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Feinstein: It’s Legal to Hunt Humans with 15, 30, Even 150-Round Magazines

“The time has come, America, to step up and ban these weapons. The other very important part of this bill is to ban large capacity ammunition feeding devices, those that hold more than 10 rounds. We have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds. And yet it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines. Limiting magazine capacity is critical because it is when a criminal, a drug dealer, a deranged individual has to pause to change magazines and reload that the police or brave bystanders have the opportunity to take that individual down.”

  • Spyder Dalton

    This woman has a mental condition and is a danger to society…

    • jean5

      I would like to know where she thinks it is legal to hunt humans. I thought it was a crime to kill people all over the country.

      • Skeptical

        ” I thought it was a crime to kill people all over the country.”

        NO! It is a crime to M-U-R-D-E-R people. Also, killing -improperly- (called manslaughter) is also illegal. Im just sayin’ is all.

      • crustyone

        She’s a ****head.

    • dave

      Time to step up and ban Feinstein.

      • squeak

        She needs to step up before the Ethics committee & explain how she used conflict of interest for her husband to make millions with her help… how about that Feinstein ?? It was swept under the rug as the good Socialists do !

      • Bob Da Grouch

        Yup! Ban her, then lock her away.

    • Insanely

      If hunting humans is legal now, my husband wanted to know when it’s liberal season!

      • John

        all the time.

      • Sniper

        I wonder if Feinstein understands the door that she has open by saying that its ok to hunt humans down.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

        • coalminersdaughter

          I don’t think this woman ‘thinks’. A little role playing may change her mind. As in she is the victim that needed a semi- auto for protection and all she had was a toothpick.

      • Billy Hill

        Season opens when SHTF

      • coalminersdaughter

        I was actually thinking something along the same lines. When is somebody gonna ‘hunt’ her? Couldn’t just see her face?

      • Uzi Kattan

        Don’t forget Islamic Nazis as well.

    • Bob Da Grouch

      Thanks Spider. I’m very happy to see someone else has noticed how deranged this woman really is.

    • BO


    • Paul Brown

      And she should be removed from office and her guns should be taken away from her and her body guards because she is mentally incompetent. I also watched a video of John McCain complaining about Rand Paul’s stand the other day. Well John has become and embarrassment to the citizens of not only this country but the people of Arizona, he has let all veterans down and made a disgrace of himself by being a turncoat against us all.

      • Richnjsouth

        Absolutely correct. Rand Paul is standing up, questioning this miserable regime……..and McCain is criticizing, what he and the rest of them should have been doing since BHO arrived on the scene back in 2008. McCain needs to retire, let some new, clearer thinking people try to fix the mess. McCain is soft on illegals, absolutely has slapped vets in the face with his desire to change Tricare benefits to make them pay much more and reduce benefits they already earned. He hates the tea party or any of the more conservative congress memebers who do not want to kiss Obama’s ass. McCain flips all over the place. The party needs to be purged of these RINO’s . Also we do not need Jeb Bush in the mix. The Republican old guard is pushing his name into the game. We had enough of the Bushes………they are too pro amnesty……open borders, Pan Am highway, attempt to sell off ports in the US to UAE ??? All bad ideas……….so no more Bush, no more Clintons……..had enough of their destructive ideas and costly globalist crap.

        • Samuel Adams

          Save for the few brave men as Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Mike Pence…there is scant difference between the two parties as of late. The “Old Guard” Republicans have gone the way of the Whigs!

    • USMC 69-75

      But she can legally carry?????? Notice she said, “when the bad guy has to reload, is when the police or INNOCENT bystander has the opportunity to take him out” How can we do that when all we have are single shot sling shots? This broad is 52 cards short of a full deck!

  • Hawwison

    How ’bout we start with her, Harry & Pelosi for starters?

    • Daniel Spickard

      You say you want to have a pigeon shoot with idiots! Where do I get my invitation?

    • Mark

      She said its leagl to hunt humans. Unfortunately liberals are subhuman so that takes them out of the equation



    • Greg Oden

      Shirley, Comrade Feinstein is a dyed in the wool Marxist. She took over as mayor of San Fransisco for Moscone after he and Harvey Milk were shot by Dan White in the late 80’s. Need I say anymore than that?

