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Democrat Senator: Why Isn’t Minimum Wage $22?

  • djw663

    She and the Dr. have got to be two of the worst business people I have ever heard speak. She has lost her mind and needs to be institutionalized.

    • beebee

      It is quite evident that she has never run a business on her own, and doesn’t understand what it takes to make a profit. Or does she think business owners don’t need to make a profit to stay in business? Has she ever done anything except work for the government in her cushy high-paid position? There must be something in the air in DC. The air is so thin up there it evidently affects their brain. Come on down and live in the real world for awhile, and work like the rest of us ordinary citizens, maybe you could get a clue!

      • CharlieFromMass

        She’s even worse than a politician…she was a professional law professor, and in case you hadn’t figured it out, a VERY liberal one. That was in addition to being counsel for several very dubious class action suits.

      • eric

        These bunch of democrat idiots don’t have a clue what so ever. If a company doesn’t make a profit, how in the hell are they going to stay in business. And what profit a company does make the Obama administration wants to take it. Higher taxes, Obamacare. When in the world are people going to wake up and vote this bunch of crap out of office?

        • wbtt

          They did vote them out. This women did not win. When are people going to wake up to the fact the elections are not real. Think about it. Do you think Obama really won? Of cause not. These progressives cannot lose another election unless we speak up. These socialists hate business and know exactly what they are doing. The devil is not stupid. We are because we’re afraid to take any action. The left will sweep the 2014 elections unless we stand up against voting fraud. IT CAN BE DONE.

          • Jamie

            The only hope would be to start with outlawing voting machines. I still can’t believe there was no outrage at the first sign of them. Voting machines were the equivalent of removing the 2nd amendment. That anyone thought there would ever be a fair election with electronic voters made me realize there was no hope for this country. You can only get so stupid before it’s a lost cause.

          • Brenda L. Herbert

            Yes outlaw voting machines. Paper ballots only. No hanging chads,pencil in your vote (permanent ink). And no outsider vote counting

        • Jeffery Scism

          In socialism the Profits get TAKEN and redistributed, so anti-profit legislation is per rigor.

    • shadow76

      Thomas Sowell could obliterate these ingnoramouses!

      • A Patriot

        Forest Gump could obliterate these ignoramouses!

      • GoldenRudy

        Dr Sowell, being the gentleman he is, would be speechless in a confrontation with a complete ignoramus of a woman like Lyin’ Lizzie Warren. I can see him with his head in his hands just wondering how a woman of this ignorance could attain such an office of importance.

        • shadow76

          Crooked elections, Dr Sowell is great and he doesn’t have to hide behind ununderstandable language. he is by the best!

  • panors77

    Hey….how about just plain government take over of all businesses especially McDonalds?? THAT is really what the agenda here really is. It’s common sense that as any “minimum wage” goes up prices and inflation go up and the economy suffers.

  • Richard Seufert

    $22/hr for “Do you want ketchup with those $10 Fries and $14 hamburger? Cheese is $2 extra”

    • mathchopper

      Are there any Dumbocrap politicians who passed high school Econ 101 & 102? For sure, this idiot didn’t.

      • Guest- for now.

        No doubt she sucked as a student. Feel free to take that as a literal action.

        • Jim Angielczyk

          She still sucks. Only now she is qualified to teach it.

      • GoldenRudy

        But she “taught” at Harvard, don’t you know. And by her own claim, now not mentioned, she is 1/32nd Cherokee Indian. Only a “Dumbocrap” Party would/could/did support a fool and a liar like her. Harvard University!!! (LOL)

        • mathchopper

          I wonder if she has her assets in dollars? It’ll be fun to watch when TSHTF.

    • Dusik

      She’s our proud and joy from Massachusetts. What else do you expect?

      • mathchopper

        Are you gonna join the rest of us heading for Texas?

        • Dusik

          Not quite yet. We have a lot of ties here and a summer house in NH.

          • mathchopper

            Is that a YES?

          • Dusik

            Well, if anything we can move to NH. :O)

          • mathchopper

            NH? Why jump out of the frying pan into the fire?

    • Kristina Reed

      did you not hear them say it would only increase the price of food by 4 cents? You’re a person who will still deserve $7.25.

  • George

    Man! she is guilty of commiting the Michelle O’s sin, eating at McDonalds many many times a week????
    This does not support her party affiliation and mandate for only a veg. diet. Strange????? How can you mandate what a resturant serves and then at the same time mandate higher wages they have to pay for operation. ?????????

  • Bob

    How about how much cheaper a good education could be if losers like her were not stealing the
    salaries they are from the tuition that the students have to pay! What a dumocrap!

  • Chuck Fowler

    This woman is nuts and has obviously never run a business, much less a small business with narrow profit margins. She reminds me of tenured, liberal, college professors who have not ventured out of their ivory tower, academia environments in so long they’ve forgotten how the world really works or how normal people live.

    • Crowes1

      Chuck, you must have read her bio :)

      • Chuck Fowler

        I try to do a little research and I know she was a prof at Hah-vahd for a while.

    • rs1123

      How could she run a business? She was backpackin’ a papoose and doing rain dances outside her teepee while waiting for her preferential treatments to come in the mail.

    • pyrope

      What’s really sad is the fact she was elected in the first place proves Massachusetts is overrun with idiots. (Not that Scott Brown was a great improvement!)

    • Enough’s Enough

      15 years ago this footage would have been used as an SNL sketch. All it needs is a laugh track.

      • mathchopper

        The SNL sketch would be even better to include her idiot Dumbocrap sidekick that thinks Guam is gonna tip over due to too many troops on just one side.

        • Jeffery Scism

          That General deserved a medal for keeping a straight face when that happened.

  • Docs357

    Why should they have to work at all just give them whatever they think they need. This woman is a disgrace to every patriot from G Washington up. Lets just run them out of office they waste time and money. These are your future commie leaders. Get rid if them now Vote them out.

