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Epic Video Destroys Obama’s Claim That He Is ‘Not Interested In Photo Ops’

  • Proudamerican

    This individual has no concept of what truth is apparently. Watch-you can literally tell what the truth is by watching and listening simply by going with the opposite of what he says. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of supporters he still has Are they crooks or just stupid? Amazing

    • parlayer

      Always 180 degrees off what his words are.

      • Evermyrtle

        He blabs tripe that he thinks will cause people to like and trust him. He is fooling far too many fools, who eat up his blarney, or better yet, direct lies. I do not understand it, from the very beginning I could see through his rotten “look at me” statements. Want to take the stupid smile off of his face just mention the word, “JESUS CHRIST!”

    • Phil Bronner

      If in positions of power…they’re crooks…if not…they’re stupid…

  • parlayer

    Typical for blacks. I’ve always have gotten jive from them.

  • munkybiznus

    I grow tomatoes and carrots that won’t believe him

  • Chardonna

    I don’t think this a black/white issue. The president is just an idiot and believes that what ever spouts from his mouth is the honest to gosh truth.
    Next time we elect a president to the highest office in the land don’t you think we might want to look into his/her past to find out if they are really intelligent enough and that they actually did graduate or go to the schools they said they went to. I really believe Columbia and Harvard are covering up his past due to someone or country paying a grand amount of money to hide his deceit. If that not be the case than if I where a parent sending my child off to college those two colleges would be the last ones I would send them to. I don’t want my child to graduate in a major called stupid.

    • Shawn

      It’s is about black and white. 95% of blacks voted for him because he might be black.

    • Testa Sterone

      You have just nailed the issue here – Oblunder was never vetted by the DNC before putting him up for grabs. And if they did vet him, they are up to their eyeballs in the coverup. Just watch out what they do for Shrewllary or Fauxahontas come time to have them vetted!!! One of them is going to appear on the ballot and then watch the coverups start to precipitate out of thin air again!!! Deja vu???? You bet!!!!

      • Barbaree

        Can you just imagine a Republican candidate running for president who outright lied about his nationality or all the other lies and scandals from hillary?! It would never happen! The press would be screaming day and night! Romney mentioned binders of women, and the 47% and the press went crazy!

    • Warren

      It’s not a racial issue but the leftist are very good in making it into one.You’re not the only one that knew about Obama. Obama did not win the election, This one worlder George Soros and his company in Spain who counts the votes won it for him. They take action while our side complains. If people stand up with their feet and not just their mouth, then and only then can we turn this take over around. No American should be sending their kids to these indoctrination camps, much less paying for it.

    • 32eagle

      this issue is one of treason and conspiracy because obama is a foreigner-unqualified to be in office-it is entirely about a liar and thief non-citizen trespassing and committing serious crimes and damages to our USA-this is the history our forefathers warned us about in colonial times-they specifically stated that no foreigner should be allowed to be president-first black president?no first non-citizen president is the whole enchillada

  • tnetcenter

    If his lips are moving he’s lying!

    • colsooonscoorner


    • Testa Sterone

      …and if it looks like he’s thinking, he’s sure to come up with another whopper!!!

  • squeak

    Will this so called President ever take responsibility for his own actions, NO, NEVER ! The only so called President to win the LIARS AWARD, CLINTON , comes in second !

    • OldRockerguy

      Which Clinton? They are both equally deserving.

      • squeak

        BOTH, what else !

      • Testa Sterone

        Take your pick!!!!

  • CaptTurbo

    Kenyan camel flea maggot.

  • colsooonscoorner

    Of course he’s not. Just doesn’t want to get his pic taken with the problem he created. Plus he might catch something. Kinda like the public he’s exposing. He’s a real hero/ NOT

  • OldRockerguy

    Obama doesn’t want to get too close to the border since he too is an illegal immigrant.

    • Testa Sterone

      He’s probably thinkin’ somebody just might give him a shove in a southerly direction and he’d get caught in some of that Rio Grande quicksand!!!!

      • OldRockerguy

        Wouldn’t that be great!!!!

        • Testa Sterone

          Indeed it would. Then let Mexico figure out what to do with him after we close the border!!!

  • daveveselenak

    This son of satan like his father is the king of the lie! To understand this demon and doubletalking reprobate just remember he means the exact opposite of what he says!

  • Mys77

    As Obama is gazing at that child I couln’t help but think this is the same guy who would say to that child, if you were still in your mothers womb, I would give her money to abort you, goochi goochi, cho! How very humane of you, Obama, the abortion president, murderer of babies!

  • Mac Boy

    WORST president in US History!!!!
    Even his Military HATES him!

    Obama has had FIVE Freeking Years to DO Something!!
    Can’t blame Bush for this Mess anymore .. 5 YEARS! = Nada!

    How’d that Hope & Change Work out for Ya???

    0bama is the Poster Boy for the “Peter Principle” –

    The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit will eventually be promoted Beyond their level of ability, resulting in FAILURE – (Like we have Now, in D.C.)

    • Testa Sterone

      He was beyond his level of failure in kinder garden!!!!

    • Gabe T


  • Warren

    We know he is an anti-American put into office by the one worlder George Soros. No more needs to be said about it. Which Americans are willing to put up or shut up. We have been a bigger enemy to America by being silent than the left has. They are doing their job, we are not doing ours.