    • Just Sayin

      Save that one round for her

  • Dale

    She is an idiot

    • jLow

      No, she is not an IDIOT……………
      WE are the Idiots……………..
      The second amendment is to Insure the other amendments………….
      My point is … Wake up America … Who will be able to protect us from our selves.

  • J D R

    More liberal logic at its finest. Does she not realize that the 3 shell limit for duck hunting is to help preserve wildlife, NOT prevent the MURDER of human beings!!!??? These people truly have a dizzying intellect! Does she really, really think that having only 10 rounds in the hands of a crazed maniac or just a common thug hell bent on killing some people is not so bad? As long as we can limit the carnage to 10 or less maybe it won’t even make the state news, much less national, right? Is this really how you libs think out there? What is her real agenda, and why?

  • OleDad48

    Since when have ducks mugged any one? Broken into a house? Raped a college student? Roam around in bands of 3-4. A 3-bullet limit on duck hunting makes sense. A ten-bullet limit on law-abiding citizens seeking to defend themselves and their families is insanity. Democrats coddle criminals, pedophiles, illegal aliens, and terrorists, but they seek to punish law-abiding, tax-paying citizens by leaving us defenseless.

    • RetiredTpr

      Yes, but these miscreants vote Democrat which keeps this trash in office!

  • prescreener

    This woman has had too much power for way tooooooo long. She definitely allowed her own self-perceived importance go to her head, or wherever what she calls her brain is located. This type of non-sense could only come from someone out of touch in CALIFORNIA. There’s a lot of CRAP that is initiated in CA that they try to force down the throats of the rest of the country. It wouldn’t surprise me if OBAMACARE wasn’t her idea. It’s time for her to retire.

    • Daniel Spickard

      I say that it’s time for a nice earth quake to come along and plant California at the bottom on the pacific ocean! I’m still waiting to buy that ocean front property on the Nevada state line. I hear property’s going cheap right now!

      • 2duane

        If we could just get all or most of the crazy ppl that have come into CA. from the other states to just go back home, CA would be a sound and wonderful place to live & work. For those of you that have not lived out there – YOU have no idea what type problems all those nuts have caused for that state!!!

        • Roger Long

          I agree. I’m a CA native @70 years old. Used to be a good state before all the carpetbaggers came here.

          • Richnjsouth

            why do they keep electing these idiots? Now you have governor “moon beam” back. When he was there before, he was a waste…… they reelect him? The only carpet baggers in Calif……..are the millions of illegal mexies that your politicians seem to love. ONe thing about too much sun and dope…….they cannot manage money or use numbers…..For a state with so much potential (previously) and resources, they sure know how to destroy it……..and want to export it all over the nation. Many people are moving out of calif (citizens)…….to other states such as Texas. There is no sound economic reason for regular people to reside in calif…….being over run with illegals, being taxed into the ground and paying the high prices to support all the deadbeats. Only the celebs can afford to keep pumping money into that sinkhole.,…let it become their addiction and debt.

  • Angelo Cibotti

    Didn’t she swear to uphold the Constitution? Isn’t the 2nd Amendment part of that? They put their hand on the Bible and then do exactly what the hell they want. I don’t get it. Why aren’t people screaming for her job? Because she really sucks at it

    • RetiredTpr

      They very simply lie when they take to oath!

      • Bruce Seibert

        Then lets start IMPEACHMENT proceedings for the lot of them.

        • Daniel Spickard

          Where does it say just because you hate guns, you have the right to push your hate on others. Where does it say that after being elected to office that you only pass legislation that you want, and not what your constituents want! To me that’s treason against the very people that put you in that office! I think that the federal government should have recall elections, just like states do!

        • Sniper

          Boehner does not have the backbone to impeach.

          • Johnnygard

            Does anyone actually think that Harry Reid would allow his democrats in the Senate to convict Obummer in an impeachment trial? Get real! Before and after the aquittal, the press would go wild with the charges of racisim and the sympathy would guarantee that the libs take back the House in the 2014 mid-term elections. Look up the results of and after the Clinton impeachment. Impeachment would be just what the libs want.