  • llardog

    Warren is an idiot. this is the same person that thought if she told her constituents she was American Idian she would do better. She is nothing more than a lier.

    • rs1123

      And her constituents were so freaking dumb they still elected this bald-faced LIAR.

  • SammysDad

    Plain out, this woman has no clue. For her, I’m guessing :IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!

    • mathchopper

      Yes, ignorance is bliss. Those Dumbocraps don’t stay awake at night worrying about (say) the total economic collapse of our country. Why? Because they don’t have a clue about what it is.

    • shadow76

      But a major nightmare for the rest of us!

  • Les Stockton

    raise the minimum wage to $22 and hour and watch unemployment skyrocket. This is proof that the idiots up there in the Senate (and the House) have never run a business; have never had to struggle to make a payroll; have never had to sacrifice in order to keep the business running.
    God help us!

    • Nellie CA

      Unemployment is already going up because of the Obamacare. Everyone is putting their employees on P.T so they don’t have to pay for Obamacare. My AC man closed his business, loss of the business and laid off 6 employees. He said that he was having a hard time paying his medical insurance for his family and couldn’t keep the business open if he had to pay for employees insurance. Another issue is the abortions who many people are against. My understanding that Muslims don’t buy insurance because they consider it gambling. I guess if the medical insurance is paid by the American government by the tax dollar for the refugees it is not gambling. The cost of gas alone has made every thing go up in price. How much money has China invested in Mexican farms? How has this affected our food supply? how can the American farmers deal with the issues of government regularization when the Mexican farmers are not regulated by our government. The produce is the same price but the Mexican workers in Mexico don’t get 22 dollars an hour. Minimum wage plus piece work our farmers are paying green card workers at least 20 dollars an hr. The government in my area has built a lot of farm workers apartments, We don’t need more green card workers. Put the prisoners to work and pay them. No more refugees for Obama to put on Welfare or give them American jobs.

  • Ken Kirkham

    I want boots ’cause the BS is getting real deep.

    • Nellie CA

      You are going to have to get fly fishing boots! It has been getting deep for a long time.

  • bobobuster

    Just how STUPID can Elizabeth Warren be? If the minimum wage were $20/hr, how much do you think a pound of hamburger would cost, maybe $100? What would a new car cost, maybe $200K?

    It’s all relevant, Ms. Warren, the more the labor costs, the more the item costs. That’s simple economics…

    • Crowes1

      The problem that I see related to Minimum wage jobs not keeping pace is what we pay to Union Workers. The Unions have negotiated wages that are way out of line in some cases. Example, Back in the early 90’s I went from managing a non union Hotel Restaurant in Central Mass to a Union one in Boston. In Worcester Bartenders were making $5.50 an hour plus tips. In Boston, I hired a new bartender right off the bat at a starting rate of $9.20 an hour. Then, I learned another bartender working for me had been there for 23 years and was making $23.50 an hour plus tips, Health Insurance and 4 weeks vacation along with a 401K. My $5.50 an hour bartenders in Worcester were BETTER!!

      • CharlieFromMass

        Why doesn’t this surprise me one bit?

        For curiosity’s sake, were you at the Beechwood Inn? I ended up at a few functions there over the years- always very good service.

    • eric

      Elizabeth Warren is like the rest of the democraps. Nothing but idiots.

    • lldsmith50

      I sure she eats steaks, and she can give herself a raise whenever she wants.

  • John

    Because that would decrease Productivity because 1) I would have to fire most of my employees, and 2) It would cause a huge increase in inflation. 3) It would virtually eliminate every entry level job in the country. Well DUH!

  • mexxet

    Granny, you are one dumb b1tch! Go ahead and open your own fast food chain and pay your entry level, low-skilled workers $22/hour. Your competitors will laugh all the way to the bank while annihilating you in the free market.

    • eric

      Yeah, Elizabeth Warren can open up her own fast food chain and pay her employees $22 an hour, plus pay for their Obamacare and higher taxes. While she is at it she can take away the “big gulps” like the democrats are trying to do in New York. I bet she won’t get much business.

    • rs1123

      Yes, everyone is more productive. In 1961 a person pushed a broom 2 feet wide. Now they push one that’s 30 feet wide.

  • Tony

    Just what I want a 30.00 burger

  • morg

    We need to send the Democrats to engineering school so that they can learn cost accounting. Why don’t they understand that costs and thus pricing are dynamic and not static. Productivity has come as a result of engineering and investment. When labor gets too costly for a job, a machine will be bought or invented to do that job. Machines do jobs more accurately than humans and don’t get paid time and a half or double time.

  • kimjim4042

    liberal idiot! What planet does she come from? Makes you understand why the country is in such a disgraceful mess. They have been part of the elite so long they have totally lost tough with reality.

  • randydutton

    Why not $100/hour?
    Because no one would hire anybody!

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    You certainly have shown you will never be able to operate a successful business and certainly have no business being trusted with other ppl’s money. I’m sure with any sense, the voters will vote you out

  • Edward G. Fierro

    Well, heck, why stop there? Why not get ahead of the curve and give everyone $100.00 an hour? After all, this is all just magic money that comes from nowhere and it doesn’t actually cost anyone anything. Right?

    • rs1123

      Yes, printing money doesn’t have any bad effects so let’s all just pay ourselves $1000 an hour and think what a booming economy we’ll have!

  • truthbeknown

    Are these people really that stupid? want more unemployment then sure lets raise the min. wage to 22.00 an hour. of course a loaf of bread might cost 12.00 milk 8.00 and gas 15.00 a gallon. so how may we afford anything? Because you raise min wage what happens to everyone else? This woman is reall a stupid b**ch.. libs really are out to destroy this country. we need to remove these people now.

