Exposed: Obama’s Agenda to Withhold Aid From Countries That Don’t Recognize Gay ‘Rights’


Did you know, if you are a U.S. citizen, the U.S. government is using YOUR tax dollars to push this sexual rights agenda on children and families across the world?

Did you know that the U.S. and the UK are withholding development aid for food, clean water, medicine and other lifesaving necessities unless poor countries submit to this sexual agenda?

Did you know that the UN is also using millions of dollars to push this agenda, which sexualizes children and destroys their health and innocence?

Did you know that President Obama is leading the effort to force sexual promiscuity, prostitution and homosexual rights on poor countries against their will?

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  • G W

    Amesome! Now the muslim POTUS will have to stop all foreign aid to his muslim friends worldwide.

    • Yoikes

      But we just HAD to give $1.3 billion in weapons to Egypt. I suspect that being a Muslim country they don’t exactly fit our administration’s criteria for such aid!

  • craig

    even the third world leaders are more intelligent than AMERICAS …but that’s because of all the bias our homosexual muslim president has …if you can’t see it …your not looking

    • wwjdroy

      Perhaps it’s not intelligence that makes them different, but a political agenda. The desire to save lives not political careers. The president is looking for new world order not human rights.

      • Bob

        Of course its “political agenda.” Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that we have the irrevocable, God-given RIGHTS of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The demonic party has somehow perverted that into “abortion, gun control and excess taxes & regulations.”
        Apparently they are not concerned about violating their oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

  • Bob

    Why is it that minorities with loud mouths act like they are in the majority?

    THEY ARE NOT! They just think they are, and want us to believe it.

    • larry

      Actually, they are testing you hoping you challenge them in order to kick an ass. But, you’re much to intimidated to do that.

      • Bob

        Larry, I’m too old to challenge anyone unless they break into my home. That’s when I challenge their knowledge of the Second Amendment.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I doubt if those are really his kids. Reggie Love and him are probably the real “first couple”.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I’m really sad that God has not made AIDS a more rapid disease and a more destructive disease on the par with leprosy. These people are a leprosy on the world and on all societies. Don’t like my judgement of you? Deal with it pervert.

  • bucko

    How about withholding from the countries that don’t like us and burn our flag. This would be a big step in the right direction

  • Wayne_1958

    So not only are we perverting our children in the public school system, Now we wan’t to force f@ggotry on everyone else by blackmail ? Oh what a wonderful bunch we have in DC and the UN .

    • davienne

      dont say “WE” … it is the leftist pervert faggots and the faggot muzzie usurper … when it comes right down to it we, as mothers and grandmothers will fight for our children and grand children

    • Bob

      The UN, along with the DC crowd are standing with George Soros in an attempt to DESTROY our Second Amendment RIGHTS. Surely they know that would empower the criminals and terrorists and bring this country down. There are countless ways these demons are working to destroy the nation of our founders, and we must be aware of ALL their tricks if we want to save our country.

  • larry

    That faggot-ass sonnabitch is going through hell and high water pushing this perverted agenda; yet, he still refuse to speak in favor of the legitimate aspirations of African Americans. When asked about Black peoples wishes- the sonnabitch always say he is president of all the American people and can’t single out Blacks for special treatment. But he can do that for homosexuals and smile proudly as he says it.

    • Bob

      I do not recall his ever doing anything “legitimate.”

  • jdbixii

    Nothing like punishing the whole for the mistakes of the few!

  • cbond01

    America does not withhold aid to countries that hate or kill Americans, steal top secret information, vote against America in the UN. or do anything bad to America. They will give aid to terrorist groups and countries that kill their own people as well as other countries including China..

  • mari

    What about withholding money from Muslim nations that are committing genocide against Christians? Maybe Obama is ok with that.
    “The day comes when they will kill you and think that they do service to God” John 16:2

  • DAY8293A


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