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A Fired-Up Trey Gowdy Blasts Obama Over ‘No Smidgen of Corruption’ Claim

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) on Thursday blasted President Barack Obama’s recent claim that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” involved in the Internal Revenue Service’s alleged targeting of conservative groups. “The president says there’s not a ‘smidgen’ of criminality or corruption,” Gowdy said during a hearing of the House Oversight And Government Reform Committee on the IRS scandal. “Do either of you,” he said, addressing two Tea Party leaders who appeared to testify on their experiences with the IRS, “remember seeing a witness named Lois Lerner, sitting at the very table y’all are sitting at?”

  • Macjamm

    At this point any support what-so-ever for Obama and his Criminal-regime by anyone Left or Right Educated or Uneducated Main Stream Media or Alternative Media is “Treason” pure-and-simple..
    I don’t care how Politically Loyal to your Party you are, unless you want this Country to Fall you can not possibly keep supporting this P O S, S O B, you have got to denounce Obama and have Obama and all his Cronies arrested and Tried for Treason, and that’s just to start with, the list of crimes is getting so long its hard to keep track of them all, and its so bad that any new infringement takes your mind off the last 10 infringements its really gotten down-right-ridiculous ..

  • darylj46

    Rep Gowdy said it right on and is so very correct. All of the scandals including this one is being treated as a joke and a show with nothing being done to end and prosecute the criminals involved. This is disgusting and a violation of our governmental system. Clinton did the same thing in all the people that were killed under their term and as everyone knows that all of it was put out to pasture. This all is corrupt and illegal and this country is going to pay dearly. Wake up America as the end is coming very fast.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Barack Obama, with Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are all conspiring to destroy American society as we know it, and to install a Marxist / Socialist Authoritarian government in it’s place. If there is one thing that the Socialists lust for, it’s total control over others who they deem too stupid to run their own lives. That’s about half true considering the half of the citizens who voted for Barack Obama twice!

  • joepotato

    The “I” (imposter) POTUS has been coached very well. His ability to lie with a straight face is well documented… I fear that these orbiting scandals take away from the one GIANT scandal, that is the fraud of the IPOTUS himself. HE needs to be thoroughly investigated for the evidence congress is sitting on regarding his LFBC etc, that’s been shown to be a fraud. If Gowdy is the real deal he needs to move on to the real scandal… We probably have a mystery Marxist Muslim calling the shots (that his puppet masters approve of) from the WH who may be a foreign citizen.

    • 1Bobby8

      Yes I agree, and there’s another big scandal involving the IRS and Lois Lerner that congress hasn’t touched and that’s the tax exempt status granted to Obama’s brother Malik Obama who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and has funneled money to MB operatives in Egypt and elsewhere.

    • Jack

      All this mess about Gov. Chris Christie is smoke a mirror effect to keep the lime light off off of the criminal in chief ( Obummer ).

  • caskinner

    I admire and respect Rep Gowdy and Jay Sekulow. I hope they stay on the fact finding on ALL the scandals and corruption that this criminal administration is heading.

  • Dagwood

    The Rez told the truth “there is not a “smidgon of corruption”————THERE”S A TRUCKLOAD

    • Sunshine Kid

      More like a supertanker load.

  • Whatzrname

    I nominate Gowdy for President.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Picture that! A bright, articulate and patriotic member of the House that has to sit and watch Boehner The Bumbler swing a gavel and kiss butt. After the next election we may see the Tea Party declare WAR on all the RINOs. It is happening as we speak.

      • Sunshine Kid

        It is far past time for the Tea Party to pick up the gauntlets and gird for battle.

    • GM Thatcher

      na , how about Attorney General

    • fedupwidit

      I do too, lived in Greenvile/Spartanburg area for 15 years…great to see a politician with cajones!

  • Stealrth

    SO CALLED ‘Americans’…. ya’ll DESERVE what you VOTED for- especially you moron liberal WOMEN!!!

  • Donald York

    Keep the pressure on these criminals in Obama’s regime.

  • Old1946vet

    The Justice Department is under the supervision of the Attorney General. Every time Eric Holder is asked about ANY of the investigations, IRS, NSA, Benghazi and Fast and Furious. Holder’s response is always the same; “I cannot talk about any of the “on-going” investigations.” This is the wall that keeps the truth from coming out.

    • KellyKAFIR

      Oh and don’t forget the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial which shut down the investigation of the Council of American Islamic Relation… A Muslim Brotherhood front group… before it was shut down, about 5 people of the MB got about 108 guilty verdicts… and CAIR’s found Nihad Awad was caught on federal wire taps trying to raise money for Hamas…. Holder sealed up the records and is in contempt of Congress.

      And don’t forget Extortion 17 which killed a lot on SEAL Team 6…

  • TBI

    Obama had a smirk on his face during this questioning, he already knew the fix was in!

  • sunnyblues

    I highly respect and admire both Rep. Gowdy and Jay Sekulow. I pray that they keep at this IRS scandal AND the plethora of scandals this regime has created until the truth cannot be ignored…even by the blind and faithful followers of this corrupt and lying twit.

    • SandraJ

      And may God keep them safe. They are playing with fire!

  • Mac Boy


    ******* “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING” *********

    *** March on Washington DC

    *** MAY 16th !!

    Be there, or please Support those who do GO …………

    Over 2.5 MILLION Vets, retired Vets & Civilians have pledged to go and Demand a change of Personnel in DC – from the top – down !!!!!