  • zztoplvr88

    I can’t believe people like this are voted into our Federal Gov. …….what a Moron, as well as the people that voted her into office. People like this have no idea how business works………..they’ve been working on the tax-payers dollar their whole lives……they don’t have a clue. What a fine specimen of a Native American…….LOL

  • ARMYOF69

    All businessmen would have to do then is , lay off half the employees, and make the half that remain work TWICE AS HARD. See, no problem.

  • Jason

    You stupid people who elected this idiot need to be shot. Are you kidding me? Does this woman live in the real world?

  • Joyce Foster-Konya

    She’s an airhead just like her Boss! Even a College Graduate doesn’t always make that much…
    You have to have experience, education and be able to work with people. Some citizens are not able to do this. As time goes on, the new generation will have a harder time working for a company…they will not be able to deal with people. They only will know how to talk to machines and don’t deal with people. They will be difficult to work with…some won’t speak English…they won’t have discipline or experience with real labor type work. They need to get off their ipods, TV, PC’s and other things that isolate them from the human side of life.

  • Tom

    There arguments here are to take us back to the FDR socialist economy of punishing tax rates and government determination on what a particular person makes. Freedom gone. According to these liberal idiots, there should be NO increase in efficiencies of various industries. We should be STAGNATE. If she got her way, your local family restaurant would be charging over $100 per meal.

  • slidenglide

    I worked for a company at one time when the minimum wage was increased $.25 per hr.

    The owner of the company fired 3 people and claimed they weren’t worth what he was already paying them. This woman should be committed.

  • warrenpeace

    Neither the Senator or the “Dr.” have ever had a job or run a business- that is apparent. Academics don’t know real world scenarios of how mass money printing and lowering interest rates affect the population as a whole. More inflation eats your buying power while loss of savings interest creates less buying power (and incentive to save). A hike of the minimum wage would surely end up costing the minimum wage earner more of what they have and I think that is their agenda- to take from the business owner and turn it into tax revenue through new taxes on the poor. Sure it feels great to make more but the reality is that you end up with net less after new taxes and less federal benefits like food stamps and welfare. The business owner has to let a few people go and you end up working much harder for less. The only win in this scenario is the over bloated government. We the people get screwed again!

  • Don

    Minimum wage for Senator Warren? Sounds good to me.

  • BLH557

    PLEASE… SEND her back to the reservation… I’ll even call and make the reservation for her?

  • BLH557

    If the minimum wage earners were worth more they’d be paid more… duh!

  • CharlieFromMass

    I apologize for my fellow Bay Staters who elected this dummy. For the record, I did not vote for her.

    The Senator doesn’t seem to understand that this will either have no real net increase in low-wage earner’s income because their weekly shifts will be cut back, and they’ll still be making about the same amount of money, or it could actually cost people money because small businesses may simply dump their employees rather than go under.

    I can tell you that with me being in the process of starting my own business, if that happens, everyone becomes 1099 with some type of alternate payment arrangement.

  • markle

    And this is what happems when idiotic academics ascend the steps of power! MORON!!!!

  • Richard A. Schwartz

    Go ahead and screw with minimum wage. Every time you do all you do is retard the economy. This isn’t surprising since it comes from democrats. Why am I picking on Obama? Simple the president loses support with good times. Keep this in mind, this country has never had a poorer administrator
    since 1776. This is the truth.

  • Imnoidiot

    Here’s another moron that needs to go away!

  • Anone Amouse

    Hey Pocahontas …obviously you don’t know enough about the restaurant business. You can’t compare fast food to a sit down restaurant. The turnover is fast at McDonald’s whereas in a restaurant it’s much slower so you don’t get volume. People stay for an hour or more you cant increase meals by just 4 cents to compensate, it’s got to be by dollars. Increase cost too much, people stop coming….people stop coming…you go out of business, thereby more demcrat voters on the dole. Classic liberal….knows squat about what they talk about

  • Guest- for now.

    The bigger question is, Why do we pay those Congressional Liberal arseholes anything at all?

  • mrsuggs

    The productivity, the Socialist lady spoke about,was created by the internet boom.Cisco,Intel,Microsoft and many others created innovations that streamlined the work place and replaced many workers.These new innovations lead to technology, that increase work place productivity and replaced many workers and increased the bottom line with far fewer workers.Minimum wage pay,is a starting place to learn a skill. Over paying for a low skilled worker,will lead to no job. The Socialist lady’s numbers were pulled of the thin air.No facts on her numbers or the uneducated professor that took here number and add ten dollars and hour.All made up. I have never seen a Socialist, who could solve the simplest of problems,because they either never worked in the real world or never understood how a economy works.Anyway,the Socialist,need to be fact checked, as she does on so many issues she pretends to have knowledge about. Heck, she did not even know her ancestors.

  • MaDdD_dOGgG

    Massachusetts must really be proud. I think Congress should be paid minimum wage.

  • Tom

    The argument that a massive increase in the minimum wage would NOT have an inflationary affect is the most twisted case of pretzel logic I’ve ever heard. OF COURSE it would have an inflationary affect. Can you just imagine what raising, using their example, a McDonald’s staff to a minimum of $22.00 per hour would do to the cost of burgers? My God! Even no place in western Europe is that the case. Russia? Yes. When McDonald’s first opened in Moscow, it cost 5 rubles for a hamburger. That was back in the early 1990s and was the equivalent of a day’s pay for the average Russian. That would be the rough equivalent of us paying $115.00 for a hamburger. CLUE: $22.00 an hour is more than the avarage person makes. For a full time job, that comes to over $45,000 a year. So, what this moron the idiots of Massachusetts voted into the Senate is saying is, the lowliest worker with ZERO skills should make no $45,760.00 a year. What does that do for the rest of us? Well, it either shoves everyone else’s pay into the ozone OR, it means that people with no education and no skills and no ambition to gain either should make about as much as the average educated and skilled worker. TRUE COMMUNISM, brought to you by, the Democratic Party.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Such arrogance. –If she wants to pay people more money, let her start a business and pay them such. –Seriously, I would like to know if she has any hired-help and if she pays them $22 an hour.

