FBI got played! Comey blew it! Rep Collins unloads on the FBI Director [Video]

“Do you honestly believe that a lady, a woman of vast intelligence who was a first lady of the United States, who was a senator — who was a secretary of state — do you believe that in this case honestly, that she wasn’t grossly negligent or criminal in her acts?”

This is one of many questions and statements made by Georgia Rep. Doug Collins made and asked of FBI Director Collins. But they key take away from this was this one statement. “Bring down the curtain. There’s a wizard behind the thing, Ms. Hillary Clinton, who is playing all of us, because she’s not that naive, she is not stupid” he said. “She knew what she was doing, because she was simply too bored. If she, God forbid, gets into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and just gets bored with the process, then God help us all.


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