    *** and We WILL stay in D.C. until the job is Done! ***

  • elmcqueen3

    But…But…But…The President said…1. I will have the most transparent administration in history…2. The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs…3. I am focused like a laser on creating jobs…4. The IRS is not targeting anyone..5. It was a spontaneous riot about a movie…6. It was an act of terror…7. The Cambridge cops acted stupidly…8. If I had a son…9. I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”…10. You didn’t build that…11. I will restore trust in Government…12. The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk…13. Let me be clear…14. It’s not my red line – it’s the world’s red line…15. Whilstle blowers will be protected in my administration…16. I am not spying on American citizens…17. We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest…18. ObamCare is good for America…19. You can keep you family doctor…20. Premiums will be lowered by $2500…21. If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan…22. It won’t cost you one dime…23. It’s just like shopping at Amazon…24. I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning…25. I have a Kill List…26. I have a pen & a phone…And the list goes on and on!

    • joepotato

      # 2 … The only thing shovel ready is the manure coming from the mouth of the the Imposter in Chief aka Indonesian in Charge …

  • LLinLa

    If a Conservative swing victory is not accomplished in November, this country could be over. If a non-Democrat administration is not achieved in 2016, likewise. But if it’s accomplished in 2016, if the Republican Party does not back Gowdy as Attorney General (or some high post, Cabinet Level), it will even further reveal the wishy-washy nature of the Republican Party as Sen. Paul is currently saying, as “Democrat-lite!” Americans, are your panties in a bunch YET!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      I do not trust the GOP any longer. They are the other side opf teh same coin with teh Dems face on the opther side. We need to register the TEA PARTY, formally, and be very selective as to who may be allowed to call themselves TEA PARTIERS.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      He should be their candidate for Prez. He would mop the floor with Hillary. He NEVER lost as a federal Prosecutor.

      • LLinLa

        My point exactly! But with the current RNC jellyfish hierarchy . . .

        • Sunshine Kid

          And that is a PERFECT description of the RNC hierarchy!

  • Down to Earth Prepper.comFaceb

    TG is the man and Sekulow is right there to be sure. Few have the equivalent of their gonads and willingness to speak the truth of many matters !

  • ARMYOF69

    Thank you Trey. I shall remember your standing up for us WE THE PEOPLE.

  • msmotown

    Hats off to Trey Gowdy. He is one of our good guys. Now, if we can just overcome the fraudulent voting this administration has worked so hard to put in place (4 million fraudulent votes in 2012) and get some more true conservatives in the senate, we may get some place. Efforts need to be ramped up to remove this impostor for ineligibility. That’s better than impeachment as we can void all the horrible orders and appointees he has made!!

  • RueAnne

    There is never a smidgen or an iota of truth when the Black Devil of Washington speaks either.. my apologies to most Blacks.. they must be as ashamed of him as I am!

    • ARMYOF69

      No, they are not..they just love what he steals from the rest of us to give to them in exchange for their votes,,,,,they have a great symbiotic relationship. Most blacks do not like him much.

  • Susan

    Trey Growdy is such a breath of fresh air. “Truth” sounds so good and it is SO RARE in today’s Marxist government. We need a Free Republic again, people. Thanks, Trey! IRS and progressive taxation needs to END!!!! IT is Marxism.

  • UpLateAgain

    Not fair! How come I don’t get a Trey Gowdy in my state?

  • Sunshine Kid

    It appears that TG is one of the FEW politicians that speaks the truth when he says he is a conservative. I’ve actually heard some Democrats describe themselves as “conservative liberal”, and that is an oxymoron if I ever heard one!

  • Al Chemist

    Sad, but most people will never see this video.

  • ItalianScallion

    This Admin. is very corrupt and sholud be brought to an end.

  • Talikka

    Can’t find the video???

  • ItalianScallion

    Because he controls the deck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    Trey (Gomer) Gowdy is a hick right wing extremist tea bagger that nobody pays any attention to. All are aware of his racist bias against the President, so no one takes anything he says or does seriously as he makes a fool out himself.

    • SandraJ

      You are so wrong. Many of us agree completely.

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        Well, If the shoe fits ………

    • sunnyblues

      Yeah…right…whatever you say, billy bob. Speaking of making a fool out of himself…

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        Yes I agree ….. You do it well.

        • Combt Veteran Seabee

          He (sunnyblues) just followed YOUR LEAD!!!! This diot oblowhole, without a teleprompter, is always putting the proverbial, “foot in his mouth!” Trey Gowdy bought up some very pertinent facts that can’t be disputed, so the libs go nuts!

    • dowdajeff

      Billy Bob, your just upset that your messiah is again caught in a lie. When his lips move he’s lying.

  • SandraJ

    He’d better be careful. He will be the next one investigated or worse, made to disappear

  • kathin9

    Surprised that Trey Gowdy had time, considering his little secret meetings with Chucky Schumer and Paul Ryan on “immigration reform” aka AMNESTY, and getting a bill passed to allow over 11 million illegals AMNESTY

  • Persuasive

    More “boneheaded” mistakes maybe. That is legal terminology for – CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Why hasn’t Leon Panetta been brought before the congress as O’Reilly suggested. Is the other side less than capable? Is this just a sideshow for Americas distraction?

  • Kurt

    Why has Lois Lerner not been called back to testify? I just don’t get it.

  • Jon Weiss

    The question that no one seems to want to ask or answer is, since all of these scandals around Obama are still being investigated, how does Obama know whether or not there is any corruption, unless he’s either lying, or he has already issued orders preordaining the outcome of the investigation?

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