    • Nellie CA

      The Democrats hire illegals and pay them a few dollars cash a day and keep them on Welfare.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Elizabeth isn’t an Indian; she’s an imbecile.

    • Jim Angielczyk

      Princess Lie a watha strikes again.

    • Bob

      This comment gave me big chuckles. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Mark Caplinger

    Maybe I’m missing something, but if a cashier at Mc’Ds is making 22hr, I’m pretty sure a person building homes, or assembling cars or for that matter any person doing harder work than working a register would probably demand a raise….

  • vyvyan

    You want to know what it’s like to be on a $22/hr. minimum wage? WAGE CONTROL FOR THE EMPLOYER!!! You increase the minimum wage, the employer suffers and there will be less hiring than ever. Minimum wage actually discourages employment!! Can’t these bastards get it?

  • Dr. Evil

    Why aren’t our elected representatives paid $22 an hour (and zero for overtime).

  • notalib

    It still amazes me–and it shouldn’t–that liberals in general are so stupid! This idiot was actually voted into office by the low information or no information voter. She is serving beyond her expectations.

    • flynhi

      Warren was elected because she kept telling voters that “the system is rigged against them”. In other words, they are victims and she was going to get revenge and fix it. Just another version of Obama’s class warfare. She is the low information voter in the House…….

      • notalib

        I watched a few of her rally’s, speeches and thought “she hasn’t a chance–the voters will see through her.” I was totally wrong. The U.S. voters better wise up or this country is in real trouble.

  • Crowes1

    Ok, I’m from Mass but I didn’t vote for Elizabeth!! I agree that minimum wage is way too low. However, increasing it to $22 will be hard to swallow. What Ms. Warren and others have to remember is that it’s not just the $7.25 an hour these employees receive. The employer also has to match the Social Security and Medicare Payments that come out of the employees checks. The employer also has to pay workmans comp, any health insurance co-payments and any other benefits such as sick days and vacation time. So, right now the employer is probably paying a solid $14.50 an hour per each minimum wage employee.

  • JacktheFAC

    Just when I think I have heard the most assinine statement that could possibly come out of Washington, De Ceased, someone always comes along with something stupider. This one tops them all. The female must be insane. Twenty-two dollars per hour would wipe out all small businesses, and most medium size businesses. What is this moron thinki (if she can do so) she is doing, besides helping caliphe Hussein the Obamanation the First destroy the American economy?

  • Marte

    I wonder how she thinks people would become trained to work if there were no entry level jobs?

  • Tony

    After watching the video, I understand where she is going with the question. What she doesn’t understand is that most minimum wage earners are not going to give you the type of productivity she is citing and other wages would have to rise accordingly. Some businessess are barely keeping their head above water. Mcdonalds is going to pay someone 22 hr for that now $15 hamburger. It won’t work. Talk about trickle up economics? Minimum is 22 so semi skilled 25? Skilled labor 30-35? White collar professionals 50 and up? I could make due with that…except for everything else would rise and inflation would eat my paycheck and I would just be broke in a higher tax bracket. How can our elected representatives be so stupid? Seriously!!!

    • mathchopper

      Three reasons:
      (1) Uninformed Democrap politician.
      (2) Uninformed Dumbocrap, voter.
      (3) Math is hard for girls.

  • Rick in Houston

    these people are idiots. Productivity is up for many reasons, like technology, which cost a lot of money. Productivity is not up because the worker is working harder, or has learned efficiency. Sorry, I’ve been watching workers. They are lazy today compared to 1960.

  • Madmax1450

    Living proof that Liberals and Democrats are total morons and crazier than syphilitic suicide bombers with mad-cow disease.

  • Loyal American

    Probably for the same reason it isn’t $44? or 64? or 84?

  • Light_V_Dark

    Isaiah 3:4— And I will give children to be their princes, and the EFFEMINATE[^] shall rule over them»»»or,
    Darby Bible Translation-

  • mrsawdust

    You need to go back on the reservation, and weave baskets.

  • calmo


  • disqus_r56iJBG4H7

    I guess you just can’t fix stupid.


  • David Lawrence

    Elizabeth Warren is a moron. Why not make the minimum wage $42 or $62 per hour? She has no business sense and obviously has never run a company. With dolts like her postulating economic schemes we will be the next Cyprus. Let’s see how she reacts to her maximum bank account being lowered to minimum. Shame on her for bankrupting the lower classes in order to curry favor with voters.

  • steve mika antioch illinois

    she fits right in with obummer. he doesn’t understand economics either. chances are she
    cant balance a checkbook either.

  • obhfwb

    She’s living proof demoncrats are brain dead from birth.

  • Oren Player

    Oh brother!!!!! This dumb broad is as stupid as the lunatic that asked if Guam would tip over when additional troops were assigned there. Where in the world do these people come from? Dear Lord, do they also breed and have off spring?

  • bikerdogred1

    Every time I see this women the C-word comes to mind,I can not help it.

  • James T. Karrick

    How in the Heck did this wacko get elected? OH, I forgot Massachusetts. she is worth about 12 cents an hour.

  • Louie Leftist

    where do they come up with these figures, that productivity has increased 3 fold, that is 300%? that would account for a $7 to $22 hourly wage.

    I say BS, these figures are made up.

  • Bob Ridge

    Sounds to me like she must wants every one to be out of a job because most will close down why is so much ignorance coming out of the liberals are they wanting every one to go to a Government camp .

  • Dick Jones

    What an idiot!!! Talk about posturing for votes. This is flagrant and absolutely impossible!! Minimum wages fuel inflation. Raise your minimum pay scale and everything goes up in price commensurate with your increase. I’d move my business off shore almost immediately. No longer able to compete with international markets. No one gains, everybody loses. Hasn’t this lady been paying attention?