            @Baf – Unfortunately, the ONLY legal way to remove the president is by impeachment, per the same Constitution that Obummer ignores all the time.

        • Baf

          Impeachment will never happen with a democrat controlled senate. Go for an indictment for treason against the people of the US. There is enough to put him away for life.

    • gdfairy6

      Angelo, I believe that to them it is ONLY a ritual, NOT meant to actually mean something, certainly NOT an oath to be kept!!!!

    • Daniel Spickard

      She never put her hand on the bible, because if she did god would have struck her down where she stood! I’m pretty sure she knew lying is a sin!

    • Sniper

      Her kind don’t swear on Bibles.

  • Phaenius

    The American sense of fairness insists that we limit our resources in hunting defenseless little duckies, but when the “hunted” assumes a vicious armed presence, we need that American sense of fairness to allow us to upgrade our answer. To just stack one word “duck” agains the other word “humans” without sensible commentary seems a bit foolish.

  • jme

    Where is it legal to hunt humans? Maybe we can catch Feinstein there and have a crack at her. I won’t even use a 30 round mag. Is there a special stamp needed to hunt idiots? How long is the season? I hope it’s not to long because they’ll be wiped out the first season then there won’t be any left for next season. Does anybody besides her know what state/area it is where it’s legal to hunt humans? Does she say who to contact for more information?

    • Daniel Spickard

      Leroy Malbo had the right idea, just the wrong targets!

  • got243kids

    Senator Feinstein is revealing her inner Benedict Arnold. Thank you ma’am.

    • Bruce Seibert

      I believe you are dead on. Have you read the definition of “treason” lately?

  • RetiredTpr

    This “woman” is an absolute disgrace to the human race! If she had even an ounce of knowlege of which she speaks she might have some authority.

  • Missy

    She has a gun, Is she going to give it up like she wants us to do?

    • Bruce Seibert

      She is a member of the ruling class. She believes she’s above the law and, of course, will exempt herself from it!

  • Mort Leith

    This moron needs to have her Safe Zone AND her whistle shoved up herA55

  • cowgirl20

    I guess this idiot woman doesn’t know how fast a clip can be changed….or perhaps another gun in pocket, easy to pull out and start shooting. What we need to do is arm every single American, make sure they get proper safety classes, then crime would go way down. For the people that are afraid of guns, then they don’t need to get one, there would be enough of us to protect them too. The liberals would never agree to that.

  • Mike Bellringer

    Like all the major gungrabbers Feinstein is a Jew. They are scared because 50% of Americans have woken up to them. They control, through the HSD, the 2,700 new armoured cars and 1.6 billion new rounds of ammo and just about every major government resource. They are the problem. They installed Obama.

    • Bruce Seibert

      Her religion is a non-starter. She is in lock-step with Barack HUSSEIN Obama. These are LIBERAL FASCISTS who want to control every aspect of HUMAN behavior. That includes what you eat, what you drink, how much energy you consume, where you go, how you educate your children, and where and how much health care you recieve… and that’s just for starters. Have you not heard the saying, “Give them an inch, and they will take a mile?” Give them NOTHING! Not magazines, not defensive (“assault”) rifles, not handguns, nothing! They will just come and take more. If they try, it might just be… open season!

  • SheriffJohn

    I couldn’t agree more with the opinion stated here, again and again. Dianne Feinstein is the one who is deranged. She continues to spew an unending stream of falsehoods, “facts” that are completely counter to government stats regarding firearms and their uses, good or evil. The libs and other non-thinkers demanding gun control should be demanding better enforcement of existing law. A focus on mental health would make a huge difference. We used to do that. Speaking of which, if members of congress were required to pass periodic mental health exams and attend anger management courses in order to serve, the halls of congress would be echoing with their absence.

  • victoryman

    I havent gone “Human hunting” in years!

    • Bruce Seibert

      Me either, not since Uncle Sam gave me a full-auto M-16 with a stack of 20 round mags to lug around in the jungle.

      • Beedogs

        I had 30 rounder “banana clips”. (Yes I know magazine vs clip).

