‘Enough Is Enough!’: Megyn Kelly Absolutely Unloads Over Media’s Ferguson Coverage

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly opened her show Thursday night with a news update on the manhunt that is underway following the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri last night, before proceeding to offer her take on the forces that helped inspire this latest act of violence in the city. Kelly told her viewers that one would think the search for the shooter “would be the focus of the national conversation,” but, she added, “you would be wrong.” “Today the conversation consistented of a quick expression of sympathy for the injured officers followed by a long justification for a protest movement based upon a lie,” she continued. “For months a segment of our political leaders and pundits attacked cops across this country based on the myth that 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was shot in the back by a cop while surrendering with his hands up. Wrong. Totally wrong.” After members of Congress repeated the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture and chant, Kelly said, “if one of them has so far apologized for misleading America, we haven’t heard it.” “Enough is enough!” the host declared. “Institutional racism is a real problem, but fanning the flames, rushing to judgment and failing to provide context is also deeply problematic and dangerous. And it needs to stop. Everyone needs to be more responsible in how they approach this issue.”

via Mediaite

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