  • Bob Ridge

    And I thought Feinstiin was an idiot !

    • notalib

      She is! Maybe a little brighter but still wants to destroy our rights & the 2nd Amendment. Libs are all the same. Not to be trusted.

  • squeak

    Warren is a replica of Pelosi, not too much upstairs …. another one that won by fraud.. Isn’t it fun spending other people’s money…why not 25.00 dollars an hour while your at it ?

  • Nellie CA

    We can’t compete with Mexico and the cost going up on all of our labor, The farm workers are on piece work and that gives them about 20 dollars an hour. We have to much Mexican produce in the stores here and the cost is more than the American produce. I went to the store today and couldn’t find one item in produce except mushrooms that wasn’t from Mexico, Chili or Guatemala. They had fresh garlic from China. We have the best from Gilroy, CA. This is bad for our economy because we have illegals foreign people who are either taking jobs from Citizens or they hide until they have one baby and the baby is a citizen, they are set for life on Welfare at the tax payers expense. Lots of fraud in Welfare, S.S. Food stamps. The gov takes away from our Military and gives to foreign countries or illegals and refugees. These people need to be sent back to home country. I WILL BOYCOTT FOREIGN PRODUCTS UNTIL THE TRADE IS BALANCED. I CAN DO WITHOUT.

  • jeffykay

    these people are absolutely clueless and don’t understand the first thing about how to run a business. It is SO pathetic that they are in an influence position.. its actually scary,,,

  • shadow76

    What blind ignorant between two blind ignorant people!

  • jdelaney3

    This is precisely why our “representatives” must pass a civics and economics exam before they are eligible to run for office. Milton Friedman, where are you when you are so sorely needed. Can you imagine if Thomas Sowell were asked to testify at this side show? That idiot from Massachusetts would be thrashed to pieces. So dumb. So very, very dumb. And these jerks are ruling us? God help us!

  • robert44654

    The people that are employing people are unable to pay much higher wages. If there was a pot of gold for employers, everyone would be fighting to hiring people!

  • David Peacock

    WHY DO 52% OF AMERICANS NOT REALIZE how stupid you are???????

  • skipgainer

    I find Elizabeth`s numbers to be a little bit unbelievable. My question is why is there a minimum wage in the first place, the federal or state government should have no say over a persons business. I know that there are bad employers but there are some good ones too, with the bad employers that is why the Union`s where started and did so well in the beginning. With the restriction put on by the federal and state governments, you have to pay them to operate your business. Back in the old days we use to call that extortion now it is called building permits,license to operate and taxes to do business in our city limits, still seems like extortion doesn`t it?

  • dabneycarr

    So typical of someone stuck in academia her whole life living off the gvt dole and sheltered from the real world. No common sense and just stuck on stupid…..calling Hank….Hank Johnson….you out there Hank?

  • Jordan48

    She is not living in the same world all the rest of us live in! She never took any school classes on economics. She majored in stupid! Here is a hint for you Senator: When wages go up, the employer passes along to the consumer (US) their increased costs for goods produced and purchased! The Union run Automobile companies are a perfect example. Laborers in the automobile industry, because of greedy unions, start out as unskilled laborers making $27.50 per hour. Thats why we pay $23,000.00 for a vehicle that costs $6,000 to make!

  • MalikTous

    Because people like Elisabeth Warren aren’t worth 22¢ an hour, much less $22.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    I’m certain Senator(D) Mass. Elizabeth Warren’s question about why the minimum wage isn’t $22.00 an hour will come up, in various guises, repeatedly. While I’ve heard Tom Sullivan, Rush Limbaugh and others clearly explain it many times in the past, I’ll presume it bears repeating, as while they are correct in their analysis of the minimum wage and how it affects the economy, the lame stream press would never, ever present the facts as they’ve stated them. The main stream press, and their Fabian [and other types of] Socialist cohorts in politics will continue to present the negative effects of the minimum wage (inflation) as the reason they must do even more of the same (raise the minimum wage). I would call that a political strategy. I would call it, “Circular [Illogic implied] Encirclement”.

  • KingofThings

    Yet another twit.

  • fed up

    Mabey She meant 22 beads an hour because of Her being a Native American?

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      LOL! Just the shells, without the “Clams”. [American colloquialism referring to money.]

  • A Patriot

    She and Dirty Harry Reid must be very close. They are both proven liars and morons.

  • Dick Frakes

    Boston, MA and the entire state got just what they voted for – a radical left winger. It’s hard to believe that one of the original states shuns our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights. Business would dry up should a dumb law like that be passed. Hopefully MA will come to their senses and send her home at the next election. Hopefully the next election will send alot of democrats home. I’m counting on it.

  • KingofThings

    Just one?

  • Don DeLathouwer

    (1) Because “skilled labor” wage earners are not receiving $210/hr.
    (2) Because your family automobile would cost roughly $280,000 new.
    (3) Because your new 1800 Sq. ft. track home would cost $2.1 million
    (4) Because a physician’s office visit would cost about $800.
    Lady, do you get the picture? All things are relevant.
    Minimum wage jobs are “entry level” with minimal skill level or

    experience required. They should pay “just enough” to give an individual
    a desire to further their education and better their social standings and income.
    Lady, before I became a “journeyman”, I worked my way through a 4 year
    “apprentice” program. Lady, before that, I spent 4 years in the military.
    Lady, before that, I spent my last two years in high school enrolled in a

    “Diversified Occupation” program. Lady, before that, I worked as a car-hop
    at an A&W Root Beer stand. Lady, before that, I had a 100 customer Paper
    Route. Are you getting the picture yet? Life is a succession of better paying
    jobs as your skill level and knowledge base increase. (except in YOUR case!!!)