    • Robert W Velon

      We should try it, we might like it….Do we need tags and is there a bag limit?……

      • victoryman

        No tag needed and no limit. However, there is a “Point” system which I will explain later. Only one qualification………you must use a double barrel shotgun and you can only fire through a door. This is called “Bidening.” There is a scoring system. A neighbor, one point. The Postman, two points. UPS/FedEx drivers, three points. Soliciting salesman, four points. Obama voters, twenty-five points. First one to a hundred wins. Good luck and have fun.

  • wesjones

    This bizarre woman has no concept of self control on a personal level…and projects that flaw onto everyone else. She is insane by clinical standards.

    • Daniel Spickard

      Thus you should never give a gun to an insane politician!

  • carlam

    It’s hard to tell her and Pelosi apart. They are both so ignorant and stupid, and they are dangerous.

  • Mark Caplinger

    Someone please tell Diane that Frankenstein is looking for his bride…

    • Robert W Velon

      Frankenstein? They would make a good pair, Frankenstein and comrade Fecalstain….

  • Mike Grunewald

    Feinstein,just looking at you,the large forehead your combination and proportion of head and body you have a problem,it is no longer a Moron,she is a retard…look at Kagan,Napolitano,Sotomayor all have the same marks mark of the Diabolo

    • Sniper

      Have you notice the Dems have all the ugly women.

  • Scorpion

    A perfect example of someone you should fear. She is a danger to society, a bobble head who speaks to hear her head roar. How stupid can one person be? It’s legal to hunt people????? This is what we have in our government.

  • garystelter

    Awesome, Senator! When does human season start?

    • Bruce Seibert


      UH… What’s up Doc?

  • EARL


    • Bruce Seibert

      I say again, have you read the definition of TREASON lately?

  • garystelter

    Oops! My bad. The Second Ammendment has nothing to do with hunting, SENATOR! Wake up and do something constructive for a change.

  • libs r cowards

    Is that crusty hag still in the so called news she isnt news shes trash

  • James Kroeger

    Blow it out your rectum Feinstein…you’re a complete loser geek!

  • Platinum

    She answered her own argument stating that the whack jobs (such as
    herself) are the shooters. To change a magazine takes less than two (2)
    seconds. No person I know of moves fast enough to take down a shooter in less than two (2) not even her savior Hussein.

  • Lemrob

    We need to get Feinstein some counseling. She is a danger to herself and America. Someone should be with her 24/7 in case she opens her mouth and makes a fool of herself once again. BTW has she surrendered her gun yet?

  • guest

    Feinstien, does that you mean you can be hunted too???? You are a clear mental case. Please resign, before your words end up hurting you!

  • gdfairy6

    I NEVER realized it was “legal to hunt humans”! I wonder IF that would include those drug dealers and gang members that come rob me in my home? does it include those members of the government that are excersing unconstitutional authority to come into my home, uninvited to take away MY guns?

  • Tom Beaman

    She and her bill are just a distraction. The plan is for her bill to fail in Congress, but as a compromise is sought, a National Gun Registry will slide right by. Is that a problem? Research pre-WWII Germany Gun Registration. Ironically, Hitler disarmed his people in the name of “safety for the children.” Sound familiar?

  • Tom Stanley

    How stupid is that cow?
    Good one dave

  • votedemout

    There have been many folks who tried to explain why the libtards are out of touch with the Constitution concerning this and other issues, but this very intelligent lady from Tennessee puts the argument in vivid color. I would love to see her debate DiFi on this and other issues. While Wayne LaPierre is a very fine fellow he is not the best speaker to argue our case. This lady should be drafted. Well worth the time to view.

  • Nellie CA

    Feinstein has a carry permit!!! GOD HELP US!! The government does give permits to insane people. Maybe!! she is talking about the guns lost to the drug Lords in Fast and Furious. They can kill our Border Patrol, Citizens and the Mexican people.

  • Skeptical

    The Feinkenstein monster is running amok (and off at the mouth) again it seems. In her bid to empower unarmed cringing witnesses/potential victims with a slightly longer reload time, she has forgotten that her emasculating policy of disarming a populace into docility self-defeats the whole group surge idea. A wolf with a semi-auto has little to fear from a gaggle of tea cup poodles.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Bless her heart! HERE’S A CLUE ZERO FEINSTEIN…..Make it illegal TO HUNT HUMANS! Problem solved!
    They could give this senile old fool a brain transplant from a hummingbird and double her IQ……
    Time to give this idiot a rocking chair and a bowl of oatmeal…..

