semi auto guns are, and none of these will be.


    Here’s a real hypocritical demo-rat dictating what we can own and or carry yet she has a concealed weapon permit and caries a gun on her person at all times. She’s one of the 3 sleaze bags of Calif… Pig-losie and racist Box-head Boxer are the other 2..

  • The Diagnosis

    I would readily stand by this Marine to Combat the Obamaite Socialist Left tyrannical Slaughter of Liberty.

  • Don

    Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

  • Dustin

    Gee I wonder if Joe Blow gangbanger will only have 10 rounds in his clip? Im sure Mr. gangbanger voted for Obama too so his momma could get more welfare money. It’s this idiocracy that is destroying this country. How is it tha Feinstein keeps getting elected? The bigger problem is voter fraud. Does Feinstein support capital punishment? NO does she support spanking a child? NO. Here inlies the bigger problems in our society today. Not how many rounds my clip can hold.

  • Herkpilot

    There are many reasons to morn victims who die or are injured at the hand of a mass murderer. But the simple, self-evident truth we must come to terms with is, we will never stop villains from fulfilling their evil agendas. We will most certainly not stop them by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. In truth the law Ms Feinstein purposes would increase the pool of victims!

    It’s very disconcerting to think our government would once again consider new laws that citizens will not follow. Like prohibition, Congress will once again learn that citizens will circumvent this proposed law they find overly oppressive.

  • John

    Why do we have to give so much credibility and reverence to ex-marines? I get tired of this ra ra BS every time a marine speaks. They are not the smartest people on the planet. They ARE detached from reality and think almost any problem can be solved with a gun.

  • Fat Joe

    This is all about public law signed back in 1961(101-216 ) leading into arm control act pl87-297 the demise of America

  • Melia Sese

    Love that top, girl! (Randi … right?) So shiny, all the boys will be after me when I wear it in public … good thing I have a concealed carry permit (LOL) …

  • Melia Sese

    Oh, and btw, Feinstein’s bill doesn’t have the proverbial “ghost of a chance.” OK? Now go back to watching Alabama beat the snot out of the Irish…

  • Steve Wrubel

    Frankenstein and her ilk are so full of crap they would make a Vietnamese dung heap smell like rose petals from heaven. The Second Amendment IS our GUN PERMIT! And it wasn’t put in place for hunting, it’s there so we, the citizens, can protect ourselves from the likes of her and her like in this treasonous rogue government!

  • Steve Wrubel

    Mark Alexander of The Patriot Post was asked “…if Patriots have an obligation to arm themselves — to be gun owners, and be proficient at the use of arms.” He responds by saying it is “self-evident” that Liberty is an “unalienable right,” innately assured as “endowed by our creator…” That is, “it is not awarded by men or government; it is the birthright of all people.”
    Throughout history, countless individuals have assaulted those rights “…using the power of government to arbitrarily revoke Liberty and invoke tyranny…” In defense of that liberty, James Madison wrote in the Federalist # 46, that “the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition.”
    Barack Obama has proven himself a would-be dictator in virtually every executive order and end-run around the authority of the Congress. But his ambition for unlimited presidential power can only be fully realized upon the disarming of the American public. Understanding this, millions of Americans have armed themselves in anticipation of an eventual, outright ban on gun ownership.
    But as Americans, are we compelled to do more than just own firearms? Are we also obligated, as a result of our unique heritage, to use those weapons against any force which threatens the annihilation of our rights and liberty?
    Two hundred and forty years ago, approximately one third of colonists took up arms against the British, one third joined the Brits against the revolution and the rest remained neutral. After two centuries of American history and the death of countless men in battle for the preservation of the rights and liberty earned in the Revolution, the time for neutrality or for joining those who would destroy that liberty is over.
    Just as millions of arms have been collected in anticipation of an Obama led assault on our God-given rights, it is incumbent upon Americans to use those arms when the time comes. Those who refuse to do so will no longer be Americans, they will be the enemy.

  • engineersedge

    The framers of the constitution only had muskets so we are to only purchase muskets ? Nonsense ! The reason for the second amendment was to protect us from an unconstitutional government that under Obuma and the DUMO’s they believe they can achieve. Weapons have to equal the power of Obumas civilian government that he made the statement of!!!

  • engineersedge

    Another thought regarding the innocent slaughter of those babies! The slaughter of thousands of younger babies in the wombs is never mentioned. Who protects them.? One thing that maybe good about abortion is that most Dumos believe in it. They are cutting their own throat. Think how fewer Dumos we have to worry about.

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