‘It’s Not Food, It’s Violence’: Activist Disrupts Restaurant Patrons With Plea For Her Pet Chicken

Direct Action Everywhere is a network composed of “ordinary people, formed using the model of grassroots networks in the history of social justice.” According to its Facebook page, the organization stands for: Total Animal Liberation. Direct Action. Storytelling. Community. Dreams. One of the group’s recent actions involved a somewhat confusing speech delivered to diners at a California restaurant. The activist giving the speech, Kelly Atlas, repeatedly alludes to her “little girl” — a chicken named Snow — as she urges everyone to stop thinking of animals as food. At the end of her speech she is joined by fellow activists who hold up signs proclaiming, “It’s not food. It’s violence.” In a blog post response to critics, Atlas protests against speciesism — “the idea that only animals like ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ are ‘friend’ but other animals like ‘cow’ and ‘chicken’ are called ‘food’…”

via ijreview

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