    • Dave Wallace

      …… with cyanide.

  • GrizzMann

    It’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines? Where? What licenses are necessary? ONLY IN CALIFORNIA? Or just in her twisted mind? Are you allowed to have a gun, with magazines, or just magazines? Life, Look, Better Homes and Gardens, Hustler? Oh right She does not have to make sense, She’s a Democrat.

  • Bob

    How is a “brave bystander” expected to assist in stopping a crime after the donkeys have disarmed us?

  • Cameron Triplett

    While it’s true that a TRAINED person has a slim chance to counter-attack a shooter while he is changing mags, that person would have an even BETTER chance if he had a concealed handgun! Somebody PLEASE point that out to the information-challenged Libs in Congress & the WH.

    • Dave Wallace

      They’re not information-challenged. This is their *agenda* for God’s sake!

  • John Joseph Callahan

    If she thinks it is legal to hunt humans, I dare her to personally hunt me down, I will show her the real meaning of the 2nd amendment. Come on Dianne, hunt me down, I dare you. I will even give you the first shot at me.

  • Wrightclick

    This woman must be deranged. She’s lost the lily. Since when does a ‘criminal’ give a rat’s ass what the law is on magazine size? Is she serious? I really think she should seek professional help. I’m concerned about her.

  • An American

    This is a dumb woman. Does she really believe that the criminals are going to follow the law? They will just like they do now if you know what I mean as she probably doesn’t. Ok criminals stand up and turn in all your illegal guns and other weapons into the government. I told you to so you should. This is like telling a rapist not to do that. Really what kind of people do we have in our government and progressive so called news media?

  • Daniel Spickard

    I say we have a one day open season on all Liberal democrats, no bag limit! The person with the most gets a million dollar prize!

  • jupiterdogg

    let’s hunt diane feinstein and shoot her down since she agrees with this ridiculous plan which is totally illega – it is outright murder and she and obama and go to jail permanently!

  • Beedogs

    Eric Holder declared that Obama could murder human US citizens with drones and missiles “legally”. Perhaps Sweinstein is mistaken about the “legal” hunting weapons to kill humans.

  • fidlin1

    I’m surprised this woman can walk up a flight of stairs without falling down. Who votes these idiots into office.

  • Daniel Spickard

    If a civil war started today, who do you think our military would side with?

    • David Burbee

      The Constitution which they swore to defend. I am convinced our military would be on the side of justice, freedom and family. If my son is a US Navy Seal do you think he’d kill his mom and dad?

    • David Roberts

      They are bound to protect/follow the Constitution. I would guess about 75% individual Vets and the Military as a whole should support the Constitutionalists.

  • David Burbee

    Who is “hunting humans”? If anyone is tracking humans with the intent to harvest for their freezer I would expect the same approach the Los Angeles police used against the rogue cop (find and burn). What is her thought process that likens hunting to cannibalism? The political mental midgets strike again; speaking with gaseous knowledge on subjects of which they know nothing. Doesn’t she feel any embarrassment? Yet, many armed humans protect her with what; sharpened Twinkies? No, with guns. Her agenda is too disarm Americans for a take over, why else would you refer to all Veterans as mentally ill and attempt to pass a law prohibiting any Vet from buying a gun?
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Feinstein: Don’t tread on me.

  • crustyone

    What a moron. It’s not legal to hunt humans at all. Diane needs to resign due to her ignorance.

  • Raymond Appenzeller

    These larger magazines will always be available no matter what the law states. They are everywhere, can be bought out of the country even. They can be home made, people already have them. People have the technology and ability to make them no matter the law. It is a stupid premise to think because you outlaw something that is going to be the end of it. So stupid Feinstein to believe that you can stop what has been in place and still growing! If you are remotely lucky to get this silly bill passed, try and enforce it! A criminal will thumb their nose at this entirely and laugh!