    Just like the job you are ATTEMPTING to perform, you’re being paid over $170,000

    a year, plus benefits, and you still don’t have a clue,.(and, OBVIOUSLY, not doing

    a very good job for the waste of tax dollars you’re being “gifted”, I might add)

  • Ranger5150

    Just more proof that our education system and especially the department of education are a complete failure. Another educated idiot gets elected thanks to mass stupidity.

  • Ranger5150

    More proof that Democrats are not capable of taking a thought or idea and thinking it through to a logical conclusion.

  • Bon Crosby

    How are seniors on fixed incomes supposed to live to pay for the increases in the cost of everything to pay min. $22 wage?

  • runing

    MINIMUM OF $22 is something that should be earned and not just given cause someone sayes so if you are worth $22 fine if not then change it

  • Charles Sidden

    She learned Economics when she was on the Indian Reservation. If third world countries could just hire this genius, she could eliminate world poverty by raising the minimum wage. Why stop at $22 per hour?……..Why not $220 per hour……that way everyone could be rich.

  • outofsteam

    Why are you an idiot? Why are you a liar. You’re part Indian and then you’re not. Why don’t you donate your salary to minimum wage earners. This myth that people earning minimum wage can’t support a family is a farce. People on min.wage who have families are getting food stamps, subsidized housing,etc. Most places pay more than min.wage. Also, these are usually students who work these jobs.

  • rs1123

    What a complete flipping idiot! Pushing a broom or making french fries has not become 15 x as productive as it was in 1961. This woman is an utter fool as are the people who elected her despite her bogus claims of being some sort of cherokee squaw.

    Based on her logic and her productivity, SHE is worth about a nickel a week.

  • TKOP

    She’s the real Wacko Bird!

  • Fred Martinez

    This woman is truly a dumb bunny.

  • grumpyolguy

    $22.00 per hour minimum wage? That would mean people can be unemployed from higher paying jobs.

  • grumpyolguy

    What worries me is not so much one Senator’s insanity, but what is wrong with the people who voted for her?

    • monkeypox69

      What’s wrong with them? Liberalism – it’s a disease.

  • David Peacock


    • monkeypox69

      What do you expect – the election was in ultra-Liberal Taxachusetts.

  • coalers123

    Funny how the wages for minimum wage and ALL wages have not kept pace with wages for ALL. Dramatically falling since the big spenders took us off the gold standard.Look at anything that has to do with income and in all info spots the lines go straight up or down right after we lost our backing for paper money.You will not hear anyone make that correlation.

  • lldsmith50

    She is another one that has never had a real job or worked for a company that had to make a payroll in their life, along with bo and the demidiots.

  • Roland Schama

    Because this isn’t the Land of Oz?

  • Gary Johnson

    That is 22 times more than she is worth!!!

  • monkeypox69

    Why isn’t it $30/hour? Or $100/hour? How about $1 million per hour?

  • FLBuck

    It goes to show you, you can’t fix stupid!!!

  • Joel Whitehurst

    It is definitely us vs. them. No wonder Homeland Security is getting guns, tanks and new brown-shirt outfits. Those airheaded legislators are feeling threatened by the real people!

  • eli

    Is this the indian heritaged woman? She is dumber than she looks!

    Who is the minimum wage for?

  • Swamptiger

    If productivity has risen then the minimum wage should rise
    correspondingly, according to Warren. But what kind of jobs are done
    by a low bracket in the scheme of things? Minimum wages are paid to people who
    do minimum work. If you are flipping burgers then you should flip more to earn
    higher pay. The gap in wages at lower skill compared to higher is not due to an
    unjustified higher pay at the higher level when the higher level
    contributes more to producing through better tools, robots, automation,
    technology or similar. Performance rewards are part of the history of industrialization.

    The matter of banks being too big to fail pointed to by Warren also has been made
    moot. The Fed has pumped up liquidity by about $2 trillion. The banks borrowed
    that money but not having enough economically attractive projects to lend it for,
    they deposited it back in the Fed as reserves. With such high reserves,
    how can they fail? They failed before by lending to borrowers with bad credit ratings. That wont happen again. An implied or actual guarantee by Congress against failure
    now is unnecessary. Our problem is to get the increased liquidity invested in profitable projects in our own country.

    Balancing our trade account is fundamental to strengthening our economy. Low cost energy and intelligent workers have been our greatest advantages. Monopolistic noncompetitive alternative energy projects are net losers of jobs and money. The “Moral equivalent of war” requires that we allow all forms of energy to compete in a free market. We can balance our payments and reduce our emissions at the same time If the government will get out of the way and let that happen.
    Then the banks would finance it and payrolls would flourish in the USA.

    • edodaniel

      Well said except I disagree with this statement – “But what kind of jobs are done
      by a low bracket in the scheme of things? Minimum wages are paid to people who
      do minimum work.”

      That is one class of worker but there is another and that would be the people with no work experience who may be productive but have no experience to back it up. The artificial “minimum wage” results in a loss of summer jobs for students and an increase in ILLEGAL ALIENS who are willing to work “off the books” for less than minimum wage which, without withholding, results in a higher take home pay than the worker who is willing to work at the “minimum wage”.

  • Dean

    What would be the incentive for staying in school? I guess there isn’t one already with idiots working in government jobs making more money than people with actual skills!

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Liz is a trip. Clueless! Why not $44 per hour? $88 per hour? $200 per hour? $2000 per hour? I guess money is truly meaningless to those who think it represents nothing and can just be “printed” at will so that everyone is “happy” and everything is “just peachy”.

  • tcdesalvo

    Those who don’t work for a living have no clue what an hourly wage is. Raising the bottom rung of the ladder to $22 per hour merely serves to reduce the value of anyone earning more. It “devalues” the dollar and only ends up reducing the purchasing power of everyone. Is there a special class in college for politicians? Thinking it would be called “clueless class.”

  • bobwhite1935

    Who could make a profit off of selling a McDonalds hamburger that sold for $15.00 or more that no one would buy or could afford to buy not me, maybe she could from stealing the tax payers money.