    • Testa Sterone

      I disagree with you Warren. We of the “right” have not been silent but we have been ignored by the media which Obummer, and the left, control by default. We are considered “irrelevant” by them and we get ignored as a result!!! Our voices are being heard through the conservative media and blogs that pepper the airwaves and internet. We have to use them to our advantage.

      • Warren

        I don’t disagree with any of that you guys say. We need to stop being the victim of the media. The politicians on our side are afraid for the most part to speak out because we as the people do not back them up. If the media attacks them we need to organize and march around the country in favor of them. We need to show support in numbers or these politicians feel they are alone. The tea party sounds good, asks for donations but does not take any action anymore. Backing a candidate and not taking any action will not do much. On June 19th I was in D.C. protesting the leftist gays with Spanish and black coalitions but with no tea party support that I know of. Talk is not enough.

    • OldRockerguy

      It does always seem that the “right” is silent while the “left” is always quite vocal. However, if we look at the TV ratings for news programs FOX usually seems to destroy the liberal leaning news media. Radio seems to have more conservative talk radio programs than liberal leaning programs. Personally, I believe the “right” appears to be silent because we no longer have a legitimate two party system. If a voter is liberal they can vote for a democrat and be confident that the democrat will be a vocal fighter that will vote their way at least 85% to 95% of the time. If a voter is conservative he/she can vote for a republican but then we can only hope and pray that they will be vocal fighters and patriots. Too often republicans campaign and present themselves as true conservatives prior to an election. However, once elected they either become RINOs and betray us or they just become lethargic and refuse to fight for anything.

      • Warren

        We need to stop complaining that the other side doesn’t play fair. They are the minority and they have a plan. We on the other hand are the majority and are scared that Obama will call us names What these politicians do is a reflection of the people themselves. Make the tea party take real action or throw out the people calling the shots. If they want meetings then let them do it in Washington with all of us.

  • Don

    Is it the Iranian spy Valery Jarrett or one of the Muslim Brotherhood spies in the White House that advises Barrack Obama to get as many Photo ops as he can. Then these same Spies Valery Jarrett or some of the Muslim Brotherhood Agents that is now telling Obama he does not do anything for Photo Ops. Like this Photo Op Barrack Obama is saying to himself why do I have to kiss or hold this White SOB Baby.

  • ste1021

    Lie of the day – “I’m not interested in photo-ops”.

    • Ted Crawford

      Respectfully, actually the bigger lie was “I’m interesting in solving a Problem”!
      Should have read “I revel in creating problems” “I have no choice, I haven’t the foggiest idea how to solve any!”

  • sad conservative

    When you send a punk a$$, jive muther f-cker to do an American’s job this is what you get.
    The “Ameirkan’s who voted for this JOKE should be ashamed of themselves>

    • 32eagle

      they should also note in their own minds that our forefathers would have considered their votes treason

  • gbandy

    Obviously the Left will call this a racist issue as we the People are continuing at higher levels criticize the actions of this worthless President. Now his actions show he is either totally delusional to reality or is just hoping his lies will continue to be supported by his blathering media lap dogs.

    • bet1125

      He’s not really a President; but he did stay ( with Reggie Love ) at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      • 32eagle

        if he can’t drink from a water hose all by himself he still aint qualified to be anything but a TRAITOR

  • tins6

    He is sooooooooo full of himself!

  • Mac Boy

    The baby is facinated! – She’s never seen a Hershey Bar in a suit!

    • Ted Crawford

      Actually that is Feces in a suit!

  • Tinman Jones

    The UN pays this prezzie plenty to keep America marching to anarchy so the UN forces can sweep in and pull that martial law crap. Every individual of any race or class who voted the tool into office . . . you know, I don’t know how to finish that sentence. It is so sad to see this country saddled with the problems it has. Well, Nero found out how quickly Rome could fall. The difference is, Nero didn’t want Rome to fall while Stinky BO has been ordained to usher in the demise of the USA. Freedom lovers, it’s on us to re-group because those urban masses who don’t know a national problem caused by a president are too busy fornicating and worrying about their bills (or what day they will feel like getting off the couch to go look for a job) that they don’t care what’s happening in the Land of the Free. Well, ‘nough said! Romans 12:12, every day everybody!!

  • Gabe T

    Who really gives a frick about this douche bag’s hypocrisy? A Photo-op is nothing compared to about twenty other things he Effed up over the last 6 years… Why is this some kind of a epiphany to so many other things he has screw the hell up… man why are we talking about the same kind of partial crap that a liberal media asswipe would… let’s talk about the IRS scandal or Benghazi or his puked up foreign policy or maybe even the worst bureaucratic HMO policy called Obamanation Care.

    • 32eagle

      I think Borax OhBummer’s kettle is the same color as the essing mess called SH!T in little junior’s diaper

  • wizard

    He is not interested in a photo op? Yeah right! The Constitution states that “he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed,”. It does not say some of the laws or just the laws that he likes. It does not give him the authority to change or ignore laws. Yet in violation of the Constitution he does not take care that our immigration law are faithfully executed. He took an oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. To ignore, abuse, and attack the Constitution is to violate his oath and dishonor the office of President. He and his minions created this mess on the boarder!


    I thought that was the funniest thing I heard O say yet!!

  • 32eagle

    RumpRider is the crook with the most evidence against him-what does this perp look like?Yeah that’s him and bruce springsteen drinking beers

  • skillet56

    He’s just reading from whatever is on the teleprompter

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