  • Mayo

    The woman has no common sense at all. People with very little experience can drop a clip and insert another before ANYONE could get to them. Feinstein has all the protection her millions can buy but us “common” folk do not deserve the ability to protect ourselves.

  • travis41

    She must have the IQ of a moron,it should NEVER take more than 1 second to eject and switch magazines UNLESS a perp is handicapped physically

  • popham

    Oh gosh, another one of those crazy, liberal leftists from California on Capitol Hill.
    Poor old Diane Feinstein with nothing better to do than rant about guns, while this country
    buckles under the weight of a failing economy. So typical of Democrats to be obfuscating
    and making lunatic remarks like this. The liberals, their attack on the 2nd Amendment and
    their relentless attempts at gun control legislation will never bring back any of the children
    slaughtered in Newtown. Never. And they will never limit or take away our right to bear arms.

  • Wayne

    Can you say ignorant? I want large capacity clips to stop ignorant crap for brains like her from taking over the country. When governments take away your guns, the next thing they will take is your freedom!

  • Warrior

    What a dumb *****. Ducks do NOT shoot back. So to limit the danger of a hunter firing wildly, we limit magazines to a few shots. But I do not hunt humans, nor does any fully sane person do so. I protect my family from insane people who want to murder them. I need a large capacity magazine because I attacked by a large group of criminals.

    It is NOT LEGAL TO HUNT HUMANS WITH ANY WEAPON, Feinstein. We do not need more laws making murder illegal, it already is illegal. Criminals pay no attention to that law. They will pay no attention to a law banning large magazines.

    I have never been attacked by a duck. But I have had several people try to rob me, and a firearm saved me from harm.

    This woman thinks like a duck, does she walk like a duck. Maybe she is a duck.

  • James Maxwell

    And based upon her stated feeling or comments does that man we an hunt her or other liberal
    wackos that are deluded and mindless?

  • Robert W Velon

    Yep it is legal to hunt humans as long as ttey are Democrats…..Anti-gun type Democrats!!

  • Kartua

    You people in Congress & Senate need to get this witch out of Washington. She is crazy!

  • LLinLa

    Let’s see if I (we) can figure out the impeccable logic of a California Senator. She says it’s not necessary to have over ten round mags. Then she says the criminal element is responsible. So if we as citizens of these United States cannot defend ourselves adequately against the criminals (if we recall the California fiasco a few years back where 2 or 3 bank robbers held the entire LAPD (?) at bay and the officers FINALLY had to turn to the local gun merchants to get the armament to defend themselves) so we should dumb down our personal defenses at the whims of public servants who did not feel it necessary to arm their own peace officers, provide them with the tools to defend their lives and their constituents, and incompetently legislated or controlled their fate as well as the fate of unprotected children around our great land by providing gun-free zones and not mandating campuses be adequately protected with armed protectors? AND I SHOULD FEEL SAFE WITH THE LIKES OF YOU, SENATOR FEINSTEIN, who can’t even run your own ******* state like you know what’s best for us? You, madame, are a big ******* joke and need to retire to live off your ill-gotten gains from “serving” you country!

  • Debra JM Smith

    I’ve never heard of a DUCK shooting up an elementary school.

  • pat

    typical hole in the head liberal thinking. First of course it IS legal to kill humans in this country, but only if the weapon of choice is a scalpel or suction device and the human is a very small child. It has never been legal to kill humans with guns. Unless of course, you are a policeman or one of the brave bystanders she praises for taking the bad guy down. How does she think they do that? Oh yeah, they rush in and grab him before he can reload? This woman is criminally stoooopid

  • Richard Helsel

    Feinstine, where do you get your information and most of all, where do you get your logic? It might be a good idea to back off of the wine and houch for a while. Chill out ,and get your head screwed on straight and have some of that botox annualized.

  • yaki534

    Someone needs to send this wacked-out druggie to detox. Nobody in their right mind could dream-up such drivle.