  • Hentor

    Does she understand, that if the min wadge went up to $22.00 an hour, then that would mean that people that make more then that (say, $14.00 an hour BEFORE the increase) would be looking to get an increase as well? And that increase would most likely be by the same amount of a difference $8.00. This would mean that those making $14.00 an hour would demand their increase to an approximate $30.00 an hour? This would mean that the increase of what WAS 4-8 cents an hour, would go to 16-18 cents or more. If this is the way she thinks, she needs to go back to grammar school and start all over again, cause she didn’t MISS the bus, she TOOK the SHORT one! Now, I can understand that people NEED the increase in pay, so that they can deal with the cost of living increase, but we have proven that this country works best with the “Trickle Down Economy” of conservatism. This means that taxes to the top 1% needs to be as little as possible and given “loop holes”. This will allow them to SPEND & INVEST their cash, allowing it to then make it’s way to the middle and lower class, when this happens, there SHOULD be PAY RAISES to the employees (over time.) Now, remember that I DO understand business, so it is VERY important that we realize that the raises can’t be great and they can’t be made at a rate that drives the businessman into going bankrupted because that would defeat the entire purpose! We have to be sure that the businessman can stay alive and kicking and even expand as much as possible to keep the business a functioning and thriving part of the city that they live and work in. Of course, we would have to be sure that the pay raises are received. After all, the owners can make a profit, but not letting the employees get a piece of that raise in profit creates the animosity that tears at the fabric of the working class, that keeps workers happy enough to keep their jobs, and do good and even better at them as well. Thank you for reading my rant!

    • edodaniel

      Regarding your contention that – “Of course, we would have to be sure that the pay raises are received.”


      Pay, before Congress got involved with the artificial “minimum wage”, was negotiated between employer and employee with the employee free to look elsewhere if the employer didn’t offer enough. Pay raises were, and should be, based on an employee’s longevity and productivity (not necessarily in that order), not some arbitrary “sharing of profit”.

      Minimum wage has resulted in a lack of summer jobs for students resulting in an influx of ILLEGAL ALIENS from our southern border. Minimum wage has resulted in higher prices for goods and services because any business must increase prices to compensate for increased labor costs or it goes under.

      If a prospective employee wants a share of the profits that should be negotiated at the time of the job interview or after good performance when negotiating for a raise – it is NOT OUR BUSINESS to interfere in the negotiations. OUR INTERFERENCE only results in higher prices and/or less employment both of which tend to negate any wage increase.

  • tiredofO

    If she has this poor of a grasp of the restaurant business, . .where the employees MUST be local, , ,what does that tell you about her understanding of businesses where jobs CAN be outsourced? Why isn’t the minimum wage $22?. . Because wages overseas are $2 !!!!!. . .We HAVE to keep the minimum wage reasonable here, or NOONE will be employed! The ONLY thing that raising the minimum wage does is PUSH INFLATION HIGHER, it does NOT help ANYONE!

  • Jamie

    didn’t hear any mention of the oodles of new taxes, regulatory fees, licensing, permits, inspection fees, insurance requirements, benefits, etc. since 1960’s, and now the new 1099 regulations that will add another weight on the pile of buracracy businesses struggle under. Government piles on expenses faster than any inflation rate ever did.

  • ProudTexan62

    Where in the world did they get her? She failed economics if she ever was exposed to it and apparently she has led a very sheltered life, totally devoid of experience in the real world of business. I have no idea where they get these people but they are a true standard bearer for those who have sent them to Washington. .

  • KittyKittyKit

    No wonder the country is in the mess it’s in. With people like this TWIT in office, there’s no hope.

  • pupster40

    Congratulations MA, this is what you wanted? YOU GOT IT. The perfect picture of a box of rocks.

  • Janet Martin

    That would instantly at least triple the unemployment rolls. I’ve been a professional librarian for years and barely reached that pay level, despite lots of specialized skills, good performance reviews, and an MA from a top rated graduate school. Now semi-retired and working part-time, my compensation is considerably lower. Most local government, hospital, retail, manufacturing and small business employees earn much less than $22 per hour. Would I like a guarantee of that compensation? Of course, but the reality is that most educational, governmental, and business entities would have to scale back and lay off lots of folks, including me, in order to comply.Yet another example of our politicians lacking any awareness of real life.

  • Thinker

    Thanks again Massachusets!!!

  • floridasharkman

    translation lets move the remaining low educated manufacturing jobs to china and put them on welfare(govt assistance)

  • axmickl

    The extra money went to the people who actually created the increases in productivity. The engineers and scientists, doctors and skilled mechanics generated the increases, not the burger flippers and buss boys.

  • Vladimir Kunin

    Communist logic: If the facts doesn’t confirm my point – than worst for the facts.

  • Susan

    Warren uses “productivity” as her justification for the $22/hr minimum wage. NOT RELEVANT!!! The increase in productivity since 1960 is due mostly to investment in developing and implementing technology, therefore; the resultant profit naturally flows to the investors.

  • GoldenRudy

    Well folks, now you see what voters tried to stop last November in MA. This woman is a complete jerk. What else can describe her? BTW: she was getting $350K/year from Harvard to teach ONE course!

  • BO


  • JC

    Better Question: Why is Congress exempt from Obamcare?

  • pianoman007

    What idiots the Doc and the Senator are. Talk about a one-sided view of a pay scale….. Wow.

  • edodaniel

    We need to start calling them “Progressive Liberals” because the true blue Democrat doesn’t want that socialist bent any more than Republicans (although some of our RINOs almost make Elizabeth Warren look moderate).