  • Richnjsouth

    It’s not Feinstein’s authority, decision or position that gives her any right over my need and means to protect myself or property. She doesnt have any legal or moral authority over my individual right to sustain my own safety. I don’t need this nut telling me to wait for the cops or call 911 or what means I may use in 2013 to ensure my safety from the criminals she and her ilk decide to release on the streets, from illegals, to drug dealers, psychos, gangs, thieves. Not her, the police or anybody can arrive or be available in the moment of a threat. The police cannot protect anybody from harm…….as they cannot be every where, and their duty is to “enforce” the law……..not protect all persons. Individuals are responsible to protect themselves……….and Feinstein does not have the authority, power or means to void that right. How do the idiots of california keep electing her, Boxer and Pelosi? They are too incompetent to inflict themselves on the rest of the nation.

  • David Roberts

    Every time this woman hits the News, she appears more loony than the time before. Someone should get her into a Mental Facility for much needed treatment. Congress should be embarrassed by this lady.

  • joepotato

    She has just enough brains to be truly dangerous, and so maybe she should be committed to a “hospital” for evaluation, after which she should be charged with perjury for lying when she took the oath of office. Many of our elected weasels could and should face perjury and other charges related to taking and breaking their oath.

  • DAY8293A


  • Paul Christensen

    “Hunt humans”? She is a loon.

  • budman

    The amount of ammo in a clip isn’t much of a factor. The pause to reload has been proven to be a non factor. I doubt many would expose themselves when the gap in time is about 1.5 seconds.
    Does she really think criminals buy their ammo and clips? Criminals will obtain them regardless of any laws.
    Feinstein should just give up on the issue since she doesn’t know what she is talking about and like a good liberal, her intent is to disarm all citizens and this is just on means to attempt it.

  • JimR

    If deranged individuals were banned from public office, there might be .25% with a brain still in D.C.

  • George

    I suppose” take them down ” means as long as you don’t use a gun .Wherefore as doing so before he causes mischief would not be allowed.Ban guns then only criminals will have guns.!

  • william g munson

    the more these people talk the dummer they get almost all 22 semi alto rifles since the early 1900,s hold more than 10 rounds and most earl y lever actions hold more than ten rounds and that is large ammo included!! I have a 9 mm pistol that has a 17 round mag SKS 30 rounds and mi carbine 30 cal 30 rounds clip and its is army issue 30 rounds clip and I have not ffired none of them and it that bill would pass I would be a crimmal and they would become illegal!! dummies all of them communists!!

  • Jonathan

    She’s wearing a Halloween mask, right ?

  • Bill Senior

    When do “We The People” start getting rid of these Moron Living “Cancers” of People’s lives???????
    Kick them to hell out of any form of Government and Government Controls …… NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Atilla the Hungry

    Wow Diane!….Really?….150 round magazines? I didn’t know there was such a thing. Do they come with wheels? I would never suggest that you’d stoop to telling a falsehood to further your agenda but just so we can verify that you’re not imagining things or making this up, could you please tell us who makes them.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Good! Lets all go after her.

  • Herman McCloud

    Feinstein should jump back on her broom and fly away to never, never land, for as
    much sense that she makes, Take away semi automatic guns and the ammunitions
    Then “ONLY CRIMINAL’S” will have them to futher torment, threaten and murder with.

  • Lloyd

    So far, that option has been open to only the libs hunting for gun owners, teapartiers and conservatives. When it opens for the gun owners I wander if she will be one of the first to be hunted. Or does that option even apply to conservatives? Will that be open season on libs, or will they just open it for hunting for libs that crossed the aisle? OK, maybe she was just dramatizing mass shootings done with AR 15s but boy, what a blunder. She said it is legal, so I guess it must be so. Remember, what a lib says is law. Just ask O.

  • Jim28thReg

    Please don’t knock this old battle ax if she can get the law changed so we can actually hunt humans we could have us a new government in less than three days. One that wouldn’t be filled with criminals
    (ie) democraps and Rinos . Especially Fat a$& Rinos that bend over for the worlds most despicable

    piece of Monkey excrement that exists today.

  • DarthVader

    This idiotic Skank.The only magazine she knows about is Playboy.How she remains in office is beyond me.But a fine example of how screwed up our government is to allow the likes of her,Pelosi,Reid,and all the other nut jobs making the rules.If there is to be mental evaluations of people,I think we should start with the people in Washington DC.

  • llardog

    You wouldn’t have to wait for the shooter to change magazine if you have your own gun. You simply shoot him before they get to the second round off. Wouldn’t thaT make more sence?


    Fienstein is a prime example of “elitism”, do as I say and please don’t forget to tithe me my taxpaid perks. This gal wants to make you unsafe and vunerable by intruding on your rights under the 2nd amendment protection…She however will continue to recieve taxpaid security, cadillac medical, a enormous retirement, benefits and perks and expect you the taxpayer to pay for her years of public service and a substantial self declared salary and indifference to law.
    How about WTP demand thse perks and benefits be withdrawn, that the politicians and appointees pay for their own, that parity be used as a object lesson to regain the representation WTP expect instead of the “Elitism” we recieve?
    How about when the left propose more burden on the taxpayer, WTP demand their supporters pay for that proposal from their own pockets for 10 years before asking for tax monies, time to end the carrot and stick entilements…there is nothing like a object lesson and I think it is time WTP start employing them….I believe self defense is Prolife…

  • Thomas Clark Jr.

    Thomas Clark Jr.

    Umm, it’s NOT legal to hunt humans. Fienstein is just another renegade Nazi pushing her master Obama and the Democrats (American Nazi Party) total control agenda

  • Ranchman

    This woman is absolutely deranged. She’s obsessed with other people’s guns. She’s a certifiable paranoid schizophrenic, no doubt about it. When we alow people who are bat-sh*t crazy to demand we do ANYTHING, America is dead. She needs to be laughed off the national stage. Senator my *ss.

  • Phil Bronner

    What a nitwit…she truly is mentally disturbed..I have yet to be able to purchase a hunting license to hunt humans….and the truth be told…it appears that all these mass shootings are done by left wingers….maybe we need to ban CERTAIN PEOPLE from owning weapons….rather than ban all law abiding citizens from exercising their rights…wow…what a unique concept!!!!

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Feinstein is what is wrong with California and America but the people keep voting for her and got what they deserved

    • edodaniel

      The problem is that CALIFORNIANS vote for her but the rest of us have to possibly pay for her idiocy. A sheriff went to the trouble of making a short film showing that reloading times are negligible and regardless of magazine size are not an ideal time to attempt to disarm a shooter UNLESS you are already in arm’s reach (and in that case you better have a club because he certainly does). To my knowledge, despite many people emailing her with links to the video, she has yet to acknowledge taking the time to observe it for herself. Y’all might want to take a gander at it and fire links off to your own representatives so they can see for themselves and not get swayed by the rhetoric.

  • Lraul Fontanez

    ….You can reload in about three seconds as many mags as needed. That woman needs some serious loving or maybe a trip to Disney.She looks like she is not having any fun at all. Is she married?

    • TheSunDidIt

      The only time she will be or will ever have been a “hot momma” is when she’s judged by the judge of all the earth and of the living and the dead.

  • Dwightmannn

    Talk like this is conspiritorial, seditious, and treasonous. . .

  • Robert Carvo

    Where is it legal to hunt humans?She is afraid she’ll be hunted during loon season.

  • BLH557


  • gypsy314

    This bit ch must go

  • TheSunDidIt

    Does she not get the fact that the criminals DO NOT CARE about her laws and she AND they do not care about our LIVES. Also, when’s the last time you saw a DUCK shoot back anyway? I think that, if I need 3 rounds for the duck, then I’ll need ten times that to drop a human. First, they shoot back. Second, they’re much harder to hit (move around a lot). And, finally, they can be “armed and dangerous” when we’re all sitting around with 5 or 10 round magazines because THEY will have the 150 round magazines she’ll bar us from having.

  • Sterling Wulff

    Awesome… and I think Ms. Frankenstein should be first on the hunt menu…

  • kjenkinsaf

    What a maroon.

  • laacea

    She is an idiot… it takes less than 2 seconds to change out a magazine

  • Susan

    So glad I moved from that insane, Marxist, pro-sodomy, sick Satanic state. She should run to Communist China, where her husband made billions because of her back room deals with Marxists. She and her husband should be in prison; she took an oath and is breaking it with every sick word she spouts. She promotes evil and is trying to make good people into felons and slaves of the state. When will she quit being “Master” to the serfs in CA? She needs to be “tarred and feathered”.



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