    Unfortunately too many of those calling themselves Democrats feel pressured to toe the “Progressive” Party Line – they weren’t around in the days when Democrats were real people who lived in the real world and understood it

  • Wizard

    Does anyone remember when the minimum wage was $1/hr? What was the cost of a loaf of bread then? How long did the minimum wage earner have to work to purchase that loaf of bread? The minimum wage is now 7.25 times as much as it was then. How much does a loaf of bread cost now? How long does the current minimum wage earned have to work to purchase a loaf of bread? So, how much buying power has the minimum wafe earner actually gained? The primary affect of increases to the minimum wage is to fuel inflation.

  • baxter4315

    Hence a Ivy league education, makes you stupid! Why not make it $100 an hour? I’m sure Dominoes will stay in business selling $300 pizzas. And all those low skilled workers will become, unemployed no skilled workers.
    This no nothing jerk was just elected to the Senate of the United States.

  • topjimy8712

    The biggest thing about this Q&A sessions was very small. The part about since “1970” we’ll let see the decade before would be 1960 (The U.S. ended Silver coins; JFK assassinated) and the U.S. basically went to a straight Fiat Currency. We seen a big rise in social programs, WAR on Poverty and Wars via the military industrial complex, Cold WAR, Korea, Vietnam etc… in the 70’s. Govt complete taking over of private sectors of the economy. Dept of Energy + Education + Government housing etc.. Welcome to the U.S.S.A. and that’s why we have been a nation in decline with stagnate wages until now, the Govt and Federals Reserve socialized home loan program that popped now has wages and standards of living dropping like a rock with 16 Trillion in debt… Communism is the next incremental form of Govt we will live under… If you Look at History… Militarized police state being built up all around us, Public funds Subsidies big business and the politically connected etc. -Wake up, read a book those that vote for the sacred cow political football distractions like abortion, religion, or marriage… We got allot bigger issues on the ballot like bankruptcy, from Trillions of public funds theft and criminals running our country. – reports of from 60-110 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.. What happens if the Govt. defaults. Do you think the entitlements get funded?

  • Jim VanBeek

    Let’s just make it an even $100! 😉

  • The_American_Way

    Pincess Lie-A-Wath-A obviously never took an economics course in college. Having people like her in positions of power is very scary.

  • USA Patriot

    That’s what you get when the left wing liberals of Mass. put a dumb SOB in office. Do you miss Scott Brown yet?

  • blinddemocrat

    This congress”woman” can not really be this stupid can she ? This video must be a hoax.

  • Logic

    4 cent increase is based on raises required by MickyDees employees. I’m sure they forgot the truck driver, meat boxer, meat packer, rancher paying more for feed, bun maker, flour grinder, farmer growing wheat paying more for the fertilizer, farmer growing cukes, the guy pickling cukes, the guy making kethcup, the guy growing tomatoes, the guy mining salt, packager of salt, deliverer of salt and the many others involved in making that meal happen. Now multiply 0.4 cents by everybody I thought of while typing and you get 56 cents. Now that’s probably 10 percent. So add $5.60 and that is more realistic. This is another example of “new math” supporting stupidity.

  • junkmailbin

    this is what you can from a boost female a totally dumb arse

  • persuasive

    From 1900-1905 these issues were argued by the best and the brightest; men like Edward Filene and Julius Rosenwald (Sears Roebuck president), or Henry Wallace and many many others would come to realize that commercial success in the long run rests on the average customer’s purchasing power. This is the demand side of supply, of which a capitalist society will collapse under its own weight if a proper equilibrium isn’t realized. Workers who cannot afford to partake of societies output will eventually sucumb to fatigue and become societies burden in some way shape or form, causing untold billions of dollars in added taxpayer outlays to shore up these economic inequalities.

  • Observant_One

    Stupidity in the democrat party is still rampant. Please sit down and don’t continue to look dumb as a rock.

  • Jeffery Scism

    Triple the labor costs ( and all the hidden labor costs) and say it won’t affect business?

  • Roufus

    For the love of all that is holy in this world, PLEASE pick up a book. (I’d suggest something from Thomas Sowell.) If you have even a rudimentary understanding of economics, asking why minimum wage isn’t 22$ an hour is the same as asking why it doesn’t rain gold coins from the sky,

  • Gunslingersrv

    Well, hell, let’s just make it $100.00 an hour. Then we will all quit our jobs, and get rich! She is definitely a liberal. Where do these IDIOTS think that $22 really comes from? I remember now, the printing presses that obama has running 24/7.

  • Chalinda

    No wonder our country is in such a mess with idiots like her running this country. She has the brain of an Obama groupie with no common sense at all! What do we expect from the state that gave us Ted Kennedy and John Kerry

  • BruddahNui

    Many of these people have a great deal of money. Why don’t they invest their money along with their entertainment friends and open up some restaurants and grocery stores and show us how it’s done. They are nothing but a bunch of egg heads dealing in nothing more than theory. They would fall on their faces in the real world. I often wonder why these elitists don’t get involved in owning actual businesses. Build grocery stores that pay well in the downtrodden areas and help the poor by creating good paying jobs. They are nothing but talk.

  • GMill

    A gallon of gas around 8-10 bucks a gallon, an item at Walmart would cost Oh there is no one working at Walmart anymore, WOW the unemployment rate has sky rocketed to 15-20% I can’t figure out why.
    YOU JUST CAN’t STOP STUPID…The only individuals dummer than Sen Warren the people that voted for her…….

  • GMill

    Obviously Sen Warren has absolutely no business sense. I guess that she decided on a career in politics. No one should have to wonder why this country is in the shape it is in……..
    YOU CAN’T STOP STUPID!!!!!!!!!

  • GMill

    I am terribly sorry for my previous comments. This women is absolutely a genius. Unable to make it in the real world, she found a place were she could gather enough stupid people to give her a job that pays about $174,000/yr. And she is guaranteed that job for six years…….

    SHE IS A GENIUS. I am humbled by her intelligence. I didn’t know she taught at Harvard…….until I read some of the posts……….That makes her SMART.
    I guess my philosophy of education does not necessarily equate to intelligence is